Darkness Hushhowl

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Darkness Hushhowl is a First Officer, mate to Hartt Attaya, and father to Dusk Hushhowl, Dawn Hushhowl, Night Hushhowl, Day Hushhowl, Pushok Hushhowl and Temnota Hushhowl. Adopted Father of Leonidas Attaya.

Darkness Hushhowl



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08 Feb 2010






100% Canis lupus (Wolf)


50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
50% Russian Wolf




Mate Hartt Hushhowl
Pack CasaDiCavalieri
Rank 2nd Cadet


Mates Hartt Hushhowl
Dusk Hushhowl Dawn Hushhowl
Night Hushhowl Day Hushhowl
Pushok Temnota Hushhowl
Packs Casa di Cavalieri

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1.  Appearance

His coat is long, plush, and silky, not dropping enough in the summer to prevent heat stroke if he overexerts himself. He has broad shoulders and an hourglass shape with a lean, but muscular build. His right eye is blinded, a scar trailing from the inner corner of said eye to his left ear, across his forehead. His nose is broken and the leather is scarred and tattered; a scar on his lip will reveal more of his eyetooth when snarling.

1.1  Build and Species

Being of Russian and Mackenzie heritage, Dark's coat is extremely thick, and he is a relatively large wolf, though not to an extreme. He wields a white coat with dark points, black guard hairs throughout, with black eye sockets, brows, paws and on his hackles, following his spine to the top side of his tail. A cowlick travels up from his groin to his chest, tipped in black. A small black dot resides next to his left brow.

1.2  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: Alabaster (#FCFCFC), Fading into Mineshaft (#262626)
  • Eyes: Left:Candlelight (#785021), Right:Champagne (#FAF2C7).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily: Alabaster (#FCFCFC).
    • Darker Points: Mineshaft (#262626) with scattered guard hairs and Silver Chalice (#A1A1A1) ears.
    • Nose and Scarring: Pharlap (#AA8583)

1.3  Forms




85 lbs (38.56 kg)
32 in (81.28 cm)

195 lbs (88.45 kg)
45 in (114.3 cm)

250 lbs (113.40 kg)
7ft (213.36 cm)

His Lupus form is tall and slender, dense coat hiding the lean muscle beneath..

His Secui form is taller, even so, and his musculature is more blatant. His build is altered from slender, to strong. Heavy coating doubles, light and silky in most places, but stiff across his hackles and down his spine. Due to the change in density of his coat, a fringe falls above his forehead; lighter points become lighter, and darker points become darker.

In Optime form, he rises to stand as fully erect as possible. Strong back is held straight, weight resting more on his paws than his thighs. His coat does well enough to keep him warm, and in most cases, it doesn't take much for him to overheat in summer weather.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: None, but maybe someday.
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • Lesion across forehead; Blinding the right eye and running diagonally toward the bottom of the left ear; Caused by his father raking his claws against his head.
    • Leather torn from nose; Scarring covers all of the leather of his nose, turning it into a wounded pink shade; Caused by a bad first hunt.
    • Tear in left, upper lip; When snarling the left eyetooth is more exposed; Attained from the same hunt that wounded his nose.


  • A small black scrap of cloth that he ties his hair up with, to keep it out of his way when performing tasks that require concentration in Optime.


  • Green Tunic with lace up collar
  • Brown leather belt
  • Brown suede pants, loose fitting and tied at the calf.

2.  Personality

Dark is a quiet creature, not much one for prattle or hearsay. He is not one for gossip, and will usually stand at the outside of large gatherings, not out of shyness, but respect. There is a somber side of him, a sorrow deep in his eyes at his great lacking of skills and the absence in his children's lives due to his long-term, though unintentional disappearances. Despite the fact that he doesn't have innate talent, he will do what is asked of him and work hard to make those around him proud, as an attempt to make up for what he lacks. Though he is a quiet man, when near his family, he will speak more than usual. His family brings out a softer side of him, far more patient and understanding than he might be with others. He would do anything for his family, and his mate. These traits make him a fantastic brood mother and caregiver. He adores puppies and as they grow, he easily comes to accept their adult hood, celebrating their talents and skills.

