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1.  Appearance

Mahavites is physically impressive, towering over most other Luperci at nearly eight feet tall. His big hair and big cape add to his formidable size.

2.  Personality

Mahavites is extremely sociable and charismatic. Rather than attend his own trading stall, he is generally found meandering about the marketplace schmoozing and mingling wherever he can, talking up the traded goods and mitigating any disputes he comes across.

3.  History

Mahavites hails from Freetown, specifically. The idea for a marketplace is his brainchild -- with the flow of canines south to Freetown for trade, Mahavites figures there's good trade potential up north, and he decides to capitalize on this during treacherous wintertime, hoping to establish good trade relations before any of his fellows back in Freetown. He was heavily involved in establishing The Outpost.

After the meteor impact, Mahavites and the other Freetown traders traveled to Portland and took up the mantle of Trademaster again.

4.  Threads

4.1  2012

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