Rie van den Eilene

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1.  Location

Rie generally pitches his tent against the coast. He prefers a corner spot, and keeps his horses tethered well within view.

His tent is large, but not particularly tall. While three Luperci may enter at once, stooping is necessary for all but the shortest. Rie generally spreads his wares out on pelts and blankets. Other items are hung from specially made display poles. Rie is very orderly in his set-up and display.

The rearmost section of the tent partitioned off, separated from the trade area by hanging pelts. This allows Rie and Agnessa to use the tent as their private living quarters.

2.  Trade Information

2.1  Trade Pricing: Fair

  • Rie Van den Eilene can be found every few months (January, April, July, October, December).
  • He is a calculating businessman, never stooping to give a discount or other favor in trade. He is not particularly picky in what he accepts for trade.

2.2  Items Wanted

  • Metal tools and anything relative to stoneworking (highly valued)
  • Rie likes things that remind him of home -- European-made wares, products, books with pictures of Europe (middling value)
  • Rie may accept virtually anything valuable for trade, so long as it meets his relatively lax standards.

2.3  Items for Trade

  • Many, many pieces of flint suitable for firestarting
  • Axeheads, arrowheads and spearheads
  • Stone scraper knives for de-furring pelts in tanning process, very well-made and with a prominent gripping handle
  • Sharpening stone blocks of varying sizes, some suitable for daggers and small knives, others suitable for swords
  • Mortar and pestles and grinding stones in varying sizes

3.  About




3.1  Rie van den Eilene

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Wolf
  • DOB: 2007

Grizzled in coloration, with a few patchy places in his fur where the deep gray of his fur has turned paler. His eyes are a deep, expressive brown. Rie is a slender and tall canine; his appearance only adds to the impression of a haughty snob. He distinguishes himself with a hat, scarf around his neck, and modest Luperci-made pants.

Rie is reserved and aloof -- sometimes ranging into snobbery, though he doesn't let his feelings interfere too much with pricing. He's The Mean Brit -- unlikely to make any kind of small talk, and will answer questions in as short a manner as possible. Some Luperci are put off by his manner, but others simply find him business-like.

3.2  Agnessa Toma

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • DOB: 2012

Deep steel, pale silver, and charcoal make up Agnessa's coloration. Her eyes are brilliant gold. She is very pretty, and very young -- but undoubtedly strong. Her posture is impeccable, and her shoulders -- while not overly broad -- are well-toned and well-formed, indicative of her strength.

Agnessa is outgoing and talkative where Rie is withdrawn and quiet. She is, however, far better at salesmanship than the elder wolf, and uses her flirtatious friendliness to her advantage wherever possible. Her personality endears her to most who enter Rie's tent.

4.  History

Rie is a European trader, though it has been long years since he's seen his homeland -- he trades up and down the eastern seaboard now. His primary means of travel are his horses -- a sturdy chestnut carries Rie, while a black mare is laden with his goods. Agnessa joined him at some point in early 2014; their exact relationship is not known.

4.1  Threads


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