Juniper Peace

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Juniper Peace is a haven for creatures of all kinds known best for its nomadic nature, typically wandering as far as the central United States and throughout Canada. A wandering "pack" with hippie-like ideals and no official settlement, Juniper Peace boasts a medium-sized member base and open arms for strays of any species seeking sanctuary, whether temporary or permanent. Most of its members are transitory; the small but constant handful are committed to guiding the pack and its ideals, while the majority are encouraged to come and go for months or years at a time. Many see becoming a member as a fresh start.

Juniper Peace boasts Buddhist roots, a pacifistic mentality, and a thick culture revolving around the arts, music, and health of body and mind. It was a heavy inspiration for Ichika no Ho-en. Razekiel Lykoi served as the Junipers' leader until his death in 2015 when his son Micah Sunrise Lykoi was appointed in his place.

Juniper Peace



Statistics & Foundation

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  • Location: Nomadic throughout central United States and Canada.
  • Status: REQUEST. Click for more information.
    • Players are free to reference seeing Juniper Peace.
  • Demonym: Junipers
  • Languages Spoken: English and French majority; several other languages, including high and low speech.
  • Influences: Buddhist spirituality, "hippie" outlook
  • Archetype (Group): Non-discriminatory, sight-seeing sanctuary with loose standards
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Artists, recovering addicts, nature lovers, pacifists, wanderers
  • Foundation: ~2003
  • Species: Open to canines and non-canines.
    • Hybrid (40%)
    • Wolf, various breeds (20%)
    • Coyote, various breeds (20%)
    • Dog, various breeds (10%)
    • Creatures/miscellaneous (10%)
  • Population: ~35 (85%+ Luperci)
  • Leader: Micah Sunrise Lykoi

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  2.   2.  Culture
  3.   3.  Species
  4.   4.  Practices & Traditions
  5.   5.  Outsider Relations & Law
  6.   6.  Structure
    1.   6.1  Leaders
    2.   6.2  Significant Families
  7.   7.  History
  8.   8.  Notes

1.  Essentials

1.1  Geography

An example of Juniper Peace sightseeing standards.
(credit cat-in-the-stock @dA)

Juniper Peace lays claim to no settled territory in any one specific place. The pack is nomadic and avoids cities, traveling central United States and throughout Canada and moving as a group at a sluggish pace and without a planned destination. Depending on discovered locations the pack will stop and camp for days to weeks at a time to fully "absorb" all the environment has to offer them, usually halting only for the more dazzling of landscapes and climates. Their most common retreats involve open fields, ocean coasts, and mountainsides with a nice view.

The pack migrates naturally for the seasons, and avoids heavy humidity and bitter cold places. Members prefer to stay within Canada during the summer and autumn months, but shift towards central United States during the cold winter and spring.

2.  Culture

Juniper Peace is centered around the non-discriminatory nuturing of the individual through methods both physical and spiritual. It encourages the exploration of oneself through new and many experiences and provides an open-minded and constantly changing environment for personal adaptation and growth. Among its members sex and drugs are as common as instruments; experimentation of any and all kinds is heavily encouraged. Only in Juniper Peace can individual groups simultaneously practice yoga, copulate, craft, and sleep all within eyeshot of one another. All creatures choosing to join are considered full members and are accordingly taught low or high speech. Music of all kinds is a constant, as is a fog of smoke.

  • Heavy artistic influence: Many believe an appreciation for art and music opens a gateway to the soul, while others practice for the release of stress. Crafts of all kinds abound. Music of all kinds is a constant, whether traveling or camped.
  • Nomadic: Days are typically spent traveling (with music, of course) or reclining in the open and interacting with fellow members.
  • Public: Only in Juniper Peace can individual groups simultaneously practice yoga, copulate, craft, and nap all within eyeshot of one another. Privacy and personal space is rare, and possessions are considered shared with all members.
  • Panromantic: Mates are uncommon, discouraged but not restricted, as members are encouraged to have relations with as many as possible as a means to learn more about them. Pups and litters between members are common, as are multi-parent litters (both in parenting style and multiple donors).
  • Haven for self-growth: Recovering addicts seeking haven and returned health are unintentionally encouraged and discouraged; their vices are almost always available to them through the other members, but so to are countless outlets to help them recover, such as music, art, nature, and friendly faces to speak with.
  • Low standards: Short of discrimination, abuse or murder, little to nothing is forbidden to the open-minded Junipers; however, pacifistic as they are, members are quick to dismiss many issues. They are not above exile in serious circumstances. A single patrolman is designated to watch their camp at night, though his clarity of mind may be questionable.

