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By Owl

Ashyra Umbren is a wolfdog who came to 'Souls as a loner in late July 2014. She's an ex-pirate who's worked as a thief and an assassin, but she traveled to 'Souls looking to start fresh.






  • Date of Birth: 6 Jun. 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Areas, Packs
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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Wolf-dog.
  • Fur:She has slightly longer fur than an average Great Plains Wolf. It's thick and very water-resistant.
    • Optime Hair: She keeps it long and wavy. Ash dyes some pieces. She puts beads and charms on the few dreadlocks that she's formed.
  • Facial Features: Her muzzle is longer than average due to her dog heritage, but other than that she has the ears and face shape of a wolf.
  • Build and Size: She's neither overly tall or extremely short. She's overall in good shape. Ash has a relaxed air about her, and carries herself with an easy confidence.
    • Lupus: Wolf-like. She's stockiest in Lupus and Secui forms.
    • Optime: Ash is built from lean muscle, but she doesn't have a perfect, rock-hard body; she's no body-builder, and her love for alcohol has softened her up in a few places. Her bust is average—neither overly large nor exceedingly small. Her waist is slender, and while her hips are curvy, they're not too disproportionate to her top half.
  • Humanization: Yes, very humanized. Often wears Accessories like her knife belt, but rarely wears clothes.


  • Fur:
    • Her front/underside is a mix of Wheatfield and Gold Sand. Her sides are Soya Bean. A Bordeaux stripe runs from the top of her head down her spine.
  • Markings:
    • Soya Bean sock markings on her hind legs, the toes on her front paws, and the fur just above her paws on the front of her legs.
    • The tip of her tail is Bordeux.
  • Eyes: Blue Bayou
  • Optime Hair: Bordeaux. She likes to dye a strand or two in Voodoo and Viridian. She also has a few dreadlocks worked into her hair that she beads and hangs charms from.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Kilamanjaro


Wheatfield (#F3EDCF)
Gold Sand (#E6BE8A)
Soya Bean (#6A6051)
Bordeaux (#5C0120)
Blue Bayou(#496679)
Voodoo (#533455)
Viridian (#40826D)
Kilamanjaro (#240C02)

By Despi + Katie!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: She's gotten her fair share of cuts and bruises. There are a few small ones on her back and arms, but her fur usually covers them She's also got a few knicks in her right ear. Claw marks run across her left hip and right shoulder, scars with a story behind them that she's never told anyone.
  • Piercings:
    • Two hoops on the outside of her left ear
    • A simple stud in her right ear
  • Tattoos: None


Jewelry and Accessories

Kharma necklace Vesper necklace
  • She always wears bandana around her upper left arm. It's the same color as her hair dye (Voodoo)
  • Ash is usually seen wearing a belt that holds weapons, such as her naval dirk and throwing axes.


  • She prefers being mostly nekkid ;)
  • Will wear baggy shorts or a harem skirt every once in a while
  • Dons a bandeau-like top on rare occasions


75 lbs (xx kg)
27 in (xx cm)


Ashyra's least-used form. She has the build of a Great Plains Wolf, although her fur is a bit longer. Her dog heritage gave her a muzzle longer than the typical wolf muzzle. Her Lupus form doesn't adequately show her athletic physique.

140 lbs (xx kg)
40 in (xx cm)


The more powerful of her quadrupedal forms, Ashyra uses Secui primarily when crossing long distances on her own. This in-between form is stocky and muscular. Her pelt is longest when in her in-between form, giving the illusion of additional mass. This form is well-adapted to a life around water, as there is webbing between the digits of her paws. Although this form is proficiently suited to her lifestyle, Ashyra only uses it slightly more than her Lupus form.

