Roulette was born the runt in a litter of five bastard puppies to Anyanka Halfrek de Sadira, preceded by Catalyst, Palindrome, Avarice, and Catharsis. His father is Ryubi ne Pasar, the beta of the pack whose lands Anka lurked on the borders of. His grandparents are Aiji Sadira & Ahren de le Poer. He and his littermates were left in Dahlia de Mai to be raised by their Sadira relative Cercelee and her mate Slay. Most of them found their way back to their biological mother.

From a young age, Avarice and Roulette had an incestuous relationship that quickly devolved from co-dependent to abusive. Avarice, true to her name, found no greater pleasure than the thrill of finding new ways to torment her brother, who was ever-desperate for her approval and affection. In late 2010, Avarice conceived, in what was later postulated by family to be a coerced sexual liaison. In the spring of 2011, she gave birth to two healthy pups, a male and a female. The male, she called Rogue de Sadira?; the female, Taika de Sadira?. She raised them lovingly, with all of the careful attention and affection that she denied Roulette.

While they were young, Rogue and Taika believed Roulette deserving of the abuse afforded him by their mother. However, as the children grew, so did their awareness grow, and sides were taken. Roulette took his daughter in the night and ran, covering ground quickly to New Brunswick, where they settled. Taika found her father damaged and lost without the guidance and structure of Avarice, however harsh it had been. Together, they navigated the path to independence. In time, Roulette found a mate, a male whose dominance was not tainted by cruelty. Taika was not close to him, but appreciated his efforts for love of her father, and left them in peace to find a place in the world for herself.