Cercelee by Mew
Name OriginGreat grandmother’s name
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 2007
Age> 3 years
Subspecies75%Canis lupus arctos
25%Canis lupus lycaon
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth packBorn to loners

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateApril 21, 2008
SignificanceFounding leader

Clouded Tears

Joining dateMarch 28, 2008[1]

Cercelee is a member of the Sadira family and the co-founder of Dahlia de Mai. She is the mate of Slaying the Dreamer.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Early childhood
    2.   1.2  Adolescence
    3.   1.3  The Fire
    4.   1.4  Early Dahlia de Mai
    5.   1.5  Mid Dahlia de Mai
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1.  History

1.1  Early childhood

Born to a pair of loners on Jan 1 2007, Adrastos Morpheus and Lyla, Cercelee was the only female in a litter of three. Cercelee was named after her great-grandmother, and in honor of her grandmother, Ceres Sadira. Although having never met any of their namesakes all the puppies in the litter bore names similar relatives closely related to Adrastos. Her brothers Lisi and Tuki were named for Lisichka and Daituki, Cer's uncle and grandfather. For the first few months of her life, Cer's family was very closely knit and happy, living in their own little corner of the world. All this was torn away when one day Adrastos returned to the den, where Cercelee had been playing by herself. Never telling her what he had seen, Adras assured Cer that her mother and brothers were gone and they were leaving to return to his birth pack. Upon coming to Clouded Tears, Adrastos abandoned his daughter into the care of his cousin, Laruku Tears. Withdrawn and unhappy, Cercelee finally makes a friend in Colibri Haki, another abandoned pup of the Sadira clan. The two cousins quickly become best friends.

1.2  Adolescence

Exploring too far off one day, Coli and Cer run into Haku Soul, who then assumes care over the two children, preventing them from returning to Clouded Tears and raising the two like sisters. While the bond between Coli and Cer remains close, Haku runs hot and cold with the girls, alternating between overly caring and strange and distant. As they mature into adults he increasingly becomes intolerant of the pair, acting strange and hostile. At this point Colibri Haki tells Cercelee to leave, and promises that one day they will reunite. Reluctantly Cercelee abides by the wishes of her friend.

1.3  The Fire

In March of 2008 Cercelee finds her way back to Clouded Tears and is reaccepted by Laruku. Despite having lived in the pack previously Cer feels out of place and keeps to herself, withdrawn from the pack. In April, only weeks after her arrival, fire is set to the lands of Bleeding Souls and the wolves are force to evacuate. During evacuation Cercelee runs into a female by the name of Colibri Soul. Realizing this is Coli's grandmother, she decides to stick with the female, who wishes to form a pack when they gather enough members in the new lands.

1.4  Early Dahlia de Mai

Dahlia de Mai is formed by Colibri Soul and Cercelee on April 21, although during the beginning of the Dahlian war Colibri Soul leaves Dahlia de Mai. Haku Soul appears without Coli, and reluctant to lead the pack on her own, especially in times of war, Cercelee appoints Haku as her subleader. The pack endures several periods of low members before becoming stable and Cercelee adds a third leader, Cwmfen nic Graine. Mated to one of the original founding members, Slaying the Dreamer, and reunited with her cousin and friend Coli, Cercelee is now content with her new home and family.

1.5  Mid Dahlia de Mai

Cercelee adopts five de Sadira children and grows depressed as slowly they disappear. Slay and Cercelee decided to start their own family, but Haku Soul threatens the lives of the unborn children if Cercelee does not step down from ruling Dahlia de Mai. Choosing her family over her pack, Cercelee flees Dahlia de Mai with Slay, never to be seen again.

2.  Personality

Cercelee was made leader at a fairly young age, often projecting confidence and assertiveness where there was none. After leading the pack for nearly a year Cercelee's confidence and strength in leading has grown exponentially, finding it rare that she has to fake it any more. Likewise, upon arriving she would often hide her true emotions from pack members, but now after forming many close bonds she is much more open and has put pretending behind her. Cercelee does not believe in violence, despite a rare fight with Haku now and then, and will not engage in physical battle until forced. While family relations are of little concern to the female, friends and the pack are extremely important to the Rosea. Cercelee dedicated her life to Dahlia de Mai until becoming pregnant, deciding them that her family and mate were more important and left to start a life as loners.


Beaches Stars gazing Swimming Sunflowers Lightning storms

2.2  Dislikes

War Haku Liars Haku Hybrid Haku

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Please see the Sadira family for more information.

3.2  Friendship

Coli Mew Ember Savina Cwmfen Ril'o Sankor

3.3  Love Interests

Red Sol Slay

3.4  Other


4.  Appearance

Does not look like Ceres.