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Sonnerie was originally named and conceived by Kiri, and was then expanded by Miyu, Alaine, Sie, and others who played characters originating from here. It is considered an open territory, meaning anyone may create characters originating from the area, or have their character stay in the area for a long time, a short time, etc.

The name Sonnerie is French for "making sound" or "ring". The term generally applies to bell towers.[1] The Luperci of Sonnerie are less of a pack and more of a loosely organized group or camp of dog-dominant hybrids who live a peaceful Bohemian lifestyle in inland Ontario, Canada.

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Sonnerie Statistics

StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~2000
Primary SpeciesDog
Luperci DominantYes
Population~30; fluctuates a lot
ReligionFree Worship

Photo credit: thalija-stock

1.  Territory

Sonnerie is a somewhat transient group who tends to pack up camp and move following certain natural shifts such as spring flooding, a heavy winter, or the migration of a prey herd. They use tents and carts rather than dwellings. However, they are not truly nomadic in that they never stray from the province of Ontario, and it is not hard for a former member to relocate them.

Since they are located in inland Canada, their usual territory is comparable to that of 'Souls. They typically choose a forested area with a source of running water -- they have never gone as far south as the Great Lakes, or as far north as the Hudson Bay, so Luperci born into the Sonnerie lifestyle will not be familiar with large bodies of water.

2.  Basic Culture

"Live and let live." Sonnerie is a camp that many travelers of all species and cultures pass through, though they are predominantly dogs of mixed heritage. The natives speak English and Canadian French; travelers have added a medley of foreign tongues and accents. Those who stay in Sonnerie tend to be very accepting of all hybrids, beliefs, and lifestyles -- as long as it does not impose on anyone else, a Luperci is free to act however they please. This includes feral lifestyle versus humanized culture -- some choose to erect tents or use carts, and others sleep in the open or in a den.

Anyone is welcome to walk up to the fire and share a hot meal and a story, and those who want to never have to leave. If someone feels uncomfortable with the way the camp lives, they simply leave the way they came. Coming and going is quite frequent even among native-born members, and there is no stigma associated with it. Possessions and resources are expected to be shared within the community, and they are quite charitable to the less fortunate. Single parents are not uncommon due to the loose nature of relationships, and all of Sonnerie will pitch in to keep puppies fed and cared for. Recreational drug use is common when supplies are available.

Naturally not everyone is suited for such an easygoing and peaceful lifestyle -- conflicts do arise from time to time, and without an official leader to mediate, they occasionally escalate into violence. In these cases, Sonnerie members may band together to separate the combatants and endeavor to settle the matter as a community. Aggressive and unstable Luperci are not welcome, and are likely to be ejected from the group for everyone's safety. Some members of Sonnerie do practice combat skills, but it is more common as an artistic expression than it is self-defense.

3.  History

The natives of Sonnerie descended from sighthounds bred in Ontario for dog shows. When the human breeders perished, the dogs remained as a group, finding their natural hunting instincts served them well. Family groups flourished, and the Luperci chose a name for themselves -- Sonnerie. They were welcoming of other dogs who wished to join them, and coyotes and wolves from the forests accepted their presence as non-threatening and let them be. Their history remained peaceful by and large, and so there was never a need for strong defenses or warrior culture.

The most significant event in recent history occurred in January 2013, when an ongoing conflict between Kharma and Domovoi escalated into a violent confrontation. Unfortunately, when innocent bystander Aleksei tried to separate them, it cost her her life. The rest of the pack was forced to step in and keep the fighters apart so that they did not kill each other. Sonnerie was relieved that both combatants left once their wounds were healed, as it did not require an official exile. A second, though unrelated, tragedy followed when Miir'ra died during childbirth the following month. They were able to mourn their losses in peace, and life returned to normal.

4.  Members

Membership in Sonnerie is very fluid; there is no official ranking system, and therefore no consequences to frequent comings and goings. Anyone who spends more than a few days around the campfire is considered a member and will be expected to contribute in some small way to the community. The directory includes current members, past members, and the deceased.

