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Tansy is presently a Greenhorn in Krokar. He was born in Mer Bleue alongside three siblings to Summer Moineau and Blackhaw Briar. When Tansy and his siblings were two months old, an illness struck the small family; their mother Summer fell ill and died, and their sister Bluebird passed away soon after. His remaining, more dominant siblings—Pinedrop and Blackbird—became Tansy's childhood bullies. This escalated significantly after they dispersed from their birth pack at seven months old, with submissive Tansy becoming both his siblings' punching bag and their bargaining chip.

After becoming adults, Tansy and his siblings frequently separated for brief periods of time and subsequently bumped back into each other; Tansy relished the time he spent on his own, but was unable to remain that way for long. After breaking away from his siblings for a few months in mid-2013, Tansy was forcibly turned into a Luperci. His first shift resulted in a panic attack and led to him barely shifting for over a year, though he began to get over his fear and revulsion upon cutting ties with his siblings and finally, pointedly setting off on his own. He bounced between small groups of loners and the occasional Luperci settlement—with a brief stop in 'Souls to join Midnight Shores for a couple of months in early 2015—before arriving in Nova Scotia in June, 2016. Tansy then joined Krokar in July.






  • Date of Birth: 21 June 2010
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Verto
  • Residence: Fiskebyn, Krokar
  • Mate: None.
  • Pack: Krokar (30 June 2016)
  • Rank: Greenhorn (30 June 2016)
  • cNPC: N/A
  • yNPC: N/A
  • Minor NPCs: N/A



  • None at the moment, sorry!

Krokar members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • A'somethin'
  • Butts

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Tansy looks like a lanky, long-legged, but otherwise average wolf.
  • Fur: His fur is long and messy. It's frequently damp and constantly mussed.
    • Optime Hair: Tansy's hair in optime form is short and haphazardly cut; he takes a knife to it whenever it falls past his ears. Sometimes he slicks it back with water, but it rarely stays put.
  • Facial Features: Tansy has a slender, angular face that is still undeniably a wolf's. His ears are large for his proportions, but rounded and very fuzzy.
  • Build and Size: Tansy is a tall and spindly male with lean muscle hiding underneath his fur. His frame is narrow and he slouches, which betrays his strength and full height.
    • Lupus: Lanky, long-legged, and very wolfy. Tansy's fur is long and mussed, especially on his tail; if he doesn't keep it washed and taken care of, it mats easily.
    • Secui: Tansy does not carry the average bulk one would expect of a wolf in his halfling form. Instead, he remains thin and long-legged, almost as if you'd stretched him out while he shifted. His fur appears longer in this form, though only his mane grows considerably thicker. The rest of his fur is just messier and more unkempt, often mussed by the wind and a healthy amount of dirt.
    • Optime: Spindly, narrow, and tall. His lean muscle is most obvious in this form, though his fur remains determined to hide it.
  • Humanization: Tansy wears clothes, such as his ski jacket, and remains in his two-legged form to use tools; he greatly appreciates his opposable thumbs. Despite this, he's not very humanized and doesn't like to think about humanity; avoiding its remnants helps with this. He slouches a lot and carries his weight in a more feral manner than other, more humanized Luperci.


  • Eyes: My Sin
  • Fur: Tansy is a base Zeus with Saddle accents and Porcelain where his fur lightens from age.
  • Markings:
    • Tansy's coat is streaked with Saddle, especially on his back, sides, and legs.
    • His paws, chest, and the underside of his muzzle are Porcelain.
    • Small streaks of Porcelain are strewn across Tansy's face, legs, and tail.
  • Optime Hair: Zeus with Saddle streaks.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Zeus


Zeus (#1C1814)
Saddle (#493026)
Porcelain (#E2E0DE)
My Sin (#FFBB1E)

By Despi!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • A large number of small scars hidden by his fur.
    • Teeth marks just under the left side of his rib cage that are hidden by his fur at rest, but can be seen when he moves.
    • Teeth marks on upper and lower back that are hidden by his fur.
    • Claw marks on upper and lower back that are hidden by his fur.


