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The Reverie Family



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  • Species: Primarily Wolf, minor Dog
    • Arctic Wolf
    • Timber Wolf
    • German Shepherd
    • Poodle
  • Family Origin: London, England
  • Surname: English, from Middle English and Old French: "a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream"
  • Archetype (Group): watchers-and-waiters, talkers, merchants, planners, backstabbers, politicians
  • Archetype (Individuals): advisors, hard workers, patient, subtle, reserved, self-preservatory


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  2.   2.  Culture
    1.   2.1  Psychology
    2.   2.2  Naming Traditions
  3.   3.  Appearance
  4.   4.  Influence and Influences
    1.   4.1  London, England
    2.   4.2  'Souls
  5.   5.  Family
    1.   5.1  First Generation
    2.   5.2  Second Generation
    3.   5.3  Third Generation

The Reverie Family is a wolf-dominant family originating in and around London, England. After near to a decade spent in service to various London families as paid laborers, the family emerged following a seized opportunity for wealth and nobility and a subsequent name change to suit. The Reverie family remains a small but crucial presence in the trading community of London: With their ties to the common man as former laborers, the Reveries are implied to have a larger hand in the black market than the family publicly lets on.

Preferring talk and subtle action over violence and power, London Reveries relish and survive best in their small-name, underestimated presence and as a result breed and branch out only as necessary.

1.  Family History

The Reverie family began with brother-and-sister duo Felix and Adelinda, born to a German-born following a fling while abroad on English territory. The two children were abandoned in London and raised between a series of area merchants—more specifically, whomever could offer the charity until the siblings were old enough to make themselves useful. They had a series of "mothers" and "fathers" that changed by the day—sometimes once, sometimes repeating—and became attached to not any one vendor, but a number of them as a whole as the children were literally traded between hands, often in exchange for valuables to be freed up the responsibility of taking care of them.

Well exposed to the art of diplomacy and trade, when Felix and Adelinda were of age to shift they became laborers, taking up simple jobs throughout London for both the area merchants within the mansions of co-existing nobility. The two were not slaves and earned a proper wage, and having grown up within the city hadn't the skills to survive outside the civilized world; they dreamed aloud to one another often about a simpler, easier life, and these daydreams scarcely got them through hard times of little work—inspiring the later use of the name "Reverie."

The two developed connections with the black market as they often served as stand-ins for nobility to receive or exchange certain goods. Through joint effort between members of the black market and Felix and Adelinda, a well-to-do family was ousted from London for their hand in purposefully overdosing and killing the matriarch of a rivaling family with hidden drugs. Felix and Adelinda, hired off and on for both families for just under a decade, took advantage of the ousted family and seized what belongings they left behind with considerable support, and became known as an up-and-coming resource for connections between the London merchants, nobility and the black market. It was there the siblings emerged as a small and subtle presence, naming themselves the Reverie family for to reasons: Firstly, to maintain subtlety with a highly unassuming name; and secondly, to reward themselves for achieving their goals after many years' hard work and patience, awaiting prime opportunity.

Felix and Adelinda continued their partnership, eventually bringing mates and children into the picture in very small, trusted numbers. The family remains in London today, although Felix's son Nimbus rejected the underhanded ways of his family and traveled to western shores. After a number of months struggling to survive on his own throughout the eastern through central United States, Nimbus was picked up by the nomadic Juniper Peace where he remained. His family has remained a notable presence in Juniper Peace since.

2.  Culture

2.1  Psychology

  • Inherited Behavior: The Reverie family is a short one in terms of lineage, with little opportunity yet to develop behavioral patterns aside from what has been observed from one's parents or grandparents. As a result, the patterns of even younger children can resemble their great-grandparents', as their parents observed and behaved like their parents, who observed from their parents, etc. Within a few generations—and especially with the recent introduction of Juniper Peace values—newer family members are showing more individuality, though slight.
  • Anything but Violence: Though, that isn't to say what the Reveries choose to do does not end up bloody by someone else's hand. Reveries typically maintain a certain distance from direct combat and as a result are not known for any prowess in fighting and they aren't physically built for it. They are more likely to observe weakpoints and hire or convince someone else to take care of them, or in some instances when violence is inevitable or necessary, Reveries are more likely to negotiate or seek routes in which they can preserve their own safety, such as through archery, poisons, or in one bizarre case, demolitions.
    • In the case of the Reverie branch in Juniper Peace, these members maintain this mentality but for entirely different reasons: They are peace-loving and hippie-like, and often think violence isn't the answer.
  • Talkiest of the Talkers: As mentioned by the previous bullet, Reveries aren't physically aggressive. Instead they are natural talkers, and succeed most in relevant positions and other non-violent roles: advisors, merchants, diplomats, archivists, scouts, and crafters. In the rare case a Reverie seeks to bring power and attention to themselves, they might even succeed as a politician or leader.
  • Watchers-and-Waiters: Members of the Reverie family are painfully patient, and when they want something they will watch and wait like predators to make a move during the most opportune time rather than put themselves at risk.
  • Innately Good, but not Perfect: Members of the Reverie family are generally "good" and friendly folk, and while their intentions can be self-serving and conniving, they are not cruel or inhumane, nor do they seek unnecessary punishment for someone who has not earned it.
  • Hard Workers: The Reverie family's roots began with physical labor, and members have a reputation for being good, hard workers, and will remain as such even while biding their time until opportunity strikes. They like to be dedicated to a cause, dream or ideal, and share their wealth and hard work where possible.
  • Tightly Knit: Reveries had a tendency to fold in on themselves because especially among their stronger London branch, Reveries associate little on a personal level with outside parties so as to keep their secrets and tactics safe. This does not mean incest is a thing—Reveries have higher standards—but that children only follows mateship, and mateship only follows a number of years developing a heavy level of trust.

2.2  Naming Traditions

Generations born outside the Juniper Peace strain adhere to no specific naming tradition or requirement; names of European descent (ex: Jacqueline), names pertaining to positive values (ex: Patience), and names rooting from literature or history (ex: Nimbus) have all appeared on the parents' preference. Juniper Peace parents tend towards names typical for Juniper Peace: Picturesque, almost quintissential terms often based on the child's appearance (ex: Mint's green eyes, Gust's gray coat?.

3.  Appearance

Line ancestors Felix and Adelaida Reverie were born with purebred wolf blood, but the exact contributing breeds aren't clear. Arctic Wolf appears to be a high percentage. Coyote has no presence in the family outside Orchid's litter, and the various Dog breeds around London have contributed some German Shepherd-Poodle genetics to Adelaida's side of the family, while Felix's side has remained mainly wolf. First and second generation Reverie members as a general rule take on a wolf build, with pelt colors and types varying from there.

Wolf-heavy members have a tendency to be lighter colors, with a pure-white pelt appearing four times in three generations. Felix and Adelaida themselves were more timber wolf in color; Felix's children and descendents have followed in suit with primarily wolf/timber wolf genetics. Adelaida's descendents are darker, as they have blossomed into Dog genetics; one child had the tight curls and waterproof auburn pelt of a Poodle, while their sibling appeared German Shephard in pelt with a wolven build.

Reverie eyes are generally blues and greens, but even when inheriting another color tend to take on a lighter and more pastel version: eggshell blues, mint greens, salmon reds, daffodil yellows, lilac violets; anything darker than these would be proof of a very deep genetic mixture away from the Reverie line.

4.  Influence and Influences

4.1  London, England

The Reverie family is largely independent, and its London-based members consider breeding freely counter-productive and a potential vulnerability for secrets to be lost. Though they deal with many families and faces in London their friendships and associations are largely impersonal, and they are better known as a business presence than anything else. The family was effectively born out of hard work and a lot of patience, and values these two things above all else.

4.2  'Souls

Packs & Places

  • Juniper Peace: Second-generation Nimbus Reverie escaped his London roots by traveling west and eventually ending up in the nomadic hippie pack as they wandered the central United States. He took on a mate, Phoenix, and had two daughters there, Dandelion Reverie and Orchid Reverie, both of which have had litters with members of the clan. Nimbus and his family are still alive and are considered permanent members of the traveling pack.
    • After the sudden death of leader Razekiel Lykoi in 2015 Nimbus was encouraged to take up leadership but refused it, true to Reverie tendencies; he has instead served as an advisor of sorts for his son-in-law who took up the mantle, Micah Lykoi.
    • In 2016 while abroad, Juniper-born Saffron Reverie was murdered, causing a divisive rift in the Juniper-based Reverie branch: Two Reveries remained in Nova Scotia, while two returned to the nomads.


5.  Family

5.1  First Generation

  • Adelaida Reverie x Fennex Daughtrie
    • Jamison Daughtrie
    • Jacqueline Reverie
  • Hianai Paux x Felix Reverie
    • Nimbus Reverie
    • Patience Paux

5.2  Second Generation

  • Phoenix x Nimbus Reverie
    • Dandelion Reverie
    • Orchid Reverie
  • Jacqueline Reverie x Jesse du Champs
    • Andromeda Reverie
    • Antares du Champs

5.3  Third Generation

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