Kaskae Sirrah

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Kaskae Sirrah

by Sie


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50% Eastern Timber Wolf
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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  History
  4.   4.  Trade Information
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1.  Appearance

2.  Personality

Kaskae is reserved and rarely speaks unless questioned about his merchandise. He has extremely mournful eyes, and seems downright miserable with the world. Despite this oddity of temperament, Kaskae is an extremely fair trader, sometimes offering his customers a better deal at his own expense, hoping they'll repeat their business with him. While his wares are generally not of a practical nature, many pieces are very pretty, easily valued by aesthetically inclined Luperci.

3.  History

Kaskae is not a permanent trader of Portland. He does not have a set traveling schedule nor a particular season to be found in Portland; his arrivals and departures seem utterly random, though he returns every few weeks or so, obvious evidence he does not travel far.

4.  Trade Information

Kaskae has no assistants, though sometimes one of Luci's sons take over his tent for a few hours so he can have a break. Kaskae accepts a wide variety of items for trade, but is especially interested in obtaining broken jewelry, raw jewelry-making materials, and, strangely enough, intact mirrors.

4.1  Items

  • Various bones and bone items; shells. Many are natural and found locally, although most are excellent specimens
  • Ornaments and beads -- glass beads, gemstones, various charms for necklaces (some hand-crafted, some scavenged)
  • A vast array of chains, leather pieces, woven fibers, and all other materials used for crafting jewelry. Some of these are strung like thread, and others are pre-cut and tied into various sizes (e.g., necklace or bracelet)
  • Some completed craft jewelry, as well as various scavenged jewelry

5.  Threads


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