Night Thames

Night Thames

Name OriginBritish
Date of BirthSeptember 17, 2009
Age> 2 months
Subspecies100% Wolf (red wolf x ??)
Current packCour des Miracles
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateDecember 24, 2009[1]

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateNovember 24, 2009
Joining RankInfanta
Most Recent RankInfanta

Night Thames is the daughter of Svara Thames and Night Vanyer.


Svara Thames

Svara started out as a young pup daughter to Sabeen, and Drake Thames. Of course her life wasn't uncomplicated. Her mother had never wanted to have pups, Svara's father forced Sabeen wanting to tame the crazed women, and have the children he'd always wanted. Svara of course found out soon that her mother wasn't a nice women, her hatred wasn't almost sickening. The relationship between father and daughter blossomed and soon Svara was spending all her time with her father. Svara and her father had a very close relationship, closer then they should have had. (yes I mean that way) One day when Svara went back to the den to her brothers she was shocked to find their tiny bodies shredded by her mother, at least that was what her young eyes thought they saw. Her mother had ate her siblings. Drake chose this time to come back, and his rage was beyond sanity. He attacked Sabeen, but the women tricked him and ended up killing him. This left Svara alone, and she soon found her way to Dahlia De Mai, where she would find she was very much like the women who birthed her.

Svara after sometime ended up getting kicked out of Dahlia De Mai. She like Firefly Sadira had no pack. Now mated with Leroy a husky male she and the golden women dreamed of a pack of their own. It wasn't much later when Jacquez Troufuliou came ashore and was the answer to their dreams. It wasn't until after Haku Soul almost murdered Svara did the pack of Cour Des Miracles finally form, and Svara was granted the position on Constable. As second in command of the pack she took her duty seriously and did her best. It wasn't until Firefly Sadira suddenly vanished without a word did Svara decide she needed to leave, if not only a few days. She left, but wasn't so lucky when she ran into a pack of sour wolves, their intentions on her nothing short of horrible. They tortured her, but she was rescued by a small pack of wolves the leader a black male named Night.

Svara, fell in love with Night quickly. She became pregnant with his daughter. The red she wolf didn't think she could have it any better, until Night died leaving her alone and feeling completely void of hope. Three weeks later she had her daughter, who Svara named respectably after her father. Taking her sable pup to her dead Mates sister, she asked the kind she wolf to take her daughter in if only for a few days until she came back. Since the women had lost all her pups in her birth she could easily nurse the sable pup. After situating her daughter Svara went back to Cour Des Miracles where she respectfully finished all of her business and killed herself.

Night Thames

After her mothers suicide, Whisper showed up in Cour Des Miracles with the Sable pup Svara had left with her. She had sought the women out in hopes of returning Night to her rightful mother. Of course it was here that she was greeted with the news that Svara was no longer alive. This left Night with no other choice then to be raised by her aunt.


Night is one of those wolves that takes a lot to understand. She only cares for people who benefit her own health and life. Lack of emotion and feeling has caused her to become cold and hard. The inability to feel pain has made her seek the sight of her own blood and others. Death fascinates her, weather it's her own or somebody else's. Although she can hold emotions, she could never describe them to another person. She doesn't understand warmth, even when she feels it she lacks the understanding to maintain it. Since only a few things make her feel warmth she seeks out the emotion by defending others, even if she doesn't care for them she finds warmth in doing it. She does as she pleases, cold and harsh, not caring how she affects a person, good or bad. She's a darker soul.




She was a dark black, off-blue colour with a lighter underbelly, circles around her eyes and ears. She had bright blue eyes.