2.1  Demeanor

Quiet, appears apathetic. Lacking a sense of humor.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes:Cold weather, Long walks, Family, rain and snow, strong and intelligent individuals, Feeling clean, puppies
  • Dislikes: High Heat, Hunting, insanity, the feeling of hunger, sand, birds, fighting, competitive individuals, suave and charming males, flirtatious behavior


Reticent - Apathetic - Reserved - Fastidious

  • Outlook: Realist
  • Expression: Introverted/Dominant
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Death, getting lost, loosing his family


  • Hunger, Loyalty, Worth


  • Packs: No particular bias. Will follow his family anywhere
  • Species: Not concerned. Dark bases his preferences on the individual.
  • Non-Luperci: Not concerned. Dark bases his preferences on the individual.
  • Gender: Prefers to be around family, so his interactions with females is more common.
  • Color: No preference.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Age: Darkness loves to entertain pups and care for them.


Heterosexual His mateship to Hartt Attaya is above all else, and he is extremely attracted to her strength, kindness, skill and intelligence.


In Russia, his father Laddious, made sure that Dark didn't want anything to do with drugs by taking him to the drug ridden underground of where those afflicted had to call their homes. It left a permanent mark on Dark.


Dark believes in the power of oneself to reach goals and discover moral values. He doesn't take much to the idea of gods, though he'd like to believe that there was a beautiful place his mother had left to after her untimely death.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Hartt Attaya: Passed during the birth of their only two sons

3.2  Family: Hushhowl

3.3  Minor Relations

New Dawn - What happened to them? Where did they go?

3.4  Former Relations

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Dark has a terribly thick Russian accent, having been raised their for the formative years of his life. He doesn't speak often, causing the accent to last longer than it should have.
  • Scent: Strongly CDC, Attaya and Hushhowl scents, wood, straw and hides

4.1  Residence

  • CDC

4.2  NPCs

5.  NPC Characters

  • Podarok:

5.1  Abilities


  • Bow (Novice): He was trained with a bow by Jace?, and can now successfully hit the target. Aim is poor.
  • Sword (Novice): Trained by Teagan stryder, he can wield and strike, but his form and method both need work.


  • Darkness suffers from heat exhaustion due to a heavy, plush coat. During the summer, he has to keep out of the sun and rest in order to stay healthy.
  • His family is a great weakness. If they are threatened, you can pretty much count on him starting a fight to defend them.

5.2  Inventory


Darkness isn't much of a merchant and doesn't have anything for trade.

  • Offering: Nothing
  • Accepting: Nothing


Category of Things

  • Darkness currently only has a bow, quiver and arrows, supplied to him by Hartt

6.  History

Dark's father, Laddious Hushland, was a simple man, in mind and in morals. He would work long days and sleep short nights, finding little time for Dark's mother, but loving her nonetheless. They developed for themselves a small den outside of the Russian mountains where his mother, Dane Lyrine NightHowl, birthed a full litter of seven pups, of which two only survived. These Luperci born pups were the largest of their litter, and probably their size was the only reason they survived the harsh cold. The first was as pitch as night and cried as soon as his young mouth could open. The other surviving creature was a quiet one, the last of his lifeless litter and adorned with grey wolfish markings, and a jet black nose. His father, always having been one for old tales and stories, found names for these two living pups out of the sadness in his heart. The ebony pup would bear the name Light Hushhowl, so that he would know that in light, there is darkness. The youngest, agouti pup, would bear the name Darkness Hushhowl, so that he would know, even in darkness there may be light.

Their names would have a huge influence on their lives, their father putting an emphasis on how they could not be without one another, for it was their destiny to form a strong bond such as night and day. No matter where the two may go, his hope was that they would always feel a togetherness in the light of dawn and the falling dark of dusk. For their youngest months, this was true. Their personalities blossomed as they grew, and very differently at that, with Light becoming the more adventurous and outspoken of the two. Light sought excitement and novelty, where as Darkness would humbly stay at his mother's side and watch from afar. When his brother would fall asleep at night, is the only time that Darkness would leave his mother's side. The young boy would look up with golden eyes into the night sky. His mother began to notice this behavior and one night, after asking Darkness why he would watch the stars," No, mama," He murmured and buried his face in her stomach, hugging her tightly.