Tansy wears his jacket and carries his bag with him when convenient, but is rarely seen on two legs without his belt and knife.


  • An ill-fitting, raggedy ski jacket with many pockets.


  • Leather belt with an attached knife sheath.
  • Luperci-made, flintknapped obsidian knife
  • Large, leather bag with a drawstring.


82 lbs (36 kg)
31 in (79 cm)


He vastly prefers this form over his others, deriving comfort from its familiarity. Unfortunately, he doesn't use it for much beside hunting and sleeping.

147 lbs (67 kg)
42 in (107 cm)


His halfling form is used for hunting large game and for sleeping during the colder months. He finds it unwieldy for anything else.

240 lbs (109 kg)
6ft 7in (80 in / 203 cm)

Optime (Preferred)*

He uses his two-legged form as a confidence boost and to complete tasks that require opposable thumbs.

  • Tansy is seen most frequently in his Optime form, but is most comfortable in his Lupus form.


  • Speech: He sounds like an awkward, middle-aged Ryan Gosling.
  • Scent: Wet fur, Krokar, grass
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Fidgets when nervous, runs his hands through his hair, puts his hands on his hips, frequently adjusts clothing, and makes small gestures in conversation.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Prefers to slouch, experiences mild back pain when standing up straight, places weight more on upper legs than feet, has submissive body language, hunches over more when stressed or upset.


2.  Personality

Tansy is a boy named Tansy—and so the course of his life is set. He is a submissive individual bullied by his siblings and expecting nothing less from everyone else. Shifty eyes hide a sharply intelligent and frequently angry mind. The unlucky folks who found themselves around Tansy and his siblings often wondered how Tansy hadn't snapped and murdered everyone who'd ever wronged him yet; for a long time, Tansy wondered that himself. After managing to break away from his siblings for more than a few months at a time, he has evened out in personality. Tansy still hides a frightening temper, but he's spent a lot of time learning how to cool it instead of bottling it up.

The past year and a half on his own has done wonders for the older male; since finding his footing on two legs, he's practically found his confidence. That isn't to say Tansy's two-legged form doesn't still confound and frighten him from time to time, but he's gotten much better at hiding it. Hiding his other fears is something he's still working on. While Tansy isn't exactly an open book, he's prone to anxiety, paranoia, and a few odd phobias.

Tansy can be skittish, jumpy, slow to trust, and often expects the worst from those around him. It's what Tansy was taught growing up, though he's started to learn otherwise. Unfortunately, he frequently follows in his sibling's manipulative, toxic footsteps anyway. If he's treated poorly or things don't go his way, Tansy will stoop to the same kind of emotional abuse and controlling behavior that was imposed on him. Whether it's harsh criticism, cruel insults, possessive behavior, or outright guilt-tripping, Tansy will resort to it if he feels insecure and bullied. He can recognize this behavior in himself more than he can in others, which leads to a lot of self-doubt and guilt at his potential for toxic behavior.

Tansy strongly believes in his ability to be a better person than his siblings are. Because of this, Tansy is a man of many, many apologies. Good, sincere ones, too. As quick as Tansy is to cause harm, he's just as quick to try to right his wrongs. In fact, he's often too quick to apologize; he won't fully grasp why he's apologizing and doesn't always learn his lesson because of it. However, if you can get him to recognize his mistakes and own up to them, Tansy is a quick learner. While he isn't very good at putting himself in the place of others—and it can be difficult for him to understand what he did wrong—he tries his hardest to be a decent person. He may never be a good person in his mind, but he can strive to be a tolerable person.

