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Mack is a sour, alcoholic bNPC coyote. He is a horse trader of Portland, specializing in poor-quality and wild horses. Mack sometimes has non-horse livestock in better condition. Nonetheless, his poor treatment of his stock and general indifference mark him amongst the traders. He is widely ignored, and seems to be merely tolerated rather than truly accepted into the midst of the Portland traders.

1.  Location

Mack's trading spot is a large corral which he uses to house all of his livestock. The wooden fencing is sturdy, and thickly built into a pentagonal shape. Chicken-wire coats the lower third of the fence, allowing Mack to house smaller animals and larger ones in the same corral. A long, low pair of troughs near the gate provide food and water for the animals -- though the water is generally a murky green-gray.

Mack lives in a tent beside the corral. His tent is small, greasy, and smells abominably even several feet away. Unless Mack is tending to live stock, he is either hanging around just outside of his tent, seated on a cut log before a small fire, or roaming Portland. He rarely leaves his "products" for too long, however.

2.  Trade Information

2.1  Trade Pricing: Poor to Fair

  • Mack won't swindle or trick you, but he does seem to think he ought to receive the same trade as a Svantevit horse...

2.2  Items Wanted

  • Horse feed, horse tack (high value)
  • Food, staple items (middling value)
  • Alcohol and other mind-altering substances (middling value)
  • Little else -- Mack can't be convinced to trade for your book, leather, trinket, jewelry, or other "(expletive) junk" (as he puts it)

2.3  Items Offered for Trade

Mack never keeps more than ten horses at a time. Wild horses are typically tied off to trees outside of the corral.


His horses are of very poor quality -- a healthy, tamed horse is a very rare find in Mack's corral.

  • Run-down nags, used to pull caravans up and down the east coast, are most common. If rescued before so long with Mack, these horses can sometimes be rehabilitated, though more often not. Most of these end up at the del Iva butcher's block before a week has passed within Mack's corrals.
  • Mack cruelly breaks wild horses to Luperci presence. One's best bet in trading for one of Mack's horses is an untrained wild horse.

Other Livestock

Mack's other livestock is primarily domestic. Cows, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, and even a turkey or two have passed through Mack's corral. Non-horse livestock is typically in better condition (depending how long they've been under Mack's care). Mack doesn't separate out other livestock, and so sometimes ends up with a trampled chicken or two.

3.  Mack




  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Coyote (Ortus)
  • DOB: 2010

Mack is tawny brown with darker highlights along his back and tail. His eyes are pale silver. Mack is a skinny canine and he has a "mean" face -- hard eyes and generally wearing a dark scowl and a brown leather wrap around his waist. It has various stains and other gunk.

He has a limp from being kicked by a horse, as he will gladly tell you, and he walks with a cane. Many locals have seen Mack walking almost normally and suggest his limp is altogether exaggerated.

Mack is The Alcoholic. He's surly and sour, as one might expect -- he is also very foul-mouthed. There is little in the world that pleases Mack, and he doesn't even like horses -- as he'll gladly tell you. Mack is talkative and enjoys complaining. He's far more tolerant of anyone that lends him an ear for a while, and those willing to tolerate his tirades will find kinder prices.

4.  History

He's from Freetown, that much is known. Beyond that, no one is really willing to talk about Mack. They tend to dismiss the subject, ignore it, or respond snappily, depending. Perhaps one or two mouths rumor about a relationship with Caeli, but otherwise, everyone seems to want to ignore his presence. One of the Arcadius boys hangs around for a few hours in the morning to help Mack out, but otherwise, most residents seem to ignore his presence entirely.

He was briefly a member of The Outpost, though his tent was moved outside of the camp shortly thereafter. When the Outpost disbanded, Mack went to Freetown with the others -- and moved to Portland after the meteor impact in spring 2016.

4.1  Threads


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