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Pronouns: They/Them
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Hello There!
We're the Hydra Triangle system! We've been an off and on member/lurker of 'Souls for an age now; and will probably continue to pop in and out for as long as 'Souls is running! We live with Viktory System, our spouse, and are currently roommates with Forest Family and Scott (we jokingly call our housing the 'Souls commune). We make art in our spare time as well (check out our commission info on our neocities). When we're not doing that or posting, we're most likely playing vidja games. If you'd like to know more about plurality, click here. Feel free to message me; my inbox is always open!

Role-Playing Information

  • Current Reply Speed: Slow

I generally reply within 1-2 weeks, but refer to my current reply speed to see roughly when my replies will fall. Fast speed means generally just a few days to a week, Moderate means about a week or so, and Slow means usually 2+ weeks, and I may ask you to put threads on DND if you ask me for them. I write in a free-form, character-driven style and my main priority with threading is character interaction and developing character relationships (and developing characters in general).


  • Post Length:

I prefer shorter posts, within the 200-500wc range. I do not mind longer posts, especially in particularly dramatic scenes, although please don't expect me to match your word count every time. I write until I feel a post is 'done', I do not like to add fluff or padding unnecessarily. Because I prefer and prioritize character interaction, I feel short posts help that happen on a more frequent basis.

  • OOC Endings/Gravedigging:

I heavily prefer OOC assumption or endings over grave-digging, but grave-digging can still be done on a case by case basis, especially if all players would like to continue the thread and still have muse for it. I understand RL gets in the way sometimes and threads die prematurely because of it, so please don't be afraid to shoot me a message if you really would like to finish a thread that has been archived.

  • Mature Themes:

I am okay with all mature content that is not sexual. So violence, disturbing content, dark themes, IC bigotry, etc. - these are all okay with me. If anything sexual things do happen between characters, I prefer it be a fade-to-black, and I do not particularly like to role-play a lot of 'lead up' to that fade-to-black either. What I am okay with is characters discussing sex candidly, especially if the tone is neutral and not flirtatious.

  • LASKY:

I will take LASKY requests on a case-by-case basis. I am more likely to accept canon or test-drive LASKY threads over non-canon. For example, if you just need someone to test out a character concept with, I'm more than happy to help. However, I do not like to use LASKY for AUs / RPs that are totally detached from the 'Souls universe. I like do those RPs over e-mail instead!

  • Poking:

Please poke me. No, seriously. I have a host of memory issues that cause me to frequently forget threads, especially if they are not in my thread log. If a thread is about to die, shoot me a message. Chances are I plum forgot about it. Thank you for your patience!


Active Characters

by Despi

Willow Martel

Los Linternas of Del Cenere Gang
  • Open for Threads

Willow Martel is your local chronic workaholic sharpshooter. He's made a name for himself despite being under two years of age. Friendly and sociable, he is open to networking however he can be paranoid and mistrustful of others at the same time. He puts on a brave, tough exterior but inside is secretly rather soft and vulnerable. He lives in Irving at his residence: The Dark Arrow.

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by Hydra Triangle

Innokentiy Prizmov

The Arbiter of Salsola
  • Closed for Threads

A new mother of four, Innokentiy is one of Salsola's many odd personalities. They are of a particular nature, making them an excellent craftsman and merchant. They are as snake-like as Salsolans can come, though Innokentiy sits somewhere in the morally grey territory. They are mostly out for their own benefit but kind actions aren't few and far between, either. Though they conceal their identity to Outsiders at times, they are open to making connections outside of the pack.

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by Hydra Triangle

Sundew Eternity

The Family of Salsola
  • Open for Threads

Strong and carefree, Sundew is the third child of Azalea Eternity and Casimir Soul, although her true biological father is elsewhere and unknown to her. She is a dependable youth but still chaotic as she tries to form her personality. She asks a lot of questions and is eager to begin budding into an adult now that she has shifted in the month of December 2022.

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by Viktory System


Event Host of Camp Eclipse
  • Open for Threads

Ida comes from a troubled past. They are an ex-Salsolan, at first a servant then a serf then a deserter. This identity is unknown to their new friends. They are trying to rebuild both their mind and heal their soul from the time they spend, as they think, 'wasting away' in the Thistle Kingdom. Their talents lie in animal care and entertainment. After the disbandment of New Caledonia, Ida helped form a loner band called Camp Eclipse.

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