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    2.   1.2  General Stock Images
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1.  Images

1.1  Canine & Wildlife Images

Make sure you abide by photographers' terms of use. Double check to see that they allow the use of their images for roleplaying! Credit your photographers if they require it.dawn

1.2  General Stock Images

Public Domain

In the case of public domain images, you can use them however you'd like with no restrictions. The copyright has expired or the image was released into the public domain via Creative Commons or other licensing means.

Free License

In the case of "free" images, you often have to abide by the photographers' terms, like attribution -- which is usually just a simple link back. Make sure you abide by the terms if you use an image! Credit your photographers!

Pay Sites

Note that these images are NOT free; you must pay to use them.

1.3  Art


Unlike most art you find on the internet, this is stuff that people have posted for completely free use! If you can color, you can color these! REMEMBER, only art that is expressly posted for free use and alteration can be used in this manner! Double check the items' description to make sure the artist really is okay with you using the art! If you're really not sure, ask first. If there's a lineart or feature an artist has produced that is oft-used at 'Souls or seems particularly popular, it has been pointed out from their regular lineart gallery.

Character Creators/Generators

deviantART Groups

deviantART provides the "groups" feature which is neat and provides for various collections to be shared. While you must be a member of deviantART to participate, there are some rather useful places for roleplayers, and wolf roleplayers specifically.


Please note that these sites showcase personal art. Be sure to get permission from the artist before using art for anything! Some artists allow roleplayers to use their art as character play-bys; other artists do not permit such usage. If you're not sure, err on the cautious side -- REMEMBER: art theft can result in a ban from 'Souls!

Drawing Tutorials

  • Tutorial masterpost containing a variety of how-to guides for drawing canines, felines, humans, etc. Well worth a browse!

2.  Design Resources

2.1  Image Editing Tutorials

2.2  Fonts & Typography

2.3  Generators

2.4  Colors

2.5  Image Hosting

2.6  Image Editors

  • '''TINYPNG: RIDICULOUSLY GOOD PNG compression; presesrves transparency. Squash your PNGs down to a tiny size! ♥
  • GIMP
  • GIMPshop -- GIMP modded to look like Adobe Photoshop
  • ArtRage
  • Ezimba -- Powerful online image editing/conversion tool
  • Inkscape
  • Paint.NET

2.7  Coding

2.8  Filetype Converters

  • Converthub - converts image file types, also to and from .gif and .ico, easy!