Dawnsong Pembroke

Dawnsong Pembroke


art by Kiri, colors by Mel



  • Family: Pembroke, Waxflower, Whitaker
  • Pack: Pembroke
  • Rank: Healer, plant expert

OOC Information

  • Player: Board NPC
  • Creator: Kiri
  • Visual Designer: Kiri & Mel

OOC Assumptions

  • Can be found in Territory Transference exploring and harvesting/cataloguing/sketching plants

Plot Opportunities



Tall and lanky, but with a generous winter coat; coyote-shaped, wolf-sized, and dog-colored with typical border collie markings. Keeps her shoulder-length white hair tied back and out of the way. Brown eyes.

Generally surrounded by slightly smaller hybrids, Dawnsong is a little self-conscious about her size and does her best to downplay it as much as possible, often slouching or bowing slightly to appear shorter. She's almost always in Optime form and carries a sturdy leather bag with her which contains numerous notebooks and writing utensils.


Shy, unsure of her place among the crew; very obsessed with the idea that plants can be medicine.


Typically wary of strangers and will try to avoid them as much as possible. Is anxious when questioned and tends to stumble over her words; may or may not ask questions in turn depending on how intimidated she is. Due to lack of exposure, Dawnsong is visibly less comfortable with wolves and wolf-dominant hybrids than other canines; she's also more nervous around men than women. She has never met a non-Luperci and would have trouble conceptualising the idea of one -- would be very, very confused and concerned at the idea that someone couldn't shift.

Doesn't have much of an accent, but uses "y'all" when appropriate.


Healing & medicine

Physical treatments & illness management

Adept at diagnosing physical injuries, setting bones, crafting splints, and bandaging wounds. Is sure-fingered and works quickly -- oddly, tends to forget that she's working on a real person and can be somewhat rough in her handling at times.

Reasonably good at identifying and prescribing appropriate rest for common illnesses such as colds and flu. Has had some experience handling cases of rabies and distemper and knows to keep such individuals isolated -- she may prescribe mercy killings in severe cases.


An obsessive believer that plant matter can be used to alleviate symptoms, or even cure, many illnesses, as well as provide relief or expedite healing for physical ailments. Dawnsong has been recording the effects of various plants on canines for many years and has extensive journals cataloguing their effects (or non-effects, in many cases).

Dawnsong has developed a variety of pain relief goods, including salves, teas, and tinctures. While she tries not to overstate their benefits, due to the general skepticism of her home community, she truly believes that there may be a cure-all among the flora of the world. She just has to find it!


Though she naturally excels most at drawing flora, Dawnsong is quite good at portraiture as well. She prefers simple charcoal drawings, but has dabbled a little in watercolor and other paints.

Recall abilities

Despite her nervous disposition, Dawnsong has an incredibly good memory for faces, others' mannerisms, and verbal ticks. While her memory isn't quite photographic, her recall skill along with her artistic ability would make her a capable criminal sketch artist, if such a need arose. :o

She's also very good at recalling entire conversations, even ones she wasn't directly participating in. She can tell you exactly how a conversation spiraled off-topic by tracing back through the entire thing.


Granddaughter of Rusty and George Pembroke. Feels isolated in her idea that there's more and better uses for plants than just as livestock feed.




Dawnsong and Finn McGuff journey to Arisaig Shoal looking for Holli Woodrow, another loner who invited them to a bonfire party. This turns out to be a small affair, as only a few others -- Jethro Lykoi and Skeleton Key -- actually show up.

While out cataloging plants in the Ethereal Eclipse near Wolfville, Dawnsong meets a coyote from the Del Cenere Gang named Rafaela Tejada. The two share information about their respective areas and affiliations.


Dawnsong and Melrose Ogeechee follow the tracks of an injured stranger on Halcyon Mountain before catching up with him. Dawnsong insists on setting his broken leg. Melrose accepts a handmade bow in return.

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