Note: Any player can add their character here if they have spent more than a month's time living in Sonnerie! No permission is required for past or current membership.

  • Likely Archetypes: gypsy & hippie types, musicians, artists, dancers, wanderers, free spirits, pacifists, single parents, homeless or runaways, reformed criminals

4.1  Sonnerie Members

Icon Gender Y.O.B. Status About

Aleksei Tarasova

Female -- Deceased
  • Skills: Dancer, Storyteller, Mother.
  • Personality: Easygoing and kind, Aleksei was well-loved among her fellow gypsies as well as her family. She was open and honest with her feelings, and expressed herself through dance. She was comfortable with the notion of free love, and never had a mate despite raising two litters. Her feelings for Kharma were no secret around the camp, though she never asked him to stay.
  • Description: Mother of Domovoi, Gehenna, Neraka, Avaiki, Avernus. A sighthound cross of Borzoi and Saluki, Aleksei sported the long and lean build typical to her lineage. Her wavy fur came in hues of pale tan and white, with a saddle of darker brindle that extended as far as her floppy ears. Her brunette mane flowed long and untamed down her back. She accented her blue eyes with matching piercings and a necklace.
  • Art: by Kiri

Domovoi Tarasova

Male 2011 Absent
  • Skills: Combat, Survival, Polyglot.
  • Personality: Dom used to be outgoing and kind to strangers, if somewhat controlling and overprotective of his family. The loss of his mother and disbanding of his siblings triggered a severely negative shift in his outlook, where he views all strangers as enemies unless proven otherwise. He generally has good intentions, but also an unstable and violent temper occasionally paired with alcoholism. He is possibly polyamorous; likely to seek casual relationships with males and females as a release for tension, but won't commit to anything long-term.
  • Description: Son of Aleksei; father of Liuva. Dom is striking in appearance, with intense pale eyes and an athletic grace to his movements. He boasts a silky coat thick with curls, which extend through his Optime mane when shifted. His pelt is made of entirely cool colors, varying shades of metal grey and off-white. Wears a headscarf to tie back his mess of curly hair.
  • Art: by Nat

Kharma Asylum

Male 2007 Absent
  • Skills: Combat, Horsemanship, Disguise.
  • Personality: Distant and aloof, Arkham -- who has not actually used his birth name for many years -- is generally wary of others and prefers to keep to himself. He has no taste for idle conversation, and will quietly excuse himself if he does not find himself interested or otherwise engaged. He is polite and well-spoken, but there is no pretense of caring. Kharma harbors a deep-seated self-loathing of himself and his bloodline, though his prejudice against Lykoi typically applies to the male members of the family more than the females, and he cares deeply for all of his children.
  • Description: Father of Gehenna, Neraka, Avaiki, Avernus. Kharma, for the most part, looks like a full coyote, rather than a canine of mixed heritage. His coat is a midtone grey with a darker saddle-patch on his back and a similarly colored tip on his tail. His chest and underside are a much lighter, creamier grey, as are the socks-type markings on his feet. His eyes are a deep, garnet red. Most frequently in his Optime form, Kharma wears a tattered grey cloak and usually has his face covered by a hood.
  • Art: by Kiri

Gehenna Asylum

Male 2012 Absent
  • Skills: Sprinting, Eyesight, Gemstones.
  • Personality: Extroverted, likes others, likes making friends and being around others. Dislikes being alone and isolation intensely. Strongly emotive, more likely to express feelings than withdraw. Willing to go along with the group on most things primarily due to laziness, though has rare instances of very strong determination, too (going with dad, wanting revenge on Dom). Primarily instances of grudgey, revenge-driven behavior: otherwise pretty passive. Unforgiving toward mistakes, liable to take offense and maybe refuse apologies.
  • Description: Son of Aleksei and Kharma. Gehenna's outward appearance is almost entirely drawn from his mother's Borzoi and Saluki heritage. His bodily shape and build, and various other features are all more apparently Borzoi than anything else in his blood. Gehenna is a built sprinter in all forms. He is tall and lean, with a deep chest and long legs. Though he appears willowy, almost awkwardly tall and thin, this belies the compacted musculature of a natural athlete. He has laid back, "floppy" appearing ears -- though they are capable of full erectness when he is alert.
  • Art: by Alaine

