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Spruis is a wily, sometimes unruly, mare with an apt name. She doesn't mind Luperci but she only accepts a select few to handle or ride her. She'll happily listen to you sing, though!





NPC Info

OOC Assumptions

  • Date of Birth: April 2011
  • Gender: Mare
  • Species: Grade Horse
  • Pronunciation: spruce
  • Meaning: imp
  • Origin: Scottish Gaelic

Mistfell Vale members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Grazing around Hee Haw Orchard.
  • Being drawn towards your character if they sing.
  • Ignoring commands or trying to bite your character.
    • Please ask me first if you want your character bitten.

1.  Appearance

  • Size: 15.3hh, 1,102lbs (500kgs).
  • Features: Spruis is well-balanced but otherwise average to look at. Her markings are the most remarkable thing about her appearance.
  • Coloration:
    • Spruis is an appaloosa – white back and rump markings on a base coat color.
    • Her specific markings would be described as a "blanket with spots" pattern.
    • Spruis' base coat color is dark bay, characterized by a dark brown body with black mane, tail, ear edges, and lower legs.
    • Her dark hooves are striped.
    • Her eyes are dark.
  • Gear: Plain, simple saddle with an equally simple hackamore bridle.

2.  Personality

True to the meaning of her name, Spruis can be a tricky mare to manage or get to know. She acts largely indifferent to Luperci, neither avoiding them nor actively seeking attention from them. She'll willingly accept treats and listen to songs from anyone, but she allows only a very select few to handle her and trusts even fewer. If she's pushed by someone she has not previously accepted as a "worthy" handler, she may bite or otherwise act out. Those who can handle her should still be cautious; Spruis may still try to take advantage of any handler who she doesn't implicitly trust.

2.1  Skills & Abilities

  • Spruis is trained for riding but she requires a stern handler. Inexperienced riders are encouraged to exercise caution.
  • She may take advantage of those lacking confidence or experience.

2.2  Likes & Dislikes

  • Loves being sung to. Song almost seems to mesmerize her.
  • Spruis' favorite treats are dried apples.
  • Dislikes excessive handling, especially from Luperci she doesn't know or hasn't approved of.

3.  History

  • Spruis was acquired from Krokar following the Austringer Hostility in 2016. Her life before this point is largely unknown.
  • Ailie Morgan began calling the mare Spruis, meaning "imp" in Scottish Gaelic, and the name stuck.
  • After months of careful planning and a lot of hard work, Elle Cormier was able to complete a trade transaction in 2018 with Krokar's Quartermaster, Milos Parhelion, for the mare. [1]
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