Ril'o by Kiri
Name Originunknown
Date of Birth20 Dec 2006
Date of Death02 Jun 2009
Subspecies50% Canis lupus ortus
50% Canis lupus signatus ortus
Birth placeoutside soul's
Current packDahlia de Mai
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateJan 5 2009
Joining RankFilix
Most Recent RankCeriser

Ril'o Kulina is his full name, but only goes by Ril'o. He was an early member of Dahlia de Mai alongside his brother Dutch Biler'a. In June 2009, he crossed paths with the murderous Corvus Vendetta, and was killed protecting his packmates.[1]

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Early childhood
    2.   1.2  The Feud
    3.   1.3  The Journey
    4.   1.4  'Souls
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Friends
    3.   3.3  Love
    4.   3.4  Enemies
  4.   4.  Skills
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms

1.  History

1.1  Early childhood

Ril'o was born south from Soul's into a group of loners. This group consented of his mother Kasah, his father Basile,uncle Gamil,and his two siblings Dutch and Athina. Gamil was his father's brother who had a noticeable distaste for Ril'o's mother, this created conflict an intention among the family group even before their birth. The winter Ril'o and his siblings were born was rough on the family, food was short and hard to get an hardly enough for everyone. Making to 6 months the family survived the harsh winter and each other, the older they begun to grow the more Gamil took notice to Ril'o sister and how she grew. On one occasion his uncle took a sexually advance towards Athina against her will, Ril'o and his mother attack and fended Gamil away; though this was one of Ril'o's first blackouts, his young body wasn't a match for his uncle an Gamil left him injured. From this point on the group became divided. Gamil, Basile, and Dutch. Kasah, Athina, and Ril'o.

1.2  The Feud

Ever since the group split into two different alliances, things became very different nonetheless they still traveled together. Ril'o and his siblings were 1 year now, but the conflict from the division only built. There was fights among them but not as often anymore, the feud between the family only got worse. Gamil's words finally reached their father convincing him Ril'o, his sister and mother was not worth the trouble. Ril'o was much like his mother in her loving ways and stand for rights and wrong, but many fights were over stealing food, threats, shelter, and more. Athina left around that spring, not telling anyone why she decided to leave. The division was so deep they never acted like family, blood but only angry loners using each other to survive. Ril'o and Kasah were happy with each others company aside from the fighting, for several months they was content. During a hunt another wolf fought his mother over the food, Ril'o had a blackout when ever he attacked the other wolf. Unknowingly he attacked his mother as well giving her fetal wounds, that would later lead to her death. Ril'o never knew he was the cause that lead to her death, and felt devastated when she passed. Ril'o didn't stay but 2 days before leaving his 'family', he left no ties or need to be there. Deep down Ril'o believes Gamil planned the death of his mother. Moving forward he abounded the past and searching for a new home.

1.3  The Journey

After Leaving his Family Ril'o started north, traveling almost non-stop he ran. It was July at this point as he got futher north, stopping only to hunt or sleep. Days passed into weeks as winter slowly came, he slept using fires to keep warm when he was able. This lasted as he entered the south Soul's boarder, now 2 years of age he continued into souls.

1.4  'Souls

Ril'o traveled into 'Souls finding his way to the Dahlia de Mai pack border, where he encountered Cercelee(DDM's leader)and was accepted into the ranks. Shortly after he meet some members of the pack, Slay in particular whom with they ventured towards the island. During that attempt Ril’o fell through the ice damaging his skull, as a result he blacked out from the trauma and shook, Ril’o wildly attacked at Slay before Hanna came along. Hanna helped get both Slay and Ril’o to the hospital where she begun treating them. He also ran into Adelaida Koioswho was unsure with him, hoping to become friends Ril'o tries later on win her over as a friend. Ril'o attended his first pack meeting where he took the co-rank of hunter and find out his brother,Dutch had joined the pack as well.

2.  Personality

This male is very warmhearted, kind, loyal, and devoted, but beneath his playful ways is a smart and wise being. Ril’o loves company and very much companionship from others, though he has dealt with opposites of his nature. He has a strong sense of rights and wrongs, along with willingness to protect his friends and loved ones. Sadly a downfall to him is his temper. Ril’o doesn’t look forward to any kind of fights, but his temper can but pushed like any others can, though it may take longer. Because he devotes and places his heart into the protection of others, his violent side can be completely different from his character. Usually when this occurs he experiences blackouts, the nature of this side is dangerous, even though it’s fueled by his devotion and love. A example of this was before he came to souls, when his family was still together; Ril’o lost control and blacked out when a conflict arose between another wolf and his mother, not remembering a thing, he attacked the other wolf but accidentally hurt his mother as well. Ril’o is a kind and wise werewolf that’s willing to put everything on the line for somebody else.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Parents
    • Basile Kulina + Kasah Biler'a
  • Siblings+
  • Aunts/Uncles
    • Gamil Kulina

3.2  Friends

3.3  Love

  • Current mate:none
  • Current lover:none
  • Current crush:Adelaida Koios
  • Past mate:none
  • Past lover:none
  • Past crush:Cercelee

3.4  Enemies

Corvus Vendetta

4.  Skills

Ril'o learned from his father how to start fires and use this during cold times when it is needed.

5.  Appearance

Golden pelt with variety of shades, emerald green eyes.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Prefers lupus,which he most often stays in, he is not uncomfortable in any of his forms but does not shift often. Ril'o has only shifted a handful of times in his life, majority of those he doesn't remember due to his blackouts.


  • height: 30in
  • weight: 135lbs


  • height: 37in
  • weight: 180lbs
    • Coat gets slightly thicker with color remaining the same.


  • height: 7'0"
  • weight: 245lbs
    • Color becomes slightly darker down the back.