Neraka Tarasova

Male 2012 Absent
  • Skills: Travel, Kindness, Honesty.
  • Personality: Neraka maintains a position as a 'moral compass' to most he meets. He always tries to act in an honorable manner, and does not tend to self-reflect often; as such, a lot of his actions are done purely for others with no thought as to how they effect himself or his standing. This is linked to Neraka's gullibility and his easily manipulated temperament. Although he is deeply thoughtful and not one to spring into action before thinking a plan through, he generally believes in the goodness of strangers and will often take what they say as truth without further proof. In this sense, he is somewhat naive and idealistic.
  • Description: Son of Aleksei and Kharma. Neraka's odd heritage results in a strange blend of anatomy. He is long-legged, like his borzoi predecessors, but also holds much of Kharma's smaller, bulkier coyote build. He is slightly less lithe and willowy than his siblings, with a straighter coyote spine and barrel. His ears are tall and stand mostly erect, flopping only slightly at the tips where there are long, silky, lynx-like tassels. In addition to his fluffiness, Neraka is a bit heavier than his direct siblings, giving him a slightly chubby appearance.
  • Art: by Alaine

Avaiki Asylum

Female 2012 Absent
  • Skills: Dancing, Hunting, History.
  • Personality: Confident and self assured, she is neither shy nor excessively friendly; often sticking to first impressions of others and judging then and there how much time she is willing to spend with them, along with how close she'd be willing to let them in. Possessing a realistic mindset, she sees the world in black and white, good and evil, hesitant to believe that something can be in-between the two. Family oriented, she tries to maintain ties to them and be supportive, loving and caring when needed; whilst not a natural born warrior, she is more than willing to jump in to defend her family and friends.
  • Description: Daughter of Aleksei and Kharma. Similar to her father's pelt, Avaiki's coat is primarily two shades of grey. Ethereal and slim, Avaiki moves with a grace that she has yet to be able to extend to her dancing; a huntress at heart, her movement is fluid, her lithe form making her light upon her paws and fast, albeit in spurts and rather inconsistently. Whilst she may lack luscious curves or a vibrantly coloured pelt others so often possess, she has a regal like grace to her posture that is accompanied by a cold gaze and expression, this image is further aided by her sharp angles and wispy like clothes, that flow around her form and hug to her body.
  • Art: by Kiri

Avernus Tarasova

Female 2012 Absent
  • Skills: Emotional Empath, Mediator, Pacifist.
  • Personality: Ave is gentle and pacific, shies away from conflict, and is very much a follower. This is due to her empathetic nature -- she is sensitive to the moods of others, whose ugly emotions like anger make her feel physically ill. She has a strong tendency to sacrifice her own needs in order to keep the peace. Ave is however stubborn on the issues she cares about, and has a great deal of internal passion. Either through naivety or purposeful ignorance, she is trusting of strangers and assumes everyone will treat her with the kindness she extends to them.
  • Description: Daughter of Aleksei and Kharma. Ave is delicate and feminine, her prominent Saluki build paying homage to her sighthound mother in a more petite package. Her curly pelt is mostly white with pale tan accents and a patch of silver brindle over her shoulders. Her soulful eyes are a dark red, betraying her Lykoi-Tears lineage. Her white and tan-streaked mane is very long and wispy, normally drawn up by her headband to be somewhat shorter. She is probably the smallest of her siblings.
  • Art: by Nat