165 lbs (xx kg)
5ft 10in (xx in / xx cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Ash is almost always in her Optime form because she enjoys the benefits it brings to her humanized lifestyle. This form isn't as bulky as her Secui form; her build is athletic, but not stocky, and she has decent curves. Mellow by nature, Ash usually has a relaxed posture. She carries herself with easy confidence. Her scars are most visible in this form


  • Speech: She has a slight southern drawl, but it's muddled because she's been to lots of places and picked up a variety of phrases.
  • Scent: Mud, water, salt, fish, rivers, dirt, woodsmoke
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Rubs the back of her neck or plays with her hair when she's nervous
  • General Posture and Body Language: Usually relaxed and confident


2.  Personality

Ashyra is a realist. Following lofty, abstract notions of chivalry do not appeal to her. She believes that anything done in the name of survival is acceptable, even if others view it as crime or trickery. Anything but a knight in shining armor, Ash will fight dirty, deceive others, or flee a battle to protect her life. She's typically straightforward and blunt, almost to the point of being rude, and manners aren't usually important to her. She can also be flirty, lazy, cocky, and competitive. Her freedom, comfort, and survival are more important than almost everything and everyone in her life.

This is not to say that she is totally incapable of putting others before herself; it's just something that happens very rarely, and only for the most special individuals in her life. She developed a nearly-overbearing sense of protection for her brother. Ash attacked her captain and smuggled Jassick away from their crew, even though doing so put herself in danger and removed her from a comfortable life. This hasn't happened since, but she might become more caring if put into a stable environment with patient individuals.

Ash enjoys relaxing. She has an appreciation for down-time and slow, pleasant activities, like fishing and basking in the sun. Most would describe her as mellow, possibly even lazy. Ash isn't the type to work hard on everything; she has her few passions (fighting, stealth, and cooking, mostly) and focuses on honing them to mastery, rather than becoming just proficient in a variety of skills. She believes in the power of Luck and views it as a major determining force in the universe. Ashyra is an extrovert and enjoys being around others, provided they don't make her upset or uncomfortable. She's not the type to tolerate someone she dislikes for the sake of manners. However, she's usually at ease with others. Humor is an important part of her life; Ash doesn't think she'd be able to survive without being able to laugh at life.

She has her own personal set of morals that have developed and formed through her experiences. She does not like to be bound by excessive rules and regulations. Her feelings for authority figures are odd, at best. She tends to feel disdain for traditional canine packs and Alphas. However, she can respect someone in charge if they "earn" it, or if they seem like a "captain" to her. Basically, she's rejected the traditional canine lifestyle for a more humanized one. She's trying to learn respect for authority, rules, and manners but it's slow going. Ash likes the occasional light prank, mostly to liven things up. She has no problems lying to and stealing from others, provided it won't put her in danger. Ash is not inherently cruel, nor is she naturally selfless, but she tries to do good when she can.

2.1  Ideals


Straightforward, stubborn, mellow, sarcastic, flirty, intelligent, sneaky, clever, observant but not great at always interpreting social cues properly

  • Outlook: Ash is a realist. While she can be optimistic, she can accept when things aren't going well
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant?
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, working toward True Neutral


  • Survival
  • Pleasure
  • Freedom
  • Winning/being "Number One"
  • Being the best fighter ever
  • Having fun
  • Protecting her brother, Jassick


  • Suffering: Ash doesn't like being uncomfortable very often. She tries to avoid situations where she would have to do a lot of work, be tortured, etc.
  • Loss: Losing competitively, but more so losing people/things she cares about. There aren't many things Ash really, truly cares about, and the only person she loved fiercely was her brother, but those few treasures are things she will defend viciously
  • Losing her autonomy: Ash doesn't give in to authority figures unless they really earn her respect. Even so, she still worries about being caught in a power structure because her freedom could be taken from her.


  • Packs: She doesn't know much about the packs of 'Souls. She will be disdainful toward "traditional" packs, or those that are quick to demand full submission from their own and others.
  • Species: Ash has worked around many different species, particularly when her crew was around New Orleans, so she has few biases. She's used to seeing Jackals as slaves, and may give them a harder time, but holds no other significant biases.
  • Non-Luperci: This makes no sense to Ashyra. They can't do as much as Luperci, and she sees being humanized as being better. Plus, she also thinks non-Luperci are more likely to be in strict, traditional packs, so she is slow to warm up to them.
  • Gender: She usually assumes that males think females are weak, and will try to manipulate that. Oddly enough, she can be bothered by females who seem like they're actually weak.
  • Color: She's seen all sorts of canine pelt colors and doesn't care about that
  • Sexuality: She doesn't have biases for or against homosexuality, heterosexuality, or bisexuality. Asexuals confuse her because she's kinda horny sometimes lol
  • Age: She appreciates the elderly for what they can teach, but doesn't like it if they act like they know everything. Ash thinks young'uns can be cute and admires their zeal. Taking care of pups, though, is foreign to her. She would be really confused if she had to pup-sit.