It's hard for Tansy to get close to people, but he's always there with an awkward shoulder pat or a bad joke for his friends. Tansy doesn't really get how friendship is supposed to work beyond "be loyal" and "don't be a dick." Despite this, Tansy is fiercely loyal and accepting. He tries his hardest not to judge others' lifestyles, even if he doesn't understand them himself; if it's not hurting anyone, he's supportive. Tansy also strongly believes in giving back to those that have helped you in the past. He'll quickly sour toward anyone who shirks a debt, does less than their fair share, or doesn't contribute at all. This includes not contributing to the well-being of one's family, pack, or traveling companions. Despite this, Tansy understands the importance of putting one's health and safety first; he respects the strength it takes to do the right thing for yourself, even if it's difficult for others to understand.

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Pessimist/Realist
  • Sociability: Introverted. Enjoys social interaction on his own terms and vastly prefers the company of close friends to acquaintances or strangers.
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Alignment: True Neutral


  • Krokar: Tansy wants to make Krokar proud and be a respected member of the pack.


  • Depths and Deep Water: Tansy has bathyophobia and becomes very uncomfortable if he's in water that he can't comfortably stand up in.
  • Being Touched: Tansy's chiraptophobia makes it difficult for him to initiate touch with others and nearly impossible for him to be comfortably touched. The most he can manage is a handshake or an awkward shoulder pat—and only on his terms—or he'll panic.
  • Being Punished: Tansy has poinephobia and fears punishment when he makes mistakes. Small mistakes that are quickly forgiven cause him a low level of anxiety, whereas large mistakes that upset or anger others can make him cry and dissociate. He fears social punishment, e.g. loss of privileges, loss of rank, or loss of friendships; emotional punishment e.g. having to do something he fears, having to do something humiliating, or having to do something that hurts others; and physical punishment, e.g. being forced to do unpleasant tasks, being injured, or being withheld food.


  • Packs: He is uncomfortable with Salsola's forced secrecy and doesn't want to interact with them.
  • Species: Tansy has no species prejudice.
  • Non-Luperci: As a Luperci Verto, Tansy has a soft spot for non-Luperci and gets along well with them. Having been turned into a Luperci by force, Tansy is a staunch believer that Luperci supremacists need to mind their own business and leave non-Luperci alone.
  • Sexuality: He doesn't understand polyamorous behavior or polygamous mateships, but tries to be accepting.
  • Age: Tansy is wary around kids due to them being noisy and touchy.


Tansy is biromantic and gray-asexual. He rarely experiences sexual attraction and is sex-averse. Tansy has no gender-based preferences, though he prefers wolves and wolf hybrids over other canines. He finds chubbiness attractive and is more likely to pursue a relationship with someone whose behavior is equally dominant and submissive.


  • Likes: Hunting, exploring, Krokar, non-Luperci, personal space, peace and quiet, sleeping in
  • Dislikes: Swimming, Salsola, Luperci supremacists, being touched, excessive dominance, loud noises, making mistakes


Having engaged in a fair amount of recreational drinking and occasional marijuana use, he can say with certainty that he doesn't care for any of it. It hinders his usual alertness and makes him feel vulnerable. Tansy also has vague memories of a very bad experience while under the influence, but he tries not to think about it.


Tansy is agnostic and neither believes nor disbelieves in gods or the supernatural.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Moineau

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Cinareae Eternity is a woman from Salsola who Tansy befriended while he was still a loner, though she used an alias and spent their first two encounters lying to him. After revealing who she really is and apologizing for deceiving him, Tansy is unsure of what to think or how to proceed, especially since they've both made it clear their loyalties lie with their packs. He's hurt, he's uncomfortable, and he's beginning to wish he'd never met her. Tansy also said some really hurtful, mean things to her. To further complicate matters, he had a brief crush on her that he doesn't know how to feel about since their falling out.
  • Eliza Cormier greeted Tansy at Krokar's border and convinced him to join. She is the key factor in him joining the fishing pack and he considers her a tentative friend. He likes to see her happy and enjoys watching her go about her duties within Krokar. Tansy strives to contribute to the pack as much as she does.

