Dreyrugr Stormbringer

Dreyrugr Stormbringer is a previous member of Vinátta and Dahlia de Mai. He is an esteemed warrior of the Stormbringer persuasion, which frequently calls him back to his birthplace, the Solbjorg Valley. Through a forbidden union with a Dawnrunner, Dreyrugr is father to Gideon, Ascher, Saul, and Shiloh, and grandfather to many.

Dreyrugr Stormbringer

Dreyrugr, by Kiri
Name Meaningbloodstained
Date of Birth15 March 2006
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Joining date12 November 2012 [1]
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Dahlia de Mai

Joining date22 July 2010 [2]
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Dahlia de Mai

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1.  History

It seemed that the Stormbringer line at one time had been destined for extinction. The only two remaining members, twins named Ravyn and Crow, were the sole survivors of a terrible plague that had struck their pack without warning. In the fit of terror, the sister had abandoned her frailer brother as their mother lay twitching in her death-throes, but fate and fortune would prove the twins to be far more hardy and lucky than they'd ever dreamed. Both survived their childhood with the help of fate, even surviving a near-fatal reunion that had pitted the two at each other's throat. The twins managed after a time to reconcile with the help of Ravyn's headstrong daughter Rain, and the two had parted ways to establish their futures. Ravyn accompanied her beloved mate, Freak Oriel, back to his homeland, and in the course of Crow's travels he finally met a woman named Surind who could fit with his nature and complete his existence. Each sired many children with their respective mates, many of them possessed of their line's adventurous nature and seeking their own destinies in faraway lands when they'd come of age.

Dreyrugr, grandson of Crow, was one of those strongwilled children. On the occasional reunion of the matriarch and patriarch of the Stormbringer lines, the twins would touch upon the dark times in their lives only briefly, and always with a warning about something they referred to as "The Darkness" in the Stormbringer bloodline. Family history, which had developed among them into something akin to mythology, alluded that the line was descended from the great Fenris himself, and that as a result they all carried a hint of personality as dark as their most common fur color, and a mind that could sometimes teeter on the cliffs of insanity. Ravyn and Crow both knew what it was like to give into that paranoia and bloodlust, and they made it very clear to their brood that it was a highly unpleasant existence. Crow's line, in particular, had a very detailed demonstration for themselves when he'd snapped one night, killing Drey's father in a murderous rage when he discovered his sadistic abuse of Draneia, Drey's mother and Crow's beloved and gentle daughter.

The first few seasons of Dreyrugr's life were somewhat uneventful. There was tension throughout the years, however, as the Stormbringers' arch rivals the Dawnrunners were an ever-present danger. Shortly after the departure of his youngest sister Kol, that danger erupted into a firestorm with a surprise ambush that reignited the ancient war between the two bloodlines. The Dawnrunners attacked in the dead of night, with both sides suffering casualties.

The conflict continued for months, both sides calling for aid from extended family and allies, with the end result being an uneasy truce once again. Many of the Stormbringers' friends and relatives have remained in the Valley for the time being, just on the off chance that the fire could erupt yet again.

Drey's youngest sister, however, chose not to remain and instead returned to the lands of Souls where she'd decided to make her life. Intrigued, and more comfortable knowing that there were plenty of able-bodied family members to protect the pack, the russet male set off in his sister's footsteps, wondering just what was so great about where she'd been. Here, he met Alexey Koios, the woman he still deems his soulmate, though he lost her due to nothing but his own choices.

Never quite establishing Souls as his home, he nonetheless returned there upon the death of his second mate, Abigail Dawnrunner. Knowing he would make a horrible single father, he left his four children from this union in the capable hands of his little sister Bris, then returned to Solbjorg to help deal with the conflict deepening there.

After many years of constant battles, political intrigue, and espionage, Dreyrugr has caught wind of a Dawnrunner strategy to snuff out the Stormbringer bloodline outside of Solbjorg, beginning with the firmly rooted branches in the land of Souls. Fearing for his children's safety and that of all Souls, Drey has defied his alpha brother and abandoned his post in Solbjorg to protect the broken family he deserted so long ago.

2.  Personality

To say that Drey is rough around the edges is an understatement. This Stormbringer tends to be brash, aggressive, grumpy, stubborn, and solitary. He is, however, devoted to the protection of everything he loves, as confusing as his love can be. He achieves this goal however he can, never hesitating to resort to methods deemed cruel and unusual if necessary. He holds no hint of empathy for those he's determined to have wronged his loved ones in any way, and has a hard time relating to most "normal" people.

Despite his faults and shortcomings, such as his laughable failure at being a father, Dreyrugr holds those he respects and loves far higher than himself, and would give his life in a heartbeat if it ensured their safety. He is abysmal at showing his affection, and it takes a very stubborn individual to get through his walls. His mind is not a very happy place, but he never pretends to be what he is not.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Stormbringer

4.  Appearance

Drey by Autie

Fur: Russet redbrown

Eyes: Emerald

Dreyrugr takes after his Grandfather Crow in body type, though not coloration. His form is large and bulky, crafted for brute strength and little speed. His pelt is of uncommon color amongst the Stormbringers, being of a deep, rich brown highlighted with bloody crimson. His very appearance gave him his name, which means "bloodstained" in their native tongue. He bears the typical wolf saddle on his neck and withers, being of a peppered black over his base color. His bright eyes are another oddity among his bloodline, as they are a sharp, piercing emerald green. He commonly wears several silver earrings: in his left ear is a large vertical barbel, in his right ear are three simple silver studs of different sizes, decreasing in size as they go up his outer lobe.

Drey's optime form is just as large and hulking as his wolf form. His thick mane starts out as his base color at its roots, gradually fading into the peppered black of his saddle marking by its ends, and usually has many braids and silver trinkets strung throughout, along with a single large eagle feather. He also retains his earrings.

4.1  Distinguishing Mark

Vertical scar extending from above his right brow to below his right jawbone, second scar beginning under his left jaw and extending diagonally across his neck and chest ending several inches below his collarbone, several notches missing from outside edge of his right ear