She has a strong sexual and exclusive romantic preference for males, and would only be sexually interested in females as a one-time thing. Kinsey scale 1. She's had very few sexual encounters, and they were all exclusively casual—she's been focused on other things for most of her life. She likes to flirt, but it's more of a manipulation tactic she uses to further her understanding of someone's personality. Ash hasn't had any romantic partners, but she would want a monogamous relationship; she doesn't get close to many people, but she can be overbearing in her protection for them when she does.


  • Likes: Relaxing, sparring, weapons, sneaking, spying, drinking, winning, eating, swimming, outsmarting enemies, any kind/body of water, shells, kittens/cats
  • Dislikes: Being bossed around, losing, the "traditional pack" structure, forced submission, having her choices taken away, misogynists, rigid traditions, law enforcers


Avid alcohol enthusiast. Smokes weed when she can find it. Will try anything once. She lets people do what they want, but she pities addicts.


Ash believes that there spirits inhabit all things, but she mostly worships the River Gods and Goddesses, having been a river pirate and all. But her beliefs probably differ from Nova Scotian wolves who may also worship a river deity. She also believes that Luck is a higher power, of sorts. Ash doesn't have any solid rituals, but she might pray for Luck's blessing, thank Luck for good fortune, or pray to the River Gods while on the water.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Families

3.2  Relations

Key Relations


Positive Relations

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Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Strengths


  • Education and Learning: The captain of her old crew, a seasoned duelist and brawler, trained her himself. She was apprenticed to him shortly after her first shift. He oversaw all of her training and hand-picked elite crew members to teach her about weapons he couldn't. He was a harsh and ruthless master who forced grueling training upon her. She got a lot of practice while raiding along the river. He also taught her basic military strategy, enabling her to control her physical skill with a tactical mind. Ash spars or practices solo as often as she can. Combat is an art form for the pirate woman.
  • Thrown Weaponry (Master): Ashyra's favorite weapons are her throwing axes. She has a good eye and steady arm that are rarely thrown out of whack. Constant practice in many different places to be able to compensate for variations in wind speed, precipitation, light/visibility, distance, and space. She can also throw daggers, although she's best with the axe.
  • Armed Combat (Master): The advantage of preferring throwing axes is that they can double as close-ranged melee weaponry; she's deadly with a tomahawk in each hand. Ash wields her mother's naval dirk as though it's an extension of her arm. Ash can also wield many swords with ease. She's built for endurance, speed, and accuracy. What really sets her apart from many other fighters is her ruthlessness in combat. Her calm demeanor is quickly replaced by cold calculation and vicious determination when she's in a scrap. She'll use any means necessary to win, including dirty tricks and deception.
  • Unarmed Combat (Journeyman): Ash can fight well enough with just her body and knows many different techniques, but she still has a lot to learn before her fists are as lethal as her axes.
  • It can be difficult to take down someone as fast as Ash, but repeated heavy, powerful blows will wear her down physically and mentally if they connect. Showing her that she's overestimated herself and underestimated her enemy takes a toll on her confidence.
  • She's used to fighting in Optime and isn't well-practiced in her Lupus and Secui forms. She may also be thrown off by fighting a Lupus/Secui opponent, since she's never really lived around anyone who used those forms.
  • Using weapons with a longer range than her axes would give an opponent an advantage.
  • A character that can keep her from getting into close range would be safe, but they may also need to avoid her thrown weapons.


