Finn McGuff

Finn McGuff


art by Kiri, colors by Mel



  • Family: McGuff, de Okra
  • Pack: Carolina
  • Rank: Guard

OOC Information

  • Player: Board NPC
  • Creator: Kiri
  • Visual Designer: Kiri & Mel

OOC Assumptions

  • Can be found in Etheral Eclipse scouting

Plot Opportunities

  • None at this time


Ostensibly tagged along on the Double Down Expedition to provide protection, but is really just trying to get Melose's attention. That said, he figures he'll be impressive as long as his crew is safe and thus takes their safety very seriously.


Sturdy and well built, Finn has few dominant markings save those around his face much like the Cur-dog he resembles. He is mostly chocolatey brown all over. While large for a dog, Finn is not as big as a full-blooded wolf.

Commonly in Optime or Secui form, Finn typically has an adjustable belt of knives, various tools, and a tied length of rope. Occasionally wears a cloak.


Likes/needs to be the center of attention in social situations and very boisterous and annoying when off-duty.

Surprisingly serious and attentive to details when it comes to his job. Prefers to stick to what he's good at, needs regular validation, and is very fearful of failure and rejection.


Not very personable to strangers, but is generally straightforward and polite. Happy to exchange basic information for basic information, but is cautious about giving away specifics. Prefers to de-escalate situations rather than resort to arms, but will not hesitate if someone attacks first.

Has a slight southern drawl, but it's not too prominent except in sentences including "y'all."



Surprisingly quick on his feet, Finn strikes fast and hard. He also often employs use of teeth even in Optime combat. While he prefers to disable opponents (breaking hands and fingers in Optime form or other non-fatal injuries), he isn't shy about going for killing blows if it's clear they're trying for the same with him.

  • Hand-to-hand: Finn excels at close combat with a variety of knives and daggers against all types of opponents, including those using swords, bowstaffs, and other uncommon weaponry.
  • Feral combat: Finn is also very practiced with using his teeth and claws in Lupus and Secui form, though he prefers the latter for its size.
  • Ranged combat: Finn has some skill in knife throwing and can make basic use of a bow, but this is an area he seeks improvement in and his aim isn't that great yet.


Finn is best at hunting big game the "old-fashioned" way, using the bulk of his Secui form to overtake prey that would be too unwieldy otherwise. He typically practices his ranged combat skills by bowhunting, but is pretty easily discouraged...


Finn was spoiled rotten as a pup and rarely wanted for anything. While naturally talented in hunting and combat, Finn was much less skilled at fishing and boating, which frustrated him for a long time before he finally chose to pursue his strengths. He hates working hard for nothing, so it made more sense to sharpen skills he already had, and he takes the continued development of those abilities seriously.



Finn encounters a loner named Elhaz.


Dawnsong Pembroke and Finn journey to Arisaig Shoal looking for Holli Woodrow, another loner who invited them to a bonfire party. This turns out to be a small affair, as only a few others -- Jethro Lykoi and Skeleton Key -- actually show up.
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