Catharsis de Sadira

Catharsis de Sadira

Catharsis, by Requiem
Name MeaningCatharsis: "the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions"
de Sadira: de le Poer + Sadira combined.
Date of Birth7 February 2009
Age> 1/2 year
LuperciYes (Ortus)
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai


Catharsis de Sadira was a previous member of Dahlia de Mai after she and were siblings were abandoned their by their mother. She later returned to her mother and traveled with her before settling down in Europe.

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Opinions
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1.  History

Catharsis was born fourth in a litter of five bastard puppies to Anyanka Halfrek de Sadira, preceded by Catalyst, Palindrome and Avarice, and followed by the runt of the litter, Roulette. Her father is Ryubi ne Pasar, the beta of the pack whose lands Anka lurked on the borders of. As it stood at the time that Anka's pregnancy was apparent, Ryubi warned her never to show herself near his lands again or claim him as the pups' father, lest she, and their children, be killed. Thus, Catharsis and her siblings know nothing of their father, nor will they ever, it would seem.

Anka had appeared relatively stable, teaching the children to read and speak German, something she had learnt herself from books and from a German pack she had met, until the pups eyes' began to change from the newborn blue-grey to the colours they would remain. She was relieved to see that all the pups kept usual eye colours.. until Catharsis proved this wrong, her left eye turning to the de le Poer red that Anyanka herself had. The mother, perceiving the red eyes to be the source of her madness and her own personal demons, slashed Catharsis across the eye, damaging it and sealing it shut temporarily with the dried blood and scabs.

She soon regretted her actions, and realized that she was not fit to raise her children, and had no resources to do so at any rate. When the puppies were old enough to be moved, and Anka felt that the time was right, she took them on a seemingly usual walk, herself in Optime form and the pups sleeping in her knapsack. However, she was careful not to wake them as she traveled back to 'Souls, and to Dahlia de Mai, where she left the puppies and a note near her sleeping cousin, Cercelee. Catharsis, understanding but only brokenly speaking English, did her best to communicate with Cercelee, who could not read the note left for her. Of course, it will be assumed that the pups speak German due to de le Poer influence, something that Anka was all but completely unaware of at the time that she taught her children to speak and write it.

2.  Personality

Catharsis is still young, so she's still developing, and she's still dealing with the loss of her mother. I'll update this as she develops and gets a more defined personality.

3.  Relationships

Please see the de le Poer or Sadira family page for more information.

3.1  Family

3.2  Opinions

  • Anyanka Halfrek de Sadira · Loves. Misses very much. Resents slightly. Is beginning to dislike for her abuse and abandonment.
  • Catalyst de Sadira · Love/hate. Views as fierce competition.
  • Palindrome de Sadira · Likes.
  • Avarice de Sadira · Dislikes. Thinks she uses Roulette.
  • Roulette de Sadira · Likes. Worries about.
  • Cercelee · Guardian. Likes her, but thinks she's Ceres Sadira's reincarnation, much to her confusion. Growing attached to.

3.3  Acquaintances

  • Slaying the Dreamer · Neutral. Is unsure of.
  • Firefly Sadira · Afraid of. Thinks she's a voodoo priestess.

4.  Appearance

Catharsis is a healthy female pup with a mostly black pelt. Her chest and a bit of her underbelly are white, a sharp contrast to the the dark fur on the rest of her, and the black is marred by shades of dark brown and grey. Her eyes are curious, with one the golden yellow of her grandmother, the other the crimson of both her mother and her grandfather. Her vision is worse in the red eye than the gold, due to her mother's ferocity at one of her pups receiving the mark of her father's family. She bears a scar, the only sign that anything is wrong with her eye, but her disposition seems yet unaffected by the reaction to her appearance, in any case.