Vark Granel

Vark Granel

Vark Granel, by Vlad?
Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of Birth11th February 2009
Age1 year
Subspecies0% Canis species subspecies ortus
50% Canis species subspecies ortus
Birth place
Current pack

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining date31-January 10
RankGazon, Filix



Having being born into a wandering family, who lived of the land and fended for them selves, Vark grew in a world were he needed to be constantly alert and active. He was born to two nomad Luperci, and was their only child. His parents rarely changed out of Lupus form, and Vark has never achieved any other form. When Vark was about 10 months old, two rogue coyotes found the little families establishment, and attacked and killed Varks father. He and his mother fled for the Dahlia de Mai border, in the hope that they would be protected. In the month long pursuit, they were continuously circling and backtracking, trying to rid themselves from their predators. Finally, a couple of days away from the border, the coyotes trapped Vark and his mother. His mother had turned into Secui form during there retreat, and attacked the enemy with wild abondon. She yelled at Vark to continue towards the border. One of the coyotes trapped him, and the four of them fought. Lightening struck a tree nearby, and it burst into flames. The coyotes suddenly both fell upon Varks mother, killing her. One then picked Vark up and threw him into the flames of the fire. Burning branches gouged at him, and one racked his eyes. Vark fell down a hidden cliff, and the coyotes believed him dead. Vark discovered that the burning branches had permanently effected his eye sight. He continued on towards Dahlia de Mai, not knowing what else to do, and carrying with him a loathing for all coyotes.


Vark is polite, respectful, and fiercely loyal, though can be known to act on emotion and be a bit hot headed at times. He always wants to please his elder, and wants very much to be as useful as possible. Though he is small, Vark is quick, and very good at using his opponents weight against them. Vark is partially blind, though, and relies entirely on his senses of touch, hearing and smell. Vark's nose and hearing is very sensitive, and it became apparent at a very early age that he was an excellent tracker. He is also excellent at being very stealthy, being slightly more aware of the sounds around him than others may be. Vark is scared of spiders and other small insects, due to the soft scuttling noises they make as the move around. Vark can be violent if he is angry, but is compassionate and eager to please and to have fun most of the time.



  • Gabra Granel (NPC; Mother; Deceased)
  • Hark Granel (NPC; Father; Deceased)


Vark has a dark, mottled, brown coat that covers the majority of his body. The fur is lighter at the tip of his muzzle, and that lighter fur runs up over his head between his ears and covers the scruff of his neck. The fur on his paws is black, and as it goes further up his leg, it gets more brown and eventually blends in with the rest of his fur. His eyes are extremely light green, and milky and opaque in appearance.

Vark is small for his age, in both size and build, and has not yet been able to shift form, and resides in Lupus form all the time. He is still a puppy, though has grown a bit. His paws are still a little to big for him, and his ears look a little big.

Vark is about 40 inches long, and about 22 inches to his shoulder. Vark has a gangly but confident and steady gait. He looks stout though, not have very long legs. There are little scars around his eyes, as though they hard been gouged at with a burning stick.

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