Saffron Reverie

Saffron Reverie is the late daughter of Micah Sunrise Lykoi and Orchid Reverie, born in Juniper Peace and elder sister to Gust, Dove, Mint and River Lark. Reserved and mysterious, Saffron was known to keep to herself, finding more solidarity in nature than in people. She was passive and subtle in her rebelliousness, emerging the "trouble child" among her litter in that she rarely argued, but followed her own whims regardless.

In November 2016 Saffron was poisoned and killed by an emotionally unstable Mistral de l'Or.






  • Date of Birth: 2 December 2015
  • Age: >1 year
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Juniper Peace
  • Rank: Member
  • Co-Rank: -
  • Name Meaning: "an autumn-flowering crocus with reddish-purple flowers"
  • Family: Reverie, Lykoi, Kimaris
  • Birthplace: Juniper Peace
  • Species: Coyote-dominant hybrid
  • Subspecies:
    • 90% Coyote, 5% Wolf, 5% Dog
  • cNPC: -
  • yNPC: -
  • Minor NPCs:
    • -
  • Player: None
  • Creator: Lin

History and Death

Cursed with a fear of death by the fallen red star in 2016, Saffron abruptly announced her departure from Juniper Peace with an abrupt wanderlust to see the world at her own pace, inspiring her four siblings to do the same as a unit. Their worrisome father ultimately understood and gave his blessing under the condition the five would look out for one another. The five Reverie children set out together with Saffron their unspoken, reserved leader. Saffron harbored a quiet obsession for the red star and guided her siblings en route to see its devastation.

In November 2016 while en route to see the devastation left behind by the falling "red star," Saffron and her four siblings came across loner Mistral de l'Or and her escort Achilles Kokinos camping in the wilderness near Cour des Miracles. Testy since leaving Cour des Miracles after a long and failed mission to usurp the Miracles throne, Mistral learned the siblings were Micah's biological children, making them her own adoptive siblings though she did not admit it. Jealous, impulsive and sent over the edge upon learning the first of Micah's children shared the name she herself had been given before Micah learned of her real name, Mistral characteristically lashed out. Saffron was poisoned, and Mistral and Achilles were long gone by dawn when the Reverie siblings discovered their eldest sister ghoulishly dead.

Saffron had clearly died in distress and suffocation, making a murder obvious. Her discovery had a devastating impact on the siblings, whose Juniper roots had never accustomed them to bloodshed. Stranded far from home with their leader and eldest sister abruptly taken from them through violent means, they committed Saffron to the sea as December approached and debated what to do next. For the first time, the distraught siblings argued and lashed out at one aonother, eventually splitting ways: Gust and Mint back to Juniper Peace, and Dove and River remaining in Nova Scotia.

Saffron's spirit does not necessarily live on, but some of the siblings began to experience hallucinations of her of varying intensity: Suffocated as they found her and wet with seawater and weeds as they left her body. Saffron does not speak nor act, and appears to none but they; she is not a ghost, but a memory stubborn to leave.


Saffron was more wolfish in appearance than coyote. Her fur and hair were primarily white, but with flecks/streaks of gold throughout and red eyes.