Positive Relations

  • Semini told him about Krokar and set him on the path to joining. He thinks she's aesthetically pleasing and kind, though he isn't attracted to her. Tansy lives next-door to her in Fiskebyn.
  • Shikoba Whiplash helped Tansy hunt some large game that kept him well-fed for several days. He thinks Shikoba is intelligent and funny, despite the coymutt's teasing species prejudice. Tansy has no idea where the other male is since their first and only meeting, but he hopes they'll run into each other again some day.

Neutral / Negative

  • Pinedrop Moineau is Tansy's brother and a massive bully. He's a patronizing jerk and Tansy blames him for a lot of his emotional problems and self-esteem issues. He's incapable of forgiving his brother for manipulating and abusing him.
  • Blackbird Moineau is Tansy's sister and also a big bully. She's more open about her cruelty than Pinedrop and has done just as much, if not more, harm to Tansy because of it. Tansy has very faint, very early childhood memories of her being a decent sister; regardless, her only saving grace in the end is that he's had to deal with her less than he's had to deal with Pinedrop. He's incapable of forgiving his sister for manipulating and abusing him.

Minor Relations

  • Sex: None (ew).
  • Friendly: Krokar
  • Enemies: None.
  • Murders: None.

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Tansy has lived on his own for a long time and has become very talented at keeping himself alive and well-oriented.
  • Hunting (Small Prey) (Master): Tansy is very talented at tracking and catching small, fast-moving prey such as rabbits, weasels, mice, and ground-dwelling birds.
  • Hunting (Large Prey) (Apprentice): Tansy can hunt deer in his halfling form with a low to average rate of success. He relies more on luck than skill and requires assistance to take down larger prey.
  • Navigation (Journeyman): Simple navigational skills come naturally to Tansy after being a loner for so long. Once he has the lay of the land in an area, he can orient himself based on landmarks quickly and efficiently. He navigates by the topography of an area as much as he does by scent and sight.
  • Tansy is very bad at hunting on two legs and has minimal success in his halfling form. He is only skilled at hunting a specific group of prey—small animals that he considers easily tracked—and needs assistance to successfully hunt larger prey.
  • If a common landmark disappears, is moved, or the scent of an area changes, Tansy is flying blind unless he can find another way to recognize his surroundings.


  • Education and Learning: Through trial, error, and minimal training, Tansy can defend himself in his various forms with varying levels of proficiency.
  • Combat (Feral) (Journeyman): Tansy has gotten into his fair share of scraps as a loner and can hold his own against similarly-sized, four-legged opponents. He's not afraid to fight dirty or cause grievous wounds to protect himself.
  • Combat (Optime) (Dabbler): Out of necessity, Tansy can become a flurry of teeth and claws in his two-legged form. He feels very vulnerable fighting on two legs and will aim to maim his opponents, if necessary, to end a fight as quickly as possible. He has very basic knowledge on how to wield a knife as a weapon.
  • Tansy has trouble telling when a fight has been won and can severely injure, cripple, or even kill another canine without meaning to. His scraps as a loner don't have any known casualties, but he fears that someone has died because of him regardless.
  • Outside of his four-legged forms, Tansy is practically useless at fighting. It's clear that his violent, jerky fighting style is derived from panicked desperation; while fighting like this, he can be more of a danger to himself than to others.


