NPCs of Lin

All of Lin's NPCs ever. Because she's too lazy to separate the active ones. Poo, Lin.

Active Characters

Winter Dove Reverie
cNPC: Salvador Sadira

Neith Heiwa

Dagr Soul


Inactive Characters

Mistral de l'Or
cNPC: Achilles Kokinos

  • Rue (painted pony mare)
  • Sibylla (gray dapple mare)

Farina vin Haki

Micah Sunrise Lykoi
cNPC: Storm Lily Lykoi (ghost)

Gethsemane Aika
cNPC: Abel Thirteen

Salome de la Croix

Using and Referencing NPCs

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  2. If you'd like actual interaction with these characters in your thread, ask first.
  3. In the case of either of the above, special notes are listed here. Please pay attention to them, and make sure you are adhering to that character's temperament, etc.

Dove's Companions


Credit: julesberry2001 @ flickr
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Common Raven
  • Date of Birth: 2004 (13 years)
  • Common Haunts: Ravenswreach


An elderly, reserved raven. Wary of strangers and quiet. A number of the younger ravens are his children, although he does not seem particularly protective of them. Mated with the raven of Oriole de l'Or. Speaks little. Learning high speech slowly through Dove.


  • Met in December 2016.
  • Assisted in the hunt for the missing River Lark Reverie in January 2017.

Salome's Companions


Credit: wikicommons
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Common crane
  • Date of Birth: 2014
  • Common Haunts: Tends to stick around Salome's swamp home.


A remarkably pretty thing in an otherwise ugly swamp. Curious but reserved and more likely to watch intently from a safe distance than come inquiring. Unable to effectively communicate with Luperci. Omnivorous; eats plant matter, berries, etc. Doesn't spook, but tends not to let people get close.


  • Moved from Portland up into the swamp of Krokar with Salome in January 2017.


Credit: catster
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Feline, mixed breeds
  • Date of Birth: 2012
  • Common Haunts: Ail Po Barn (Krokar), The Swamp (Krokar)


A tomcat, bracing and territorial. Headstrong. Tends to fight with other felines who pose a threat, but protect those who do not. Fairly unintelligent, tending to be all talk with Luperci but easily deflated. Hangs around Salome's home in the swamp mostly to hunt the congregation of little birds that she feeds. Challenges guests, but does not protect Salome or her belongings. Scarred and often seen trying to clean the swamp mud from his fur. Tends to be shooed away by Salome; their relationship is unfriendly and the two often spat.


  • Has lived in the Ail Po Barn for years, likely fathering several litters there over time.
  • Started frequencing Salome's shack in March of 2017 after discovering the easy prey in the area.


Credit: wikicommons
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Feline, mixed breeds
  • Date of Birth: 2010
  • Common Haunts: The Swamp (Krokar)


A longhaired, blue-eyed, white cat. Friendly and affectionate, but fully deaf in both ears. Doesn't really communicate. Fairly intelligent. She was bullied often at the Ail Po Barn to the point that she followed Salome back to the swamp and made herself a permanent resident. Sleeps with Salome at night and tends to be a quiet, charming companion. If she happens upon visitors in the swamp, she will lead them quietly in or out of the swamp if they indicate to her which way to go.


Credit: wikicommons
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Feline, tortoiseshell mix
  • Date of Birth: 2016
  • Common Haunts: Ail Po Barn (Krokar), the Swamp (Krokar)


Young and brash, loving to push boundaries. Tends to eat, chew on, or scratch up anything and everything. Enjoys a good adventure, whether that is seeing a new place or tricking someone new. Enjoys getting people lost in the swamp. Often accompanies Salome (whether she wants her to or not) around the territory and beyond.


  • Born in the Ail Po Barn in fall of 2016.

Inactive NPCs

Gethsemane's Companions


  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Donkey
  • Date of Birth: 2014
  • Common Haunts: Grazing lazily somewhere within range of Gethsemane


A young donkey. Healthy, average, able. Carries several full saddlebags, but appears to be well taken care of if not a little spoiled, given a slight pudginess. Easily spooked, even by her owner.


  • Traded to Gethsemane sometime in 2015 in northern Nova Scotia. Traded. Totally not stolen.

