Hurricane Cardiff

Hurricane Cardiff


art by Kiri, colors by Mel



OOC Information

  • Player: Board NPC
  • Creator: Kiri
  • Visual Designer: Kiri & Mel

OOC Assumptions

  • Can be found around Ethereal Eclipse trying to map out the place, usually accompanied by another of his crew
  • Will give you unsolicited advice about basically anything

Plot Opportunities

  • None at this time


Always curious and eager to learn, Hurricane has pursued a great many interests in his nine years of life. Though time and experience have given him a healthy sense of caution and fairly keen judgment, he often still exhibits childish enthusiasum when introduced to something new and interesting.

Hurricane joined the Double Down Expedition with the idea that it would one last adventure before his inevitable demise, and it certainly didn't hurt that it was also an opportunity to further develop his map-making skills. As the elder of the group and a former teacher of most of the crew, the hybrid is often the voice of reason and common sense. He teases the young'uns often, but has a deep sense of responsibility over them and is grateful for the opportunity to see them develop further as adults.


Though at first glance one might think Hurricane a coyote, his shaggy fur and floppy ears make his mixed blood apparent. Age has washed out most of his color. Tall and thin, Hurricane is still quite nimble and has a weird grace about him, despite a somewhat eccentric personality.


Always eager to learn; tends to hyperfocus on specific trades for short periods of time before moving on to something else. His current obsession is cartography.


Very enthusiastic and curious when meeting new people, will ask lots of questions about their skills and trade, sometimes giving unsolicited advice if it's something he's dabbled in. He's very self-aware though and is happy to admit his half-assed abilities in most avenues and will readily acknowledge that his advice probably isn't needed.

He loves answering personal questions and telling recounts of his various adventures, though he does often look for cues that the other party is genuinely interested and tries not to ramble too much. He's less straightforward about divulging information about other people or circumstances and is quick to say he simply doesn't know, isn't sure, or simply forgot.

Has a casual southern drawl which is noticeable but not overbearing.


Hurricane has dabbled in many, many areas and has working knowledge of a wide variety of skills and trades.

At Carnegie, he taught beginners' lessons in sewing/mending, woodcarving, river fishing, ocean fishing or crabbing, lute playing, axe throwing, tree identification for wood selection, map making, horse care, and horsebackriding. He can also teach how to make arrow fletching, but he doesn't know how to actually handle a bow.


As his foremost profession, Hurricane is most confident in topics related to sailing, which, in addition to actual sailing, include ship maintenance and repair, navigation, map reading, and leadership.

Horsemanship, training, and horse care

Due to his time overseas, Hurricane has spent more time living and traveling with horses than the average Savannahian. He's had many years' experience with taming and training wild-caught horses and has a gentle, but firm, hand with animals.


Born into the Hilton Royal pack of the Savannah Coalition, Hurricane was raised in and around the sea.

He traveled around a bunch on both land and by sea between the ages of one and five. He often traded on behalf of Savannah packs, but also had occasional stints of membership in packs elsewhere. He had a few litters overseas, but only brought one of them home, after which he settled back in Savannah to raise them in his birth pack. When the kids were grown, he moved to Carnegie to teach while also constantly learning from other instructors and the weird obsessive misfits of the pack.



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