  • Education and Learning: Whether out of necessity or on a whim, Tansy has a myriad of other skills that he's gained on his travels.
  • Skinning (Dabbler): Tansy has basic knowledge on how to skin a carcass and clean its pelt. His work is clumsy, but he's capable of producing a mostly intact pelt. He's more skilled with small game than large game.
  • Livestock Care (Apprentice): Knows the basics of taking care of chickens, goats, and very stubborn donkeys.
  • Sewing (Apprentice): Tansy can sew up small holes in cloth with thread and larger holes with patches. He can also mend small tears in seams.
  • Reading (Apprentice): Despite being unable to write, Tansy has learned how to read; only large, uncommon words and technical terms are likely to confuse him.
  • Spying (Journeyman): If Tansy can avoid being seen, which he's very good at, he's a talented spy. He has a long history of being unassuming and lurking in the shadows, albeit more for safety than subterfuge.
  • Prone to nicking his fingers and tearing holes in pelts, Tansy is best left to hunting game or butchering an already skinned carcass.
  • Tansy's sewing isn't the cleanest, prettiest, or least wasteful. He often uses more thread or a larger patch than is needed to get the job done.
  • If distracted, his reading skills become significantly hampered. He's not capable of multitasking when reading and has difficulty reading aloud.
  • If caught spying or sneaking around, Tansy is an awful liar and is practically incapable of convincing anyone he's supposed to be there.

4.2  Inventory


Fiskebyn, Krokar

Tansy lives in a Luperci-made hut in Fiskebyn. South-facing house contains two rooms and is vaguely T-shaped. The first room is large and spacious with two windows on the east-facing wall; the front door and both windows are covered by two layers of pelts. The second room is smaller and has a narrow, uncovered window on its west wall. There are two deer pelts under the window that act as a makeshift bed.


  • Offering: Stuff.
  • Accepting: Things.

5.  History

Before ‘Souls

Tansy and three siblings were born to Summer Moineau and mate Blackhaw Brier in the summer of 2010. Born in the wake of a winter famine, the puppies were nonetheless doted on and given the best start in life the little family pack could. Among their babysitters were aunt Wren and yearling cousins Jérôme and Finch Moineau, who played with and provided for the youngsters.

An illness struck in September of that year when the pups were only two months old. Their mother Summer fell ill and died, and the smallest pup, Bluebird, soon joined her. Wren and her two offspring departed to avoid the sickness. Blackhaw was left to raise the children as their sole parent, though his twin nephews (Flax and Feverfew) helped him.

The children grew and developed. Pinedrop established dominance over his siblings, though Blackbird chased him off a time or two, claiming a sort of high position in the hierarchy as the pack's only female. Submissive Tansy was left to be the omega.

They learned to hunt, to fight, and when they reached seven months were chased out of the pack—a natural phenomenon without malice. Flax and Feverfew had found mates and wanted room to raise their own families, with Blackhaw as the pack's elder. Banding together, the trio struck out to find new lives.

From there, Pinedrop, Tansy, and Blackbird became adults and separated to have their own misadventures, though they often bumped back into each other on their travels. Over three years of travel brought them to Nova Scotia.

Tansy briefly joined up with Midnight Shores, but for reasons unknown departed the pack.

A couple months after departing Midnight Shores, Tansy left Nova Scotia and joined a group of wolfish loners that were heading south. This band of outsiders and misfits were generally quiet and kept to themselves, though he made a few close friends while in their midst. Many hadn't been born as shifters and as such, enjoyed a reasonably feral lifestyle just like Tansy. They helped keep Tansy fed and protected as the group ambled down the east coast, at which point Tansy really found his legs; while he still preferred his four-legged form, he found that standing tall had its advantages. It also had its disadvantages, such as an increased level of anxiety as Tansy relearned how to complete simple tasks. He could still do everything he could before; hell, he had a whole new world at his brand new fingertips. He just wasn't very good at them, becoming clumsier than usual.

Tansy's closest friends in the group, an older male named Jay and his non-binary mate Dandelion, were a blessing to Tansy during this time. Despite a literal fear of being touched, he used his newfound confidence to slowly and carefully work through his anxieties with the couple. Gentle touches progressed to petting, then petting progressed to loose hugs, and ultimately Tansy found himself cuddled between the pair most nights. While he still startled when he was touched, he relished in the comfort he derived from them. They were like the good siblings Tansy had never had. Ultimately, Tansy learned how to be a goodish sibling as well. It only took nearly losing the couple several times over for Tansy to get his act semi-together.

