Luci Corvinus

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Luci Corvinus

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1.  Appearance

Pale white fur, accented by darker gray over her shoulders and on the tip of her tail.

2.  Personality

Luci is generally brisk and business-like with traders she does not know, though her prices are very fair and she is generally willing to deal and make concessions as to the value of her wares. She is soft-spoken, possessing a husky and dry voice that barely rises above a whisper. Luci's products are in good standing, and all are as she claims them to be.

3.  History

Luci is not a permanent trader of Portland. She travels west toward the Great Lakes for the summer and returns to the coast for winter, generally arriving in Portland in late November or early December.

4.  Trade Information

Her three sons assist her with running her tent; however, Luci is the primary proprietor one is likely to meet. These traders accept all manner of weaponry, armor, crafted clothing, cloth, and various scavenged items in broken or working order.

4.1  Items

  • Skins and pelts -- primarily raw materials rather than finished products. Primarily large native animals -- cougar, bear, moose, elk.
  • Items made from organs -- e.g., pouches, waterskins, etc.
  • Rawhide and leather, sheets rather than finished products
  • Commonplace foodstuffs, primarily dried or salted meat or meat products. Lard is also available, as is Luperci-made Pemmican and Tallow.

5.  Threads


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