3.  Species

Barring no species from membership, a majority of Junipers are canine hybrids if only due to the increased rarity of purebreds post-apocalypse. Wolves, coyotes and dogs of all kinds live in unity and peace. Several small cats are present members as well as an old panther, though any willing creature is able to join as long as the peace is maintained.

Luperci & Shifting

Luperci are the majority, though unintentional: Most Lupus members are eventually given the gene to shift due to the pack's open sexuality. All forms are equally respected, but most shift to Optime.


Due to the demographic English and French are the most common, though several others are present as its members derive from all walks of life. The knowledge of high and low speech is common due to the inclusion of creature members.

Animals & Companions

Allowed and encouraged. Will be taught high/low speech if applicable. The Junipers keep a very large supply of horses that are well taken care of.

4.  Practices & Traditions

Nomadic Lifestyle

Junipers are nomadic folk, moving north and south with the seasons to suit their outdoor lifestyle, the time of year, and necessity for a stress-free environment. Never with a destination in mind, the pack settles in an environment particularly attractive to them for one reason or another—a beautiful view, a pack nearby particularly friendly, a trading post, a site with wild horses, etc.—and remain there until the weather shifts with the season. Junipers love and maintain more horses than the average pack for this reason. They carry few possessions and know how to both pack and unpack on short notice. They are not afraid of change, and consider the migrations an opportunity to sight-see, meet new faces, and spread their version of peace and harmony to bypassers. Through their traveling, Junipers are introduced to new wonders and welcomed to stay behind if they find themselves attached to a particular place.

Spirituality & Mother Earth

Juniper Peace allows for religions of all kinds, as long as its members are peaceful with their beliefs and do not force them upon others. Junipers believe learning and understand the spirituality of one another plays a role in personal enlightenment, regardless of spiritual outcome. Meditation is common and often performed in groups. Drugs and sex are respected and performed to an almost spiritual level.

A dedication to Mother Earth referring to nature as a formidable deity exists is quite common. To most it is less a religion and more an acknowledgment to the power of nature. The ocean is called Father Sea.

Meals & Cycle of Life

As expected, some Junipers believe in reincarnation. Even those that do not, however, show a great respect to prey animals killed to sustain themselves. Kills for food are always quick and merciful, and most acknowledge and thank the deceased creature for their sacrifice. Food is always shared, never wasted.


Members are encouraged to try everything, from intercourse with various members, to drugs, to new religions and art styles. Those shy or stiff behind a shell are almost forcibly broken out of it.

Style and Fashion

Nudity encouraged, so as to be "closer" to nature. Jewelry is common.


Basic crafting with few supplies (ex: jewelry making, tailoring, dyes, painting) is widely practiced in Juniper Peace, and its members are encouraged to experiment and apprentice under fellow Junipers to grow their knowledge. More advanced or material-heavy types of crafting such as paper making, smithing etc. are not discouraged, but the materials and setting are not usually available/are too difficult to carry around, and thus are not usually practiced. Most Junipers know at least the basics of how to make leather, as its people refuse to let the body of their prey go to waste, which would be disrespectful.

5.  Outsider Relations & Law


Juniper Peace is nomadic, and most of its members stumbled upon the pack traveling while alone. Other members were left previous packs upon discovering Juniper Peace passing by. Few seek out Juniper Peace to join, as they are difficult to find. Junipers are welcome to come and go as they please, regardless of their previous stints as members.


Strangers are viewed as souls not yet opened to the vast experiences and opportunities of life. All outsiders are encouraged to walk with Juniper Peace, even if for a short while, to broaden their horizons. Hostility is rarely met with bloodshed, as Junipers are more likely to pack up and leave as a group than give reason for a fight.

Justice System

Generally speaking, the Junipers are tragically lenient: Most believe criminals will pay in their next life and prefer to retain the sanctity of their own and let nothing unravel their culture. Serious incidents with outsiders, such as rapists and murderers, are sought for revenge if it is convenient for them, but the Junipers would sooner pack up and vamoose to a safer place. Members who have committed a serious crime may be exiled, but likely later allowed to return as they are given the opportunity to learn from their actions and start anew.