Liuva Tarasova

Female 2013 Present
  • Skills: Tambourine Music, Dancing, Pickpocketing.
  • Personality: Liuva is the sun to the moon. She is the brightness of the room, even if she doesn't feel like being the centre of attention. Her unique pelt and grace, she is a rarity among the norm of wolves and coyotes. She tries very hard to have a positive outlook on life and she always is looking for a good time. Generally friendly, untrusting, obedient, push-over, optimistic.
  • Description: Daughter of Miir'ra and Domovoi. She is tall and skinny, with an hourglass shape that is complimented by soft, long, and flowy fur. In all of her forms she has the build of a sighthound, though with the straight back of a Rough Collie. She has a long nose much like a collie's with the familiar arch of a saluki or borzoi. As a young girl, the female will lack any curvature, which give her an androgynous look to her until she is well into adulthood (+3 years). As a child her stance will be confident and boisterous.
  • Art: by Miyu

Cosette Fauchelevent Trouillefou

Female 2012 Present
  • Skills: Acting, Intuition, Pickpocketing.
  • Personality: Cosette is a clever girl. She is quick to appraise whomever she is faced with, and can play a variety of roles to get what she wants. She knows she is small and could be in danger from the pickpocketing and tricks she plays, so she is careful to measure someone's strength and any escape routes before trying anything. She is just as content to offer fortunetelling in exchange for food. She and her brother, as well as their adopted ward Liuva, are always together.
  • Description: Sister of Clopin. Cosette's lineage combines many herding breeds of dog, the most obvious influence being rough collie. Her almond-shaped eyes are a very dark brown that appear black in all but the strongest lighting. Cosette is small like her mother was, petite in stature and graceful in movement. Her ears fold, and in her Optime form, her mane is clipped short and combed to frame her face, the wispy hair turning upward. She is typically seen with ribbons and bells tied into her mane hair, so she jingles as she moves.
  • Art: by Nat

Clopin Benoît Trouillefou

Male 2012 Present
  • Skills: Tarot, Lip Reading, Bodyguard.
  • Personality: Clopin is typically silent, shadowing his sister and their adopted ward Liuva and letting their silver tongues do the talking. Clopin is very mistrusting, but will often feign friendliness to mask it. He is quick to protect his sister, being more adept at physical fighting and harboring very possessive instincts. Since he does not speak often, it is difficult to gauge his true personality. All that can really be said is that he would follow Cosette anywhere, and will not permit anyone besides Liuva into their lives.
  • Description: Brother of Cosette. Clopin's lineage combines many herding breeds of dog, the most obvious influence being Rough Collie and Australian Shepherd. He was born deaf in both ears and blind in one eye, a result of the double merle genes he received from inbreeding (which also left his fur almost completely white). He is nearly always in his Optime form, and wears a white wooden mask that covers the left half of his face (to hide his deformed eye which is sightless due to Microphthalmia).
  • Art: by Nat


Female 2009 Deceased
  • Skills: Medicine, Witchcraft, Religion.
  • Personality: Sweet, generous, optimistic. Miir'ra was inundated with human learning from a very young age and is knowledgeable. However, she was a free spirit who chafed under rules, and soon drifted off to find her own way. She learned of her family's incest and adopted the belief that she should be abstinent; she held true to this principle for years, and only broke it once she fell in love with Dom.
  • Description: Mother of Liuva. A seemingly purebred collie. As with most of her family, she is tall for her breed. Her rough double coat is thick and luxurious, and is pale in color thanks to strong merling atop her sable pattern. Only pale strawberry-blonde and tan hues are visible outside of the large amounts of white.
  • Art: by J

Ocèane Aston

Female 2008 Absent
  • Skills: Firetending, Dancing, Animal Husbandry.
  • Personality: Best described as an individual who marches to the beat of her own drum. Most likely the most curious person anyone will come across. Sometimes her adventures could turn into risky situations, and sometimes she can unwind to the point where it makes her look naive and immature, but is simply living in the moment of matters and doing what makes herself feel happiest. Was in a relationship with Dom.
  • Description: As her arctic wolf genes accredit to her, she is large in build between all three forms. Her coat is dominantly dark chocolate. In Optime, her hair falls down to her waist in lush tendrils in the same dark chocolate color with light tan highlights throughout, and are typically braided in two braids. Her eyes are a lively color of crystalline light blue, to which they are generally very expressive.
  • Art: by Kiri