Timothy Franklin

Timothy "Tim" Franklin


art by Kiri



  • Family: Pembroke, Franklin
  • Pack: Wassaw
  • Rank: Constructor

OOC Information

  • Player: Board NPC
  • Creator: Kiri
  • Visual Designer: Kiri

OOC Assumptions

  • Can be found around Territory Transference logging and processing trees for wood, cutting wood, working on construction projects, etc

Plot Opportunities


She is just here to knock trees down and stuff.


Tim is quite large with thick fur, heavyset jowls, and a mean look about her (probably intentional). While there are some large dog breeds in her heritage (mastiff), there must also be some wolf in there to explain the size.


Broody and quiet, Tim makes no attempt at being friendly or personable and usually won't speak unless spoken to, and even then she might prefer to gesture and grunt in place of using actual words. She definitely has a chip on her shoulder about something, but follows orders without complaint and seems proud to be able to put her considerable physical strength to use for the crew.

Her only soft spot seems to be for her brother and littermate, Rosewood Pembroke, with whom she has been known to speak entire sentences to without prompting, although it's usually to complain about one thing or another.


Broody and quiet. A bit of a southern drawl, but hard to tell when she doesn't say much.


Physical Strength

Timothy makes full use of her size, stature, and strength to handle labourous tasks, though while her brute strength is very impressive, her control over it is perhaps more so. The ability to hit something with just enough force to perform the task (felling a tree) without overdoing it (breaking the axe) is something she's had to hone out of necessity -- she's still young though, and every now and again, she may still overdo it, especially if she's angry or distracted.

Tim does also rely on having precise instruction in order to best utilise her strength though. In this way, she and Roadway Waxflower make an excellent team, as he is always very particular. Left to her own devices though, she's likely to delay a task until there's sufficient clarification.

Going Unnoticed

Despite her size, Tim is very good at going unnoticed, even among sparse company. She can often blend into the background of rooms and listen in on conversations not meant for her. Many will just assume she is a dumb guard or hired hand of sorts. Her quietness and general unwillingness to speak adds to the illusion that she may be mentally handicapped in some way, and she's more than happy to play to that assumption.

Her footsteps are quiet and controlled, too, when she wants to listen in on things in another room. Growing up in a unhappy household made her an expert at diverting attention away from herself and her siblings.


Unhappy parents made for unhappy children, and Timothy left at the first opportunity. Dawnsong Pembroke is her aunt, who has hadn't met until arriving at Oglethorpe.



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