Hwin (NPC of [[Characters/