Bluebonnet Mississippi

Bluebonnet Mississippi


art by Kiri, colors by Mel



  • Family: Mississippi, Pembroke
  • Pack: Hilton Royal
  • Rank: Sailor

OOC Information

  • Player: Board NPC
  • Creator: Kiri
  • Visual Designer: Kiri & Mel

OOC Assumptions

  • Can be found in Etheral Eclipse scouting or cutting down trees for wood, usually with at least one other crew member
  • Can also be found helping Tobi and Hurricane build a cabins

Plot Opportunities

  • None at this time


Bluebonnet, or "Blue" to most, is the captain of the Double Down Expedition from Savannah! But she often doesn't act like it and has a casual camaraderie with her crew, who openly tease her for being eager and a little bit brash.


A mixed breed dog whose lineage has strong callbacks to herding and cattle-dog lines. Typically in Optime form with a light jacket (of her own making!) and a tool/weapons belt or bag, and canteen. Sometimes in Secui form to perform labour or to travel longer distances. She loves running!


Straightforward and strong-willed, daring, but trying to reign it in a little. Wants to prove herself as a capable sailor and captain. She's proud of her skills, but well aware of her shortcomings and does not shy away from asking for help or advice in areas she believe warrants it.

Super blonde, but also super smart. Excels at being polite for diplomatic reasons and can often appear sincere when necessary. Will definitely laugh about strangers with her pals later, but she does well to keep gossip to outsiders and won't say anything about a pack or crewmate behind their back that she wouldn't say to their face. But she'd say most things to their face, so.

Likes to dress up and is pretty excited to be able to wear more clothes since the weather in the north makes it less uncomfortable. :o


Charming and friendly, but somewhat reserved with strangers. Works to curb her general enthusiasm and curiosity so she can appear more formal and polite. Might come off as a little naive, but is quite perceptive and tends towards caution.

She doesn't have much of an accent but makes frequent and casual use of "y'all."



As would be expected for one raised on a boat as much as on land, Bluebonnet is a skilled sailor and is quite adept at ship maintenance, repairs, and navigation.


Bluebonnet is also an excellent fisherwoman and is particularly successful at net fishing in the ocean. She also enjoys crabbing and oyster hunting. While shellfish are generally considered to be too much work for too little meat, she enjoys the delicacies and is always eager for the opportunity to hunt for them.

Blue's not as good with river fishing or fishing with poles or pikes, but she knows the basics.

Sewing and mending

Sewing has been her primary hobby since childhood and while she downplays her skill a fair bit, she's quite practiced with a needle and is great at repair work in particular. Surprisingly detail oriented, she's very particular about measurements and takes care and pride in making clothing as comfortable and well-fitting as possible.

Her fashion sense is a little lacking and clothing she makes from scratch tends to look poorly matched or gaudy, but it'll fit great!


Born into the Hilton Royal pack of the Savannah Coalition. Hilton's current leader, Keller Mississippi, is one of Bluebonnet's cousins.

She and her sister Sassafras might've stolen their parents' boat as yearlings and crashed it the wharf, but shhh, let's not talk about that.



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