Gingerbread Poptart

Gingerbread "Gin" Poptart


art by Kiri



OOC Information

  • Player: Board NPC
  • Creator: Kiri / Playerbase 2022

OOC Assumptions

  • Can be found in exploring the Western Forefront and parts of Northern Tides
  • Was exploring Seabreeze Brink in October-November 2022 and may have encountered others casually in that time

Plot Opportunities


They're not bad, they're just skilled that way.

They may introduce themselves as Gingerbread, Ginger, or Gin, depending on their mood at the time.


A gangly hybrid who is all long limbs and pointed grace. Their tail seems longer than is normal, but they're already so odd-looking it's hardly noticeable, what with the mismatched eyes (one is orange and red and the other is blue) and piebald spotting. They seem pretty delicate, but it might be a mistake to assume such.


Dramatic and charismatic, Ginger demands to be the center of attention with their sheer presence, but if that doesn't work, their big mouth is there to draw eyes and ears. Loud and apparently enthusiastic about whatever's on their mind at a given moment, they're easy to love, but also easy to hate.

Tends to give lip to authority figures, but will ultimately obey if it's Georgia, or if they happen to feel like it. Though they tend to make a scene, they do (secretly?) want to belong, and so they try not to make things too difficult for others.


Loud, talkative, happy to find things to talk about if no one else wants to. Compulsive liar, but usually about stupid stuff. Has a bit of an accent, but it's hard to place where it's from.


Spotting and Perception

Ginger is far more perceptive than they seem -- they'll pick up a lot of details and minute observations about their surroundings and those in it, usually while being a distraction and the center of attention themselves. They're adept at gathering information by luring others to talk about things without realising it.

Storytelling and Entertainment

Gingerbread knows how to make an audience out of others. Always ready with a captivating tale -- whether true or false -- they perform their stories with drama and convincing flourish. Even those who profess to not care for such acts may find themselves drawn in by their strange dedication to performance.


For some reason, Georgia Mississippi seems to trust them, but no one else knows why. The rest of the crew finds them kind of annoying and sus.

Other Information

Gingerbread's character basics, including appearance, skills, and history, were determined via 'Souls 21st Birthday Build-a-bNPC event. Their design was drafted by Mandi and finalised by Kiri, who also named them.

Roadway and Dawnsong do not use Ginger's correct pronouns, though it's unclear whether this is on purpose or not. Gingerbread will usually casually correct others misgendering them, but won't offer any reason or explanation of pronouns.

Template by Despi, Colored by Mandi



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