  • Education and Learning: Ashyra honed these skills at the same time as her combat abilities. In fact, it was her propensity for sneaking that first caught the captain's attention. Later on in her training, Ash worked as the captain's personal spy and assassin, gathering information about rival crews, or dispatching their captains. Her time on the road as a thief/assassin-for-hire improved her abilities. She's also just a creep who enjoys spying on people for fun.
  • Theft (Expert): Pirates make their living by pillaging and plundering. Ash has experience with that lifestyle. She depended on stealing to keep herself and Jazz alive while on the run, so she's gotten pretty good at it.
  • Stealth (Journeyman): Capable of blending with shadows and moving in silence, Ash has always had a natural talent for going unnoticed, when she wishes to. She wants to learn a more tricks, such as disguising her scent and throwing her voice.
  • Ash can be tempted by valuable-looking things, which could end up being her downfall.
  • She's better at hiding when it's dark. Her pelt stands out when it's light out. She's also of an average body size, which can make sneaking harder in cramped spaces.


  • Education and Learning: These are skills Ash picked up from old crew members, fellow travelers, or villagers.
  • Cooking (Apprentice): Ash was often called upon to serve her captain's meals, so she spent time in the hideaway's kitchen. Food she makes wouldn't be considered a delicacy, but it's better than the drab hunks of campfire-cooked meat most travelers make. She knows of a few herbs and spices, as well as various cooking techniques, but she wouldn't be able to follow complicated techniques or recipes.
  • Boating/Sailing (Journeyman/Apprentice): Ash was raised around boats, so she's got strong sea legs and can swim about as well as any Luperci. She can navigate and paddle small vessels quite well. Most of her time as a pirate was spent above the rank of a sailor, though, so she could use a refresher lesson or two on how to sail.
  • Hunting/Fishing (Apprentice): Hunting assassination targets is one thing, but taking down prey animals is a totally different beast (pun intended). Ashyra can take down larger animals fairly easily, but throwing an axe at a rabbit kind of ruins the meal. The little critters are more common than the big animals, so it can take her some time to track and kill something. Going into Secui or Lupus form would be a last resort, but she's not used to hunting in those forms. She's used fishing rods successfully before, and can craft a makeshift fishing pole if needed, but she's never caught any sizeable fish.
  • Healing (Dabbler): Ash learned a little about bandaging herself up during her time as a pirate. Kindly travelers also told her about common, basic healing herbs. Her skills are limited to the most basic minor ailments and injuries.

4.2  Weaknesses

  • Animal Husbandry: Ash thinks cats are cute, but she's never had any animal companions, nor has she been trained to handle them. She doesn't understand why so many others have companion animals, or how they trained them.
  • Submission: It's hard for Ashyra to accept others as authority figures. Someone has to earn her respect before she will recognize their position. She usually rejects shows of submission like tucking her tail, and she's not polite to most superiors. It takes a specific kind of personality to garner her respect.
  • Pack Relations: Unless turning someone's face into a gaping wound counts as "pack relations," Ash isn't cut out for life as an ambassador. Her social skills are fine, but she lacks manners and social graces, and she's rarely subtle in a group.
  • Losing: Ash is a sore loser. She'll occasionally throw a fit if she loses, but Ash is much more likely to think about her failures over and over again. They consume her thoughts, which is very uncharacteristic for the mellow woman. If she's not fond of the person she lost to, she might even devise a prank or trick to get back at them in her own immature way.
  • Music: Even though she enjoys music, Ash has no musical ability whatsoever. Her singing voice is awful, and learning an instrument has no appeal to her.
  • Heavy Weaponry: She lacks the weight and muscle to wield heavy weapons. They also hamper the speed inherent to her Lightning Bruiser capabilities.

4.3  Inventory


blah blah blah

  • Offering: Food, boating supplies, combat lessons, protection
  • Accepting: Weapons, alcohol, trinkets, healing supplies. May also accept skill training if offered to her.



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5.  History

5.1  Pre-Souls

Ashyra was born into a nomadic clan of Luperci that traveled along the Mississippi River. Ash's mother raised her and Jassick, Ashyra's younger half-brother, as a single parent. Luperci were always coming and going from the clan, traveling with them temporarily. Such was the case for Ash and Jazz's fathers.

