Sydney Symone

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Sydney Symone

by Sie


None, bNPC





50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
25% Interior Alaskan Wolf
12.5% Alaskan Tundra Wolf
12.5% Dog



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1.  Appearance

Syndey is essentially a mix of various Alaskan wolf species along with a splash of husky or malamute; her great grandparents were part of a large immigration south into Canada.

2.  Personality

Sydney is boisterous and outgoing, and quite loud of speech. Her tent is the noisiest of them all, and Sydney herself is cause of half the ruckus.

3.  History

From Freetown. Moved to Portland after the meteor impact in spring 2016.

4.  Trade Information

Her pricing runs high, but not outrageously so. Her items are of average quality, and few are especially interesting. In addition to trading her wares, Sydney and her team of two sisters and two brothers (one named Sebante Symone), four cousins, and one nephew. All of them have very heavy Bostonian accents.

Sydney and her clan are interested in books, paper, writing implements, and knowledge, primarily. Know a good recipe? New food preservation method? Sydney orchestrates trades on an informational basis, though she is certain to test recipes and tips out before simply handing away merchandise.

4.1  Items

  • Spices -- primarily locally grown and dried
  • Salt -- lots and lots of it
  • Seed packets -- nothing extremely exotic, but a few things native to more southerly parts
  • Vegetable-based products, such as oils

5.  Other

6.  Threads


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