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Camille de le Poer ♂




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~ May 24 2018

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Camille looks a lot like a border collie, coyote cross. First and foremost, her coat is a mixture of blacks and whites, her fur bushy and not as soft as a dog's, more like a coyote. She stands nearly 6 ft tall with floppy ears and long, raven toned hair that is usually kept in a series of braids, straight, or up in a bun. She is lanky, sort of malnourished looking, with orange eyes and a long, angular nose sort of like a collie's. She is prone to wearing dresses, though sometimes prefers to just go without clothing sort of like her mother.


Camille was born to unknown father and Crucible de le Poer. After Crucible left Inferni shortly after the large fire that consumed the pack's mansion, she was discovered by a dog heavy hybrid, injured and afraid and praying to god for deliverance. She was nursed back to health and eventually fell in love with the man who took her from playable souls territory to the outskirts where the two were inevitably married, or mated, after joining another coyote heavy pack. Camille came to fruition after several months of Crucible and her father being in said new pack where she was reared to be something different than her mother, a socialite with very little fear when it came to wolves. It didn't take long after Camille came of age for her to leave her mother and father in search of her own path and she quickly made her way to Souls territory, seeking a path toward Inferni. When she discovered that Inferni had been disbanded, word of mouth from an older member, she gave up on joining the pack that had seemed most inviting to her and decided to travel the coast, trading as she went. She was adept at hunting and fighting with a spear and had to defend herself on at least two occasions before, one night, she came in contact with the child of another Lykoi, someone who turned out to be her cousin.

After making a deal to stick with one another, the de le Poer woman traveled with Maephis Valekoi to New Caledonia where she sought permission to join the pack.


Lykoi, de le Poer, Massacre, Holocaust, and Addiction

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