Unfortunately, happiness was fleeting for Tansy. Over time, his band of loners began to dissolve. Some left in search of family, others in search of fortune, and even more left without explanation. The group, while protective of its own, didn't have close ties or common goals to keep them together for long. That they'd lasted the few months they had was practically a miracle. In the end, Jay and Dandelion were two of the last to leave. They wanted to find a pack, settle down, and have kids. Despite being given the chance to go with them, Tansy declined their offer. He couldn't understand why they'd want him in their life any longer than necessary. In turn, they didn't understand why he refused. They parted on amicable, but awkward terms. Once again, Tansy was alone.

Decidedly lonely and without a support system, Tansy fell in and out of various crowds of Luperci for another couple months. He joined no packs, made no lasting ties, and ultimately found himself lost in the wilds of Virginia with winter rapidly approaching. It only took Tansy a few more weeks to get caught smack dab in the middle of a blizzard. To his credit, he'd been wandering around the edges of a small settlement for the past few days. It wasn't too difficult to find his way to someone's doorstep, even with the wind whipping his ears and stinging his eyes. He just wasn't expecting to find Dale. The mutt who'd brought him in from the cold was stocky, welcoming, and fond of storytelling; Tansy found himself regaled with tales of the area's superstitions until the storm had passed. Tansy also found himself in possession of a worn old jacket that Dale had outgrown. After stumbling into a snowdrift while bundled up in a stranger's jacket, Tansy was accompanied around the settlement—affectionately referred to as Yonder—to meet the rest of its inhabitants.

Yonder's residents were strewn about two farmhouses, various farm outbuildings, and a small cottage. He'd met Nancy, an old sheepdog with shaky fingers who still insisted she had to teach Tansy how to sew if he was going to wear Dale's "holy, old, hand-me-downs." Tansy wasn't sure how to explain he had no intention of permanently wearing Dale's old jacket, so he refrained from commenting. He also met twin wolfdog hybrids, Finch and Chickadee; both girls were incredibly excited to meet someone more wolf-y than themselves. Finally, he had the pleasure of being bothered by Cricket the coyote hybrid and her three, unruly sons: Peeper, Spadefoot, and Bullfrog. The less time he spent around the just-shifted boys the better, though their mother was nice.

Tansy spent his first month in Yonder being tossed between residents' spare rooms as they figured out what to do with him. Despite Tansy's insistence that he could build a small den for himself and be happy, they all insisted he have a cozier place to stay over the winter; something about "southern hospitality." Ultimately, he ended up in the stables with Finch and Chickadee. To the right of the stable's stalls was a small, connected building with two rooms; the girls would share the front room, as always, and Tansy could have the smaller back room. While not as intrinsically feral as a den, Tansy appreciated the bare bones, "here are some pelts so you don't freeze" mentality that the sisters had.

While living within the Virginian settlement, Tansy learned the basics of sewing and caring for livestock. He was also given a leather belt and a leather, drawstring bag made by Finch and Chickadee; a basic sewing kit with both Luperci-made and old, scavenged thread from Nancy; an obsidian knife—as well as tips on how to use it—from Cricket; and Dale's "holy, old, hand-me-down" jacket. While he appreciated the gifts, knowledge, and companionship of Yonder's inhabitants, Tansy felt out of place. It didn't feel like home. Already, Dale's sons—merchants who traveled up and down the east coast—had returned to the settlement. Cricket's wife visited extended family during the winter and always returned by the first day of spring. As the weather warmed and Yonder promised to fill back up with unfamiliar faces, Tansy took his leave. He'd miss them, but it wasn't where he was supposed to be.

Tansy traveled back up the East Coast and ultimately, following a trail of gossip and rumors, returned to 'Souls in early June, 2016.

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