The clan sustained themselves by trading with villages and settlements along the river, but it wasn't always easy. During the lean months, when Ash had just begun to shift and Jazz was still a helpless newborn, the clan found themselves on the brink of starvation. The nomadic band turned to crime to sustain themselves. Although the clan had developed into a pirate crew, of sorts, they preferred to use trickery and stealth to take what they needed as opposed to violent pillaging and plundering. The lifestyle stuck, and eventually the clan got into a skirmish with a large band of fellow river pirates. Virtually all of the nomadic clan was killed. Ash's mother, a clever woman who wanted to keep her children alive, turned on her clan and offered herself and her pups to the pirate captain.

Joining up with the pirates turned out to be a smart move for the Ash's family, at least for a little while. The pack of pirates stopped at nothing short of dominating the waterways of what was once the southern United States. The captain noticed Ash's affinity for stealth and combat, skills she had begun developing just before her birth clan was massacred. He took the young female under his paw and trained her personally. It was the captain's hope that, with enough grooming and polishing, the promising girl could be transformed into a master assassin and thief.

She was his pet, serving his meals and performing dangerous tricks for guests during parleys. Anything short of total submission and obedience was met with harsh beatings and grueling training. The captain would deny her meals and disrupt her sleep if she couldn't learn fast enough. Despite the captain's possessive ways, Ash was perfectly content with her role because her survival was ensured, and she also held a deep respect for his ruthless methods; she wouldn't have mastered combat if he had coddled her. Sure, she had to act as the captain's steward, but she held an unspoken authority that put her above every other crew member, even the Mate; she got first pick at mealtime, got one of the biggest cuts of valuables after the plunder, and commanded the (grudging) respect of the entire crew.

Of all the assurances and protection Ash thought she had, only one was taken from her: the safety of her brother. Little Jassick was brilliant but prone to illness. He was a small and sickly boy, unable to contribute anything practical to the crew. The captain ordered Ash to kill Jazz, not only to cull the weakest link, but also to test his little pet's loyalty. If she could do this one thing, then she would prove herself ruthless enough to become his successor.

Ash was clever, much like her mother. Despite her strong loyalty to the captain, Ash refused to allow harm to come to her brother. Disobeying the captain would destroy her well-established position, but she couldn't let Jazz get hurt. She chose to trick the captain, pretending to agree to his terms for the assassination. The young female turned on him the night before the kill, throwing hot broth into his face and knocking him out with a swift elbow to the temple. She quickly smuggled Jassick out, and the duo made haste for northern territories.

Life outside of the crew was not easy. They traveled by boat and on foot, moving from the Ohio River to the Susquehanna, and eventually making their way north to the Hudson Bay, where she plied her trade as a thief, assassin, and smuggler. The take was surprisingly good, and Ash soon found herself with enough capital to go wherever she wanted. She chose to take one last job, and a big one at that, before vanishing to the northern wilds.

The job went bad. Ash was ambushed by her old crew, her mother included. Brought before the captain and told they were about to ransack the village she'd been hiding in, Ash pleaded with them not to kill Jazz. The captain sent the crew off to search for her brother, leaving Ash in the brig with the Mate guarding her. Knowing that the First Mate had always been infatuated with her, Ash seduced him into her cell and then crushed his windpipe when he got close. She then went to end things with the captain once and for all. She challenged him to a duel, and they were evenly matched for a time. The captain was more experienced, though, and eventually disarmed her. He went for the killing blow but Ash's mother stepped in deliver a fatal wound to the captain but killing herself in the process.

The crew never found Jazz, and Ash never told a soul about how she'd spent all her savings to send him off to Europe, where he could focus on scholarly pursuits. Her pleas to spare Jazz were merely a ruse that encourage the captain to send the whole crew on the search. Ashyra fled even farther north to escape the crew. The only effects she kept with her to remind her of her past were her mother's naval dirk and purple bandana. Ash didn't want to forget the infinitely clever woman. Her mother had ingratiated herself with the captain, gambling on the chances that she'd one day trick and betray him for the sake of her children. She kept that memory close to her heart and left everything else behind for a new life.

5.2  Achievements


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