A few months after, The boys had grown lanky in their frames and every now and again, the two would quarrel as brothers do, but all in all they were still very close. It was Spring and the whole family had taken the day to aid the young pups in their first practice hunt. Excitement was in the air and the birdsong played a handsome tune that morning. Mother and Father both found a gentle clearing and the catch of the day was Russian Fox. Light was to go first and with a pat on his back from Lad, father followed son into the tall grasses of the clearing in search of thickets to find sents. Dark, whom had always been more comfortable with his mother, was accompanied by Dane in the other direction in search of their own. It was only a few hours until Dark got the hang of tracking the fox, and narrowed it down to a thicket at the edge of the clearing. Young golden eyes caught sight of his prey, a baby fox that seemed alone. Something wild awoke in him that day. Pupils tapered and young white wolf was off at a sprint, without his mother's okay. She tried to grab him at the tail, but she hadn't shifted quickly enough and Dark was out of sight within seconds. He wound beneath the branches and underbrush, right at the fox's tail, ignoring the cries of his mother from behind. Into a hole the little fox dove, and Dark had gone right after it. The ashen coated yearling was digging ferociously into the dirt, unable to fit into the small den to reach his quarry. What Dark couldn't have known, but what his mother did, inside this den lay more than the young fox. Before Dark could figure out what had happened, teeth had bore into his nose, tearing away at the black leather, and claws paddled his maw and tearing the soft skin of his lips. He felt a strong grip around his feet, and the darkness of the hole had turned into blaring light. His mother had ripped him out of the hole, gripped him tightly and carried him out to the den. A howl called his father and brother home to help stop the bleeding and clean the wounds. Tt was then that Dane changed her outlook on how to treat Dark in comparison to his brother.

From then on, Darkness had become the more tender of the two and was treated as so. More was expected of Light than of his brother, simply because his brother didn't have the knowledge and experience that Light had sought at such a young age. His parents thought that the hunting stunt had been to impress them, so they made sure that Dark knew he was loved and that his parents were proud of him. This lead the once happy and outgoing Light to introvert and learn things on his own. He didn't have the ability to wait for supervision when practicing hunts or talents, and often when he did something exceptional, there was no one around for him. Light grew envious of the affection Darkness was receiving and their quarrels had become more heated. Light would always come up on the upper hand, stronger, larger, and more aggressive than his brother. On the other hand, Light was always given reprimand for starting the fights. Light's envy tore the brothers apart and eventually Dane and Laddious began to argue amongst themselves.

As the tension in the family grew, Laddious took a step away for a few days. While he was away, he heard notions of a place in Nova Scotia that was a safe haven compared the harsh Russian winter that was coming, and far more plentiful in the spring. Lad came home to speak with Dane, and that night, they decided it was time for a new home, away from the chaos that they had found in Russia. Light was ecstatic for anew begging, but Dark shied away from the idea. A new world, he would know nothing about and had to relearn. Never the less, they left for North America.

It had taken them months to navigate their way, longer than it would take most, due to the fact they had never left their home. The travel was hard on the family and while enroute to Barbados, Dane had caught fever and fell ill. She was kept in the hull of the ship, away from those who were healthy, in the musty, damp quarters far from the supplies and the entry. The small family stayed at her side, never leaving and falling ill themselves. Dark slept for most of the journey, trying to rid himself of the fever with rest. When he finally awoke with his bearings, his fever had broken, and his father was carrying the two boys from the ship and to the port. There, in Barbados, they stayed for a while more, their father nurturing them back to health, while regaining his own. There was a sadness in Lad's eyes from that moment on, and for some reason the boys knew better than to ask. Neither of them had seen their mother since the ship, and their last recollection of her was when she could barely open her eyes. They knew that they would never see Dane's soft blue eyes again.

