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Credit: gaurika@Flikr

Chetan was an old Buddhist guru and a master in Angampora. Spending much of her life traveling the world and promoting acceptance and understanding, she finally settled down in Krokar where she lived out her remaining months overseeing her students, Keabetswe and Bramble Parhelion, as they practiced the art of Angampora.

Weakened by her many months of travel and the hardships of survival, Chetan fell ill in the winter of 2018 and passed away peacefully on March 3rd, 2018.





OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 02 Dec 2005
  • Date of Death: 03 Mar 2018
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • Species: Chetan is, and appears, fully jackal with no muddying of her genes.
  • Fur: Short and smooth, Chetan's pelt lays flat over her body without much variance. The longest fur is located on her tail.
    • Optime Hair: Kept extremely short so that it doesn't look like she grows a mane at all.
  • Facial Features: Chetan has a narrow face with a pointed snout and obvious graying around her eyes and muzzle. Her left ear has a chunk missing from it.
  • Build and Size: Thin with muscle atrophy along her shoulders and spine, making her on the smaller end of average.
    • Lupus: 16 lbs (7 kg) — 15 in (38 cm)
    • Secui: 86 lbs (39 kg) — 34 in (86 cm)
    • Optime: 115 lbs (52 kg) — 5 ft 3 in (63 in) (160 cm)
  • Humanization: Moderate to Low. Chetan wears a faded orange robe and carries a staff but otherwise does not adorn herself with material things.


Ebony Clay (#242D36)
Rolling Stone (#70797E)
Submarine (#B8C0C3)
Gray Nurse (#ECEEEB)
Donkey Brown (#A99678)
Barley Corn (#A6845F)
Axolotl (#4D6647)
Baltic Sea (#201F27)

Color Distribution

  • Fur: Primarily Rolling Stone with flecks of Submarine and Ebony Gray interspersed throughout. Her extremities and undersides fade to Gray Nurse and the graying along her muzzle and eyes are also this pale off-white. Her ears and face, as well as her legs, are shaded with Donkey Brown and Barley Corn.
  • Eyes: Axolotl.
  • Optime Hair: Grey Nurse with streaks of Submarine and Donkey Brown.
  • Nose and Pawpads: Baltic Sea.




  • Robes made of cloth. The dye is faded and the edges are frayed, particularly near the bottom.
  • Staff made of wood. It is obviously weathered but still in good condition.

2.  Personality

2.1  Interaction

  • Speech: Soft and aged, with a gentle crackle to the quality of her voice, but still lively and quite confident. There is an kindly lilt to her tone, as though her voice is smiling.
  • Scent: Earth and grass with subtler smoky notes. Her robes smell of dust and, very distantly, of sea salt and exotic canines.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Has a tendency to bow her head and often stands with her back bent, using her staff like a cane.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Chetan's back is bowed with age but there is obvious confidence still left in her posture.

2.2  Details

  • Sociability: Extroverted, confident but polite.
  • Values: Peace, understanding, acceptance, gratitude, and openness.
  • Vices: Indecision, inaction.
  • Motivations: Teaching, discovery, spreading joy.
  • Fears: Failing as a teacher, being unable to uphold her beliefs, never attaining Nirvana.
  • Biases: None. Chetan is accepting of everyone.
  • Sexuality: Devoted entirely to her studies and beliefs, Chetan has never felt driven to obtain a mate or beget offspring.
  • Spirituality: Chetan has devoted herself to the Theravada branch of Buddhism since she was a young woman. She has followed it faithfully throughout her long life.

3.  Skills

  • Angampora: Chetan is a master in the Sri Lankan martial arts of Angampora.
  • Meditation: A daily practice, Chetan finds significant use and merit in meditation and recommends it for everyone.

4.  Relationships

  • Keabetswe: A promise was made, one that Chetan intends to keep. She teaches the youth the art of Agampora and hopes that it will be enough to soothe Keabetswe's anger or, in the least, help her when the time comes for the child to fight for what was taken from her.

5.  History

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

DurationDecember 2005 - March 2011

Chetan was born in Sri Lanka to Buddhist parents. Her father, well-studied in Angampora, taught his children early on the ways of the martial art while her mother, devout in her belief, was tasked with teaching the children the traditions and practices of Buddhism.

Her training, both in Angampora and with the teachings of Buddhism, were long and required great patience but Chetan, in her youth, was restless and weary. She pushed limits and challenged authority. She created her own problems in an effort to expand upon her choices of solving them. She hungered for variety and adversity.

When she was five, Chetan killed her brother during a sparring match. Though unintentional, her community determined exile would be in their best interest and sent Chetan away to live out her days atoning for her sins.



DurationMarch 2011 - August 2016

Chetan fell into life as a vagabond with some difficulty, for despite her desires for variety and adventure, she was little prepared mentally for the solitary life of a loner. She was quick to seek out others, offering to help them in any way that she could if only to be in their company for a short time. As the months bled into years, Chetan discovered that she was quite good at helping and made this her life's goal.

Southern Africa

Southern African Dog Tribe

DurationAugust 2016 - March 2017

Eventually, her travels took her to Southern Africa where, some years before her birth, Chetan took refuge with Keabetwe's tribe following an attack from a gang of hyenas. The dogs of the tribe were weary of jackals, for jackals preyed upon the dogs for slaves and sometimes took over entire tribes. But Chetan's gentle, helpful nature soothed them and she enjoyed their company as well, enough to remain until fate intervened again.

Keabetswe was still very young when a pack of jackals sacked her parents' tribe. Promising the leaders to keep their daughter safe, Chetan and Keabetswe sought refuge with a neighboring pack of African wild dogs with which their tribe had been friendly. But the wild dogs could not harbor them forever and, after only a short time, Chetan and Keabetswe departed from the pack and searched for someplace safe.



DurationMarch 2017 - September 2017

Chetan returned to the wandering life again, moving Keabetswe from place to place, territory to territory, and, eventually, from continent to continent. There was restless anger in Keabetswe that Chetan hoped would dissolve if they started fresh somewhere new, somewhere different. She trained the girl long and hard, just as she had been taught as a girl herself, but still the anger and the restlessness remains.



DurationSeptember 2017 - March 2018
ResidenceFiskebyn cottage #30
RankOld Salt (20 September 2017)

Toward the end of September, after many months of travel, Chetan and Keabetswe found themselves in 'Souls. Exhausted, sore, and thin, they came upon Krokar, where they were welcomed into the pack by Quartermaster Milos Parhelion and his son, Bramble.

They integrated themselves easily into the peaceful, quiet life of Krokar and Chetan accepted Bramble her second student. Though much too old and frail to spar with him herself, she took to watching and critiquing Bramble and Keabetswe as they practiced Angampora. Focusing heavily on meditation with Bramble, who she found to be suffering significant trauma and self-doubt following an incident earlier in the summer, Chetan spent much of her time helping the young man believe in his worth.

Weakened by her many months of travel and the hardships of survival, the harsh winter was particularly hard on the Old Salt. She developed a cough early in the season that progressively worsened over the course of a few months. Despite the hope that the warm spring winds would improve her health, Chetan quickly deteriorated toward the end of February and passed away peacefully at the beginning of March.