Gust Reverie

Gust Reverie is the son of Micah Sunrise Lykoi and Orchid Reverie, born the second of five in Juniper Peace with siblings Saffron, Dove, Mint and River. Gust aims to be a calm, collected source of comfort for his siblings—but since the murder of his older sister he struggles with haunting visions of Saffron and crippling self-doubt under the surface. Instead of withdrawing, Gust seeks out companionship to distract himself.

After Saffron's death, Gust sided with sister Mint to return to Juniper Peace with the news. This drove a wedge between he and Dove, who refused to go back out of fear. Gust became very close with Mint as they traveled back to Juniper Peace where they currently remain, unaware of the much later death of Dove or disappearance of River.

This character is a retired Adoptable, but feel free to reach out if any information here sparks ideas!






  • Date of Birth: 2 DEC 2015
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: None
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Juniper Peace
  • Player: NPC of Lin
  • Creator: Lin



  • None at the moment, sorry!





  • Species: Wolf/coyote hybrid, half and half.
  • Fur: Glossy, long, silky soft.
    • Optime Hair: Also glossy, long, and silky soft. Basically a bishonen.
  • Build and Size: Average to tall in height, with a build on the lanky side and moderate muscle tone.
    • Optime: Preference and exact size are up to player.
  • Scars and Adornments: Up to player.


 Armadillo (#433E37)
 Crocodile (#736D58)
 Sorrell Brown (#CEB98F)
 Cararra (#EEEEE8)
 Cadet Blue (#A9B2C3)

By Rat



Kind, earthy, friendly, hard-working. A lover of music and nature, but more likely to spend his time productively than to meditate or sight-see. May enjoy bigger craft work like carpentry. Very fond of and trained with horses, as well as other small animals. Patient and hard to provoke, but has a lot of insecurities and trauma beneath the surface that creeps out at the worst times. Terrible fear of death and water. Pacifistic, somewhat to the point of ignorance. Little bit of an airhead, but his big, warm heart makes up for it. A little more open-minded sexually than others, and may sleep around a little -- hope this doesn't get him hurt. Unlimited potential: May end up strong and quiet, or could end up hardened and war-torn, depending on player actions!


  • Speech: Up to player.
  • Scent: Up to player.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Up to player.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Up to player.
  • Expression: Up to player.
  • Sociability: Up to player.
  • Alignment: Up to player.
  • Tropes:
    • Up to player.
    • Up to player.

Family: Reverie, Lykoi, Kimaris

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