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by Rat

Evelyn was born in central Canada, where she was a servant to a rather humanized pack. She was eventually kidnapped by Xiphos and has traveled with him ever since.






  • Date of Birth: 11 May 2011
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: None
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: None
  • Rank: N/A
  • cNPC: N/A



  • None.
  • When in a pack, Evelyn can be seen generally keeping her head down and doing what Xiphos tells her to do.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Evelyn gets her shape mainly from her wolf heritage.
  • Fur: Her fur is shaggy and covers many scars.
    • Optime Hair: Evelyn's hair is a coarse, tangled mess.
  • Facial Features: She is usually looking down and her face shape mostly resembles a wolf.
  • Build and Size:
    • Lupus: she is smaller than the average Mackenzie Valley Wolf.
    • Optime: she is thin with poor posture, usually hunched over.
  • Humanization: Depends on where she is trying to fit in. If the pack is highly humanized, she will follow-suit. If not, Xiphos hides their belongings.


  • Fur: Color blocked Soft Amber, Millbrook, and Cocoa Brown.
  • Markings:
    • Her legs, underbelly, chest, nose, forehead, and ears are Soft Amber.
    • She has a mask that is Millbrook, outlined in Cocoa Brown.
    • The insides of her ears, along with a stripe along her back, extending over her shoulders are Millbrook.
    • Along her side and the top of her tail is a stripe of Cocoa Brown.
  • Eyes: Indigo
  • Optime Hair: Mostly Soft Amber with streaks of Millbrook.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


Soft Amber(#CBBEB3)
Millbrook (#594433)
Cocoa Brown(#301F1E)
Black (#000000)
Indigo (#4F69C6)

1.2  Forms

71 lbs (32 kg)
26 in (66 cm)


A bit smaller than the average Mackenzie Valley Wolf.

140 lbs (63.5 kg)
38 in (96.5 cm)


Although larger than Lupus, she is still on the smaller side.

170 lbs (77 kg)
5 ft 6 in (66 in) (167.5 cm)


A slim hourglass figure. This is her preferred form.

2.  Personality

Since her entire life has involved taking orders, Evelyn is quiet and submissive. She takes care of Xiphos, does what he says, and goes along with whatever plans he has made. Live as a servant meant she had to pretend to be happy about her work to keep her masters happy. This has carried over to helping Xiphos by appearing weak and helpless when needed.

Part of Evelyn likes Xiphos, despite the abuse, especially when he apologizes for what he has done to her. Although he never means it, she wants to believe he does. She knows him and generally knows what to expect. She sometimes uses her acting skills on him to get what she wants, although this is rare because she does not want to get in trouble. Despite several opportunities to leave him, she is afraid to do so.

3.  Relationships

Key Relations

  • Xiphos: She sees him as her current master, and although she does not want to travel with him, she is afraid to leave. He does provide for her, although he also punishes her for small infractions.

Minor Relations

  • None yet.

Former Relations

  • None yet.

4.  Skills and Inventory



Evelyn is good at acting when she wants to be and can be somewhat manipulative.


Personal Items


5.  History


Previous Packs and Ranks

Packs (Month Year - Present)

Evelyn was born in 2011 in central Canada. The pack she lived in was divided between an upper and lower class where the lower class did most of the hard work and served the upper class. In return, the difficult political decisions, etc. were made for them. For the most part it worked out, although there was plenty of hard feelings over the situation because it was very difficult for anyone in the lower class to move up. They were not slaves, and were allowed to refuse jobs, although this was frowned upon.

As it would happen, Evelyn's parents were decidedly lower class. From a young age, she was taught obedience and deference, and she grew up to serve a higher class family unit. For the most part, they treated her well and gave her duties she mostly enjoyed. One of these was scouting for prey, and it was on one of these trips that she was captured by Xiphos?. He seemed kind at first, and she showed him around a little, and then things went downhill. He forced her to leave with him instead of going back to her pack, and she slowly came to terms with her fate. Her schooling to obey took over as he broke her down, and she does what he says for the most part now that they have reached 'Souls.



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