New Orleans

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Territory Statistics

StatusOPEN ?
Name Meaning?
Name Origin?
Date of Founding~1728
Agex years
Primary SpeciesCanis familiaris
Luperci DominantYes
Population~600 permanent
Religion-- Roman Catholic and African religion variants.

New Orleans remains is a bustling port city, very similar to how it was in the days of humans. Many travelers and traders stop here.

1.  Description

New Orleans is a post city along the Gulf of Mexico. Because of it's location, witch is greatly advantageous to trade, much of the city has been mostly rebuilt and occupied by permanent residents and travelers. It is easily one of the largest Lupeci inhabited cities in existence. The climate is Humid Subtropical. It is prone to hurricanes, witch are especially dangerous since human built tidal walls are crumbling. Summer heat and uncleanliness often causes infectious disease to become rampant. The population tends to fluxgate, decreasing during summer months and growing in the winter.

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2.  Significance

If your area has a particular influence on 'Souls (e.g., a large number of immigrants come from this area, or a pack was founded on the basic beliefs of this area) write about it here! List any families that originate in your area:

3.  Culture

In the more populated areas, New Orleans tends to be a highly humanized city. Human technologies are valued and many canines chose to wear clothes - sometimes colorful and flamboyant. In these innermost parts of the city it is often looked down upon to walk on four paws.

Trading is important to the city, for it was occupied for it's access to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River. Some even trade modified pieces of gold, silver, and copper in exchange for goods like humans might have used coins. Though trade is the main industry in Post-Apocalyptic New Orleans, it still remains the Las Vegas of the south. Clubs, Breweries, bars, and brothels are common. There is heavy culture influence from African, Spanish, and French species.

It is a common thing for wealthier patrons of the city to own slaves.

Outer parts of the city are often controlled by gangs.

French immigrants, native Canids, and African jackal immigrants have interbreed and formed a "Creole" culture in the rural outskirts and swamplands of the city.

3.1  Individuals

Zelime Rosaline Arthemise Sanite

Perhaps one of the most renowned voodo witches in the area, Zel is a slender creature with tawny brown fur and a slim, shapely head. She claims to be a Tesem, or an ancient (and very extinct) Egyptian hunting dog. Though she fits the profile -- with a desert-bred look about her -- Zel's claims are not based in reality.

Nonetheless, she enjoys a considerable amount of power. She resides, of course, in a decrepit mansion in the swamps surrounding New Orleans, a good distance from the city. Nonetheless, the path to her home is well-worn by canines seeking her favor, charms, and spells. Her servants consist of a troupe of young women who bear a look similar to her. Some are her daughters; still others are dog hybrids with the good fortune to be born tawny with a sighthound's features and build.

3.2  Species

Native species include Dogs, Texas Plains Coyote, Lower Rio Grande Coyote, and Red Wolves. Many Immigrants are common. Traders are usually European Common Grey Wolves and Middle Eastern Iranian Wolves. Slaves are usually, but not always, African species of Jackals, dogs, or coyotes.

What is the predominant species of your group? Refer to the species guide for realism! Remember that large groups of Luperci will not likely be of one species unless very isolated; in Europe this is especially true.


Most residents are Luperci and lead humanized lifestyles.

3.3  Lifestyle


English, Spanish, French, Creole, and several African Dialects are commonly spoken. None are more common than the others, but trades are usually arranged in English or Spanish.


The most populace place in the city is the center, where the ruins of the French quarter and Central Business District have been repaired. Most permanent residents live in either the surrounding slums or the Garden District depending on social standing and wealth.


How adept are the canines of your area with old human technology? Did they bother to restore the human ruins, or are they simply living among the rubble? The most adaptive Luperci of the North American continent are roughly a Bronze Age level of prowess, with most areas populated by European and west Asian Luperci slightly exceeding them.


practices are mostly depended on species and heritage.

3.4  Structure

dependent on wealth and social standing.


dependent on wealth and social standing. They take the law into there on hands, so to speak.


Family names often affect social standing for locals. There are few strong bonds outside of immediate family. There are many traders and passers by.

3.5  Religion

There are many religions, but the two most common are Roman Catholicism and African religions.

Servises are helt on sundays in a mostly repared St.Louis Cathedral. Service are sponsored by wealthy patrons.

African religions and folk religions practice include but are not limited to - Voodoo/Hoodoo, Ancestor worship, Santeria, and [[| Haitian Vodou/Vodun

Creation Legends

Are there any myths widely believed by the populations there regarding the creation of Luperci, the creation of wolves, the creation of that particular society? These are sometimes better to include than a detailed history—they're generally brief, fantastical, and easy to remember, and thus easy to pass from character to characters.


Are your characters monotheistic or polytheistic? Do they have minor god(s), if they're polytheistic? What about saints/spirits/angels/demons?


Are any symbols pervasive in your religion (e.g., Christian cross, Star of David, etc). Think about what these things mean for your characters, and how these symbols are represented in your culture (e.g., perhaps residents get tattoos or markings in the shape of the symbols).

Religious Order

Are there priests, priestesses, shaman, religious leaders? How do they enforce the religious code, if there is one?


Do your canines have any particular practices, rituals, or pervasive beliefs? Perhaps the canines from your area are exceptionally superstitious. Ceremonies and the like can be listed here.


If your canines celebrate particular holidays or religious observances, describe them here. This space can also be used for the description of rituals and the like.

3.6  History

Luperci discovered the benefits of trading at the New Orleans port and started to rebuild the ruins of the city. The city's population boomed. Some time since the virus a this fire had ravished the city, affecting outside slums and about a block of grave yards.

4.  References

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