Their journey continued onward, taking a ship to North America. At this new port, there was so much going on, but the trio didn't want much to do with it. They were all home sick. They all missed Dane, dearly. The rest of the trip was taken on foot and it hadn't taken long for the three of the previously ill canines to fall into exhaustion. Tensions grew. The boys began to quarrel again, becoming more physically violent to each other, and their father fell victim to the stress of everything that had happened. He snapped when the boys refused to listen to his demand for them to calm down, and for the first time in the two boys life, their father had bared fang against them. He tossed his sons into the dirt, holding them both with one Optime arm each easily. Snapping at Light's maw, he tore the dark fur from his cheek and gripped Dark's skull, digging claws into his thin skin and tearing his forehead open. In all this, an Optime stranger seemed to come out of nowhere. He pulled their father off of them and snarled," Run, boys!" Hesitant, the two looked at each other, and then back to their father who was lost in a rage. In the same instance they turned and ran.

They had lost sight of each other quickly after, and without anyone to turn to and no where to go, Dark remembered everything he remembered the sailors saying about Nova Soctia. How to follow the stars to get there, and how to navigate through the terrain. Granted, Darkness was no expert, but he was headed in somewhat of the right direction. Hopefully, he would find his brother there.

Years passed on, Darkness had turned two and had been alone since the separation of his brother and father. It was only by luck that he had found another home to live for a little while. After falling in near starvation by the territory of an uninfected lupine pack, he was taken in. The daughter of the Alpha, Hartt Attaya, took it upon herself to aid him to full health, and in this time, Dark had never shifted beyond his Lupus form. It took energy from an already lacking reserve that didn't need to be spent if he was to get better. Later he found It was to his better judgement that he didn't shift, because the pack that had taken him in had expressed their disdain for the Luperci once he had come in better health. Now that he had a secret, he felt that his time with these wolves might come to a short end. He couldn't leave them without paying them back for the gift of life they had granted him. Ill fortune would have Dark unable to repay the debt. The Beta of this pack soon contracted the Luperci virus. Unable to find out if it had been Dark's fault, or not, Dark found himself a little more on defense than his norm. Before Haart was able to ask him why he had become so solitary, the Beta cast Dark out of the pack.

Dark lingered the area for a few days, but knowing nothing of the Beta's terrible plan for the Alpha's immediate family, he made his way again through the neutral zones. It had been a long time since Dark had last seen his brother, and the idea that he might find him was a distant memory. Locating his father hadn't even become a thought after what he had done. For another year, he roamed and struggled to survive. For another year, he was alone.

Then, he happened upon Hartt Attaya out of sheer chance! As his stomach growled for something to eat, Hartt burst through the brush with a deer and caught it immediately. Dark watched with a yearning hunger and didn't recognize her, but as she came up to him and called his name out, the brilliant white coat and blue eyes of his memory returned to him. They met several times in neutral lands before Hartt hadn't shown up for a time. Darkness went to look for her, heading to her pack 'New Dawn' that she had spoken about before. Lingering on the edge of the lands, Hartt finds him and Dark finds that she is in heat. Darkness is awkward with her at first, but as she confesses her love for him since their younger years, Dark and Hartt share a passionate moment at the borders. Little did the male know that this was against the laws of their land.

Some time later, Dark and Hartt meet up again, but Hartt has a few things she needs to tell Dark. She comes right out with the fact that she isn't aware of who's pups she might be having, his or her Alpha's, and then, she tells Dark that he will have to join their ranks because of the mating, or Hartt will be cast out of the pack. Knowing he can't even take care of himself, Dark chooses to give up his freedom and join their ranks. Zalen Damaichu comes in after a howl from Hartt and makes the whole thing official. Once a Pariah in their lands, Dark struggles to find his place with a strong need to become useful. That didn't work so well for Darkness.

With the mated deciding to move away from New Dawn and form a pack of their own, they travel out into the wilds and start their new life together. With their first daughter already shifted, and their second daughter coming into the world, they lived happily, with Hartt as the main provider while Darkness would remain with the children, due to his poor hunting and tracking skills. It was ill fate that when the meteor hit in 2016, the small family was split in two. Dusk, the eldest, and Darkness were separated from Hartt and Dawn, and struggled to find their old home, New Dawn. It was the place they'd set up to meet if they were ever parted.

6.1  Timeline


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