One-Eyed Zu and Black Babirye

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1.  General Information

Zu, Babirye, and do not trade -- officially, anyway. Some members of the crew may -- at the risk of being tossed overboard if discovered -- smuggle requested items in secret from the rest of the ship's crew (note: remember realism -- it's fine to request a small item, but it's not feasible for the smuggler to get a horse past the notice of the other crew).

Zu arrives only in spring, summer, and fall -- she doesn't risk winter seas.

2.  Members

2.1  One-Eyed Zu


Gender Female
Species 50% Golden Jackal (Ortus)

50% Variegated Jackal

DOB 17 August 2006


Zu captains the supply ship. She is a jackal from northern Africa, and her English is heavily accented. Zu is ruddy brown and dyes her mane a dull gold and wears leather clothing pale golden in color. Her eyes are purple. Altogether petite and unimpressive, Zu nonetheless commands a large presence. Of course, she wears an eyepatch -- whether she's actually one-eyed remains to be seen.


Zu is a Pirate Girl -- outspoken and fierce. She commands her crew with an iron fist, though they are well-rewarded for their troubles. She has a voracious appetite for food and is altogether a "larger than life" sort of woman. Zu absolutely does not stand for any insult to herself or Babirye; she is liable to react violently.

She is most frequently seen with her first mate Black Babirye -- both of her ship and her heart, d'aww -- while her crew of four unloads the ship. Otherwise, she seems to pay special attention to the del Iva family, though no one can figure out why.

2.2  Black Babirye


Gender Female
Species 75% Common Gray Wolf (Ortus)

25% Italian Wolf

DOB 2 May 2008


Babirye towers over her mate. She is a large European wolf from France, frosty gray in appearance with darker highlights over most of her body. An intricate dyed pattern in turquoise decorates her shoulder. The pattern's shape varies, though the same deep blue-green color except when faded out. Her eyes are brilliant yellow. She often wears a sash around her midsection -- green and blue are her favorite colors to wear.


Bab is a Gentle Giant, far more reserved than Zu; she rarely partakes in social activities and is almost silent unless absolutely goaded to speak by her mate. She seems almost timid at times and hesitates to interact with the rest of the world -- it seems to make her uncomfortable to come ashore and be around anyone but Zu and their crew.

2.3  The Crew


  • Appearance: Calanthe is a wolf, pale white in coloration and almost as large as Bab herself, though with a less thick frame and far less musculature. Calanthe wears no clothes or adornments, and seems an anomaly around the otherwise dressed crew.
  • Personality: Essentially the golden adopter daughter of Bab and Zu, taken at a young age. She is not a very nice person, though, and will readily smuggle as she feels it unlikely she'll be caught. She is judgmental, sharp of tongue, and pretty much a bitch, but she turns on the sweets when she's around either of her mothers.


  • Appearance: Abiline is a wolf and dresses much in the manner of Hanan -- practical leathers, dark in coloration. He is timberwolf in coloration and average of size -- completely average and normal in virtually every way but his eyes, which are black.
  • Personality: Abi is a generally good canine -- friendly but not intrusive and extremely polite. He has a pretty dark secret -- a big problem with gambling. His issue is severe enough that it sometimes troubles him even with the lifestyle provided by his captain. Though he will apologize and guilt himself about it, he may smuggle if especially endangered (rarely).


  • Appearance: Hanan is a dog of completely muddled origins. She is brownish-yellow in coloration and has the unfortunately ugly facial conformation of a square-jawed shepherd. The rest of her body is almost akin to that of elegant hound. Hanan is lithe, quick, and very attractive -- face excluded. She wears dark leather around torso and legs.
  • Personality: Hanan is quiet and always itching for a fight, like her crewmate Darijo -- unlike Dari, however, she's out for blood. Easily the most cutthroat of the crew, Hanan does will not hesitate to smuggle if she sees profit, though she'll likely try to swindle, cheat, or outright beat another canine for their goods. She doesn't fling insults, but sees one in virtually everything.

Darijo de la Fuente (Dari of the Fountain)

  • Appearance: Dari is a coywolf hybrid from "somewhere way down south." He says hates the warmth and prefers the cold, though he is often seen bedecked in thick fur all the same. He also likes a lot of danglies -- gold earrings, necklaces, rings.
  • Personality: Darijo is about as wild as one can get -- he overindulges himself in everything -- fights, drinks, smokes, women, and whatever else. Despite this propensity, he is extremely loyal and is the least likely of the crew to smuggle. He speaks Spanish and English fluently, and always introduces himself in both languages.

3.  Threads


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