Arcadius Family

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The Arcadius family is a father-daughter pair, part of the initial foundation traders of the Outpost. They specialize in a variety of material goods, including animal goods, leathers, skins, and cloth/fabric goods.

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1.  Location

The Arcadius family occupies the second-largest cabin in The Outpost. It is much smaller than the neighboring dwelling belonging to the Ambre family, yet larger than the Luperci-made dwelling belonging to the Teague brothers.

The Arcadius family trades from within their cabin; pelts, bags, pouches, skeins of yarn, coils of rope, and all manner of other items are stacked on tables and shelves, dangle from the ceiling, piled into corners, etc. Much of their wares also spill beyond the cabin: the porch with a sagging overhang is set with several tables, each bearing various trade goods.

The cabin also serves as living space and workshop for the Arcadius family -- their living space is segregated from the remainder of the cabin by a privacy wall.

2.  Trade Information

2.1  Trade Pricing: Fair

  • Cyril does not trust dogs (despite his obvious dog heritage!) and will give any dog an extremely poor trade price and an insult for free.

2.2  Items Wanted

  • Sheep -- especially ewes of breeding age -- to add to their livestock
  • Things to help their skinning processes (scraping stones, knives and daggers, etc.). (highly valued)
  • Cedar oil, salt (highly valued)
  • Livestock can be traded to Cyril and his daughter for butchery (low value)
  • If it's not practical, Cyril doesn't want it. Levi has a love of books and can be persuaded to trade for books, paper, and other similar goods (low value)

2.3  Items Offered for Trade


  • Levi owns a loom and spends much of her time creating cloths, yarns, refined wool, felt, and other wool products

Animal Goods

  • Raw materials such as skins and pelts. Mostly large native animals -- cougar, bear, elk, etc. -- and large domestic -- horse, sheep, cow, etc.
  • Items made from animal organs (pouches, waterskins, etc.)
  • Animal glue
  • Raw, unrefined wool

3.  Members





  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Wolf-dog (50% dog)
  • DOB: 2002

Cyril is slim and bent-backed, almost 14 years old. Formerly a rich gray-brown, his pelt has faded and he retains only a hint of his former coloration, along with brilliantly blue eyes. His muzzle has, strangely enough, remained dark -- evidence of his doggish heritage.

He is an older Luperci and prone to moments of haziness. Although generally polite, Cyril is not well-spoken or educated and has various prejudices. He is the Luperci version of a Standard Fifties Father -- a man stuck in the old ways, and his speech often reflects it: he does not use any kind of large words nor does he express very complicated opinions or thoughts. Anyone speaking such to him would find it poorly received.


  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wolf-dog (25% dog)
  • DOB: 2010

Levi is very young for such an old father -- mostly silver-gray, she has black hints everywhere, the most striking of which are on her face -- "wings" of black sweep back from her eyes in a husky-like mask. Her eyes are very pale blue. She is petite and well-formed, though she bears little doggish appearance save her markings.

Levi is aloof, wary and extremely shy -- a Shrinking Violet with a mousy demeanor. While she gives a fair trade price (fairer than her father, for she has none of his dog prejudice) she is typically unwilling to discount or haggle without her father's permission. She is devoted to her father; she has helped him with his trade endeavors since she was capable of doing so.

3.1  Other

They employ three nameless young male Luperci to do their hunting. Much of the meat they hunt is gifted to the Ambre family, which in turn frequently returns favors with tools and curing agents.

4.  History

Cyril was born to the far south in a city overrun with dogs. His wolfish heritage owes to a wolf father, and unfortunately for Cyril, he became more and more unwelcome in the dog city as he grew up looking more and more wolfish. He was eventually driven out and traveled north along the coast, happening on incipient Freetown. Cyril began trading his wares and has been there ever since. He begot Levi on a wolf who died giving birth to her. Cy has always regretted having a child, especially as wolfdog, though he loves Levi and cares for her as best he can.

4.1  Threads


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