Matchmaker 2012

In September 2012, the infamous Matchmaker? Contest was brought back and received with excitement; more than fifty 'Souls members signed up, and many of them with multiple characters!


Matchmaker is a fun contest in which two characters have a thread as if they were mates! Submitted characters are randomly matched with each other and play out one thread in the Matchmaker Contest forum as if they were romantically involved. Of course, none of this is canon. ;)

When the threads are finished, nominations are accepted from a number of categories (e.g., Best Match, Worst Match; just like the Yearbook Superlatives). Once nominations are finished, poll threads are set up so players can vote for each pair!

Winners from each category receive a heart icon , indicating which category they won in on the rollover!


Couple — Thread


  • Thorn/Isabella :: Sexiest Couple
  • Hati/Edgar :: Romeo and Juliet Couple
  • Haku/Shiloh :: Poisonous Couple
  • Charm/Deuce :: Most Likely to Kill Each Other
  • Niro/Vladislava :: Cotton Candy Couple
  • Sky/Aeron :: Still a Better Love Story than Twilight
  • Amy/Itzal :: Pair Who'd Make the Most Dysfunctional Babies
  • Tharin/Lillin :: The Couple No One Thought Would Work But it Did
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