Din is the daughter of Slay and Cercelee, and the littermate of Nayru and Farore (but unlike them, never returned to Dahlia de Mai). Her current whereabouts are unknown, but it is assumed she is traveling freely across North America. She drifts from place to place seeking excitement and adventure, and occasionally leaving a trail of broken hearts in her wake. She is the mother of Céleste, Laurier, Pierrat, Ardoise & Marne.


Original concept art by Miyu;
Sisters Nayru, Din, Farore

PlayerNPC of Miyu
DOB2 Jan 2010
Species87.5% Arctic Wolf
12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  2010-11
    2.   1.2  2012-13
  2.   2.  Family: Sadira

1.  History

1.1  2010-11

Din was born to mated couple Slay and Cercelee on Jan 2, 2010 alongside Nayru and Farore. Unlike her sisters, Din never returned to Dahlia de Mai, nor did she claim any other pack as her home. She stayed with her parents longer than her siblings had, but soon she too turned to a roaming lifestyle on her own. As she grew into adulthood, she exhibited an incorrigible stubbornness and a rebellious need for freedom that outweighed all other desires. She was often careless with others' feelings, having a flippant disregard for those she would leave behind without a word.

Din traveled by herself along the southeastern coastline of the United States, and fell in with the Benoît Fauchelevent dog siblings for a spell. The brothers Claude and Gringoire were both enamored with her and fought for her affections. Din enjoyed the attention, and when she went into her first heat, she secretly mated with both of them with no intention of ever choosing one over the other. (In truth, Din was most interested in their sister, Paquette.)

When the passionate brothers discovered this, they flew into a violent rage and fought each other to the death. Gringoire was killed, leaving Claude to lie about his brother's whereabouts and claim the pregnant Din as his mate. The traveler gave birth to Céleste, Laurier, and Pierrat. Claude assumed all three were biologically his own, and although Din knew otherwise, she soon grew bored of parenthood without the excitement of the brothers' romantic rivalry. She eventually drifted off again, leaving her son and daughters with scarce memories of her, and they were raised by their French relatives.

1.2  2012-13

Unburdened by responsibility, Din found a new companion to amuse her: Nivosus Moineau. They were partners in crime, wrecking havoc wherever they went, living against rules set by others and doing as they pleased, taking what they wanted. Their volatile camaraderie blossomed into a heated romance. She liked the influence she held over the younger male, and encouraged him to discard his morals and stop caring for the opinions of others. Their time together was abruptly cut short when Din recognized familiar signs — she had fallen pregnant again. Without a word, she slipped off into the night and left Nivosus crushed.

Ardoise & Marne were born that November. She could not risk being chained to one place, and she flippantly decided Niv was better off not knowing their partnership had resulted in a son and a daughter. Din decided to raise her second litter herself, mostly due to a lingering affection for Nivosus, and freely told them stories of their unwitting sire. Din never outgrew her need for freedom, and so motherhood came second to her own pursuits. As they grew older and learned to shift, Ardoise could no longer stand their chaotic lifestyle and left them.

Marne remained behind trying to use her logic and support to change Din of her trouble-making and vagabond habits. They often argued and disagreed with each other, though Marne stuck with her for more than a year. There came an incident between mother and daughter that escalated into violence, and after Marne was injured, she left Din for good. Din found herself alone again, and convinced herself that she was better off that way — she left the area and resumed her wandering, once again choosing her independence over parenthood.

Din's design

2.  Family: Sadira

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