6.  Structure

6.1  Leaders

Ranks are a foreign thing to Junipers. Members are of equal importance, each pulling their own weight and bringing to the table their own talents to be shared. Leader(s) do exist, if only unintentionally; they are those most charismatic or have the most to teach, and the other members naturally follow them. No official leader rank exists. Since they are also likely among very few reasonably responsible pack members, Juniper leaders also handle diplomacy with nearby packs as the Junipers meander and map out where the pack wanders according to need and season.

6.2  Significant Families

Lykoi, Kimaris

The inclusion of Juniper Peace into the line of Razekiel Lykoi introduced a string of peace-loving, sweet-tempered coyotes into the otherwise grim and biased line of Lykoi: In 2006 Razekiel had a larger litter with a woman named Ocean Flower. His four children were each heavily influenced by their Juniper Peace upbringing and eventually left the pack to make appearances in Nova Scotia, where their families continue to grow with strong influence. Both Razekiel and his son Micah were recurrent Junipers, both of which have served as its leader.

Soul, Sadira

Gael d'Esprit is a permanent member and has raised children among their ranks.


A wayward Reverie member, Nimbus, came upon Juniper Peace by chance in 2011 and became a permanent member. Since, the Reverie presence in Juniper Peace continues to grow. Orchid and Micah's five children were born in Juniper Peace, although only two remain.

Examples of Influence

  • Razekiel Lykoi let go of all hate and Lykoi bias against wolves upon stumbling upon Juniper Peace. He reformed in whole, becoming heavily influenced by music, drugs, sex, and freedom. Or so they say—he did kill the Juniper leaders and his own daughter and completely get away with it (at least until his son intervened).
  • Pierrat BenoĆ®t joined Juniper Peace with migratory tendencies already embedded. He developed a very liberal outlook, enjoying magic, drugs, sex, and sightseeing — but it may have made him naive enough to make him a slave.
  • Micah Sunrise Lykoi was born to Juniper Peace, but was uniquely affected by a murder tragedy the pack otherwise ignored to maintain the peace. Sensitive and shy as a result of being sheltered by the Junipers, only after years' of hardening was he able to return and eventually guide the pack as leader.
    • Micah's daughter Mint Reverie was similarly raised among the Junipers and is bookish, shy and anxious, as a result of not quite fitting in with the culture. Her brother River Lark Reverie fit in perfectly, while their sister Dove Reverie emerged from the Junipers disdainful of the lazy and seeking purpose in life.
  • Gael d'Esprit was reformed by Juniper Peace, as a result coming to forgive and later serve as caretaker for his troubled, aging father. After his death, Gael returned to Juniper Peace.
  • Salvador Sadira has totally come across these guys in all his travels and absolutely loathes them, despite knowing he's related to anyone there who is Lykoi.

7.  History

Juniper Peace, with its desire to maintain a carefree and peaceful way of life, avoids confrontation. Thanks to their migratory nature, the pack is able to pack up and move when its easygoing lifestyle is threatened, and thus the pack has, for the most part, ducked clear of major disasters. In 2006 a Lykoi infant named Storm Lily Lykoi was stolen from her den and murdered, along with the two purebred wolves that led the pack, all followed by the suspicious disappearance of Razekiel Lykoi. Resisting conflict, the incident was swept under the rug in its entirety, save for the single concerns of the deceased's brother, Micah Sunrise Lykoi. The nomadic pack continued to wander, disorganized and aimless without a guiding voice.

Razekiel Lykoi and his children each came and went over the years, and in his 2014 return the Junipers—their membership mostly changed since 2006—named Razekiel their leader, where he remained until mid-2015. Following a short stint away from the Junipers on the edge of Nova Scotia, he was followed back by his son Micah, an Inferni member at the time. Micah arrived at Juniper Peace without him and led members to where he had found Razekiel dead "after some sort of accident" which, as usual, the flaky Junipers swept under the rug to avoid conflict. Enamored by a Juniper member named Orchid Reverie, Micah remained with the group, and was soon appointed their leader by fellow members.

8.  Notes


  • Creator: Lin
  • Status: REQUEST.
    • Players are free to reference seeing Juniper Peace in their characters' background, but any specific interaction or membership should be discussed with Lin through PM or Discord. This is usually just to make sure everything lines up with their culture, and will most likely be approved. :)
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