Mistral's Companions


Credit: __Samir_ @ flickr
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Pony
  • Date of Birth: 2009
  • Common Haunts: Cour des Miracles stables, or being led around the pack with Mistral.


A painted pony left behind by Mimi's grandfather and Cour des Miracles' first King, Jacquez Trouillefou. Born into the stables years ago and never broken into riding due to her small stature and inability to support an adult Luperci's weight—until the very tiny Mistral came around, of course. As if fated to be paired with the bratty de l'Or, Rue is pushy, mouthy, spoiled, and demands treats without earning them. As of summer 2014, she is slowly being broken into use by Mistral with much help from Linden Aatte.


  • Born in 2009 in the Cour des Miracles stables. Named and raised by King Jacquez Trouillefou, but never broken for riding.
  • Jacquez leaves the pack some time later. The pony is claimed by no one and not utilized for any labor work.
  • In 2014, with encouragement by Linden Aatte, the pony is claimed by Mistral and begins training.
  • Traveled to Anathema tethered to the horse of Achilles Kokinos for a diplomatic visit in late summer 2014.

Dagr's Companions


Credit: CatherineCross @ deviantArt
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Peregrine Falcon
  • Date of Birth: Mid- to late 2013
  • Common Haunts: Within relative proximity to Dagr Soul at all times, much like a guardian sworn to its cause.


Niruin is fairly average in proportion and build as a peregrine falcon, speedy in flight and dangerous to prey. He is sharp with a keen awareness of his surroundings, and fairly humorless in his mannerisms. Precise under command and extremely telling when he dissents, Niruin is stubborn and unfriendly to strangers. He is considered a partner to Farina over a pet or tool, and the wolfdog refuses to tether or cage him in his training as her companion, and he remains somewhat feral as result.


  • Born under the care of Cody Rhiannon in Vinatta, a product of his hawk Gwynth and a stray male falcon.
  • Once of age, Niruin was brought to Anathema to be given a home, but did not find one.
  • Cody gifts Farina the young bird to encourage her budding interest in falconry.
  • Farina swears a mutual partnership between Luperci and falcon, refusing to cage or tether Niruin in his training.
  • In April of 2014, enough progress was made to name Farina a Falconer (co-rank) of Vinatta.
  • Used to train Dagr with falconry throughout 2015 and 2016.
  • Gifted to Dagr by Farina upon leaving Vinatta in late 2016.
  • Accompanies Dagr post-Vinatta as a traveling companion.

Micah's Companions

Storm Lily Lykoi

Credit: happeningstock @ deviantArt
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Ghost (90% coyote, 5% wolf, 5% dog)
  • Date of Birth: August 2009
  • Date of Death: December 2009
  • Common Haunts: Exclusively in Micah's company.


A ghost, seen and heard only by Micah. She seems to appear and disappear as she pleases, speaking when both visible and invisible. A vengeful and troubled spirit, Storm Lily possesses little to no sympathy—perhaps because she is no longer of flesh and blood—and demands much out of the only man that knows of her presence and the reason for her death. She is reason for much of Micah's nervous demeanor, pressuring while present and harsh when disappointed. She believes Micah must harden in order to avenge her death properly, and so she does not hold back. Because none can hear or see her, Micah fears insanity. A light-hued coyote with a heavy wolf likeness and pupilless white eyes, Storm Lily appears with varying levels of completion: a voice at times, a full wolf at others, and often pieces in between.

This entry is almost entirely for Lin's reference than anyone else's, as no other character can see or hear her even while present.


Storm Lily Lykoi was the runt of her litter, the youngest sister of Sage, China, Clover, and Micah. She was born in Juniper Peace to Razekiel Lykoi and Ocean Flower, and was dearly loved by her family for the short few months of her life. Despite her coyote blood majority and coyote siblings, she largely resembled a tawny wolf in comparison. She was taken from her den and killed as a pup mere months after birth, but both her murder and the murders of the pack's wolf leaders were swept under the carpet by the easygoing inhabitants of Juniper Peace—except by her brother, Micah. Suspicious of his father as the murderer considering his timely disappearance thereafter, Micah vehemently began to speak out against Razekiel in his absence and plead the case to find him, but went unheard by the peace-loving people of his pack. His mother and sisters, still thinking the world of Razekiel, also denied the fact.

It was for that reason Storm Lily manifested herself to Micah alone, appearing before his first birthday and yet to vanish for good. She vanished while Mistral de l'Or was under his care, whether jealous or resentful of the distraction, but reappeared soon after. The spirit is cruel and harsh, berating to her brother in circumstances of his inadequacy, and a large reason for his self-demeaning tendencies and anxiety.


  • Born in Juniper Peace, the youngest of five coyote siblings but with wolf-like features.
  • Murdered by her father, Razekiel Lykoi a few short months after birth.
  • Manifested as a vengeful ghost to her brother Micah before their first birthday.
  • Pressured Micah to leave Juniper Peace and followed him to Cercatori d'Arte, following trail of Razekiel.
  • Pressured Micah to leave Cercatori d'Arte and back to Juniper Peace, having lost the trail.
  • Pressured Micah after the trail once more two years later, following him yet again to Cercatori d'Arte.
  • Disappeared out of anger/jealousy for several months while Mistral de l'Or was under Micah's care.
  • Remanifested in June 2014.


Credit: the-enemy-studio @ deviantArt
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Draft Horse
  • Date of Birth: September 2011
  • Common Haunts: Grazing within the Riperian Moors of Inferni or frequenting Micah's nearby campsite.


Bark is a young draft horse, the son of the giant Fern. His father's bloodline is unknown, but it hasn't impeded his size thus far. The colt has grown into a massive animal, muscular and lumbering. He is a chestnut with only two notable markings -- one small white sock on his left hind leg, and a white blaze down his muzzle. He has some flaxen genes, with his mane and tail being a shade or so lighter than his coat color. He has a few large, noticeable gashes on his flank, the result of an attack in May 2014.


Bark has always been a young rascal, getting into mischief and being immature toward other horses and his Luperci handlers, but after being removed by the constant hand of his first owner, Wayne, he has become a bit of a handful. The colt is not malicious by any means, and has an obvious fondness for Luperci. However, he does not know his own strength and often gets into trouble in the name of fun, sometimes biting where he means to nip, or turning a nudge into a tackle. He doesn't understand the concept of personal space or respect in most cases, and is very arrogant. Bark believes that he's "all that," which gets him into trouble with stallions; he needs supervision when with a more mean-tempered horse. He can only be put into his place by experienced mares; everyone else is either a playmate (with sometimes disastrous results) or the competition.


  • Born to Fern while in the care of Wayne McCoy and Dixie-May Jackson.
  • Raised along with the cowpokes, and brought to Casa di Cavalieri when they founded the pack.
  • Trained by Wayne over the months to eventually be ridden.
  • Befriended Lowry Lykoi when he joined the pack.
  • Gifted to Lowry when he left Casa.
  • Brought to Cercatori d'Arte by Lowry. Begins to develop behavioral issues from neglect.
  • Lowry is murdered in February of 2014, and his cousin Micah adopts the stallion left behind out of guilt and sympathy.
  • Attacked by Harlow Fontaine in May 2014, leaving a few large gashes on his hinds.
  • Bark travels with Micah to Inferni when he joins in June 2014.

Sonata & Soprano

Credits: sagittor, ryser915 @ deviantArt
  • Gender: Male (Sonata, rose) & Female (Soprano, brown)
  • Species: Purple Finch
  • Date of Birth: June 2014
  • Common Haunts: Inferni: Riperian Moors, Forest of Nod, Hallow's Ruins


A pair of purple finches rescued by Micah following the apparent death of a parent and collapse of the nest. A tiny, delicate cast for the broken leg of Sonata was forged out of Micah's clay crafting material and healed, though imperfectly, and the two birds were fed scrounged insects by their very dedicated caretaker. When they grew old enough to fly, the pair began to venture further and further away—but seem to feel safe with Micah and reappear fairly often. They do not migrate with the seasons.


  • Brother and sister hatched in June 2014 beside three other eggs
  • At two to three weeks, an attending parent was felled by a predator; second parent absent
  • Nest falls from tree and breaks, killing three siblings and breaking the leg of Sonata
  • Not yet able to fly, the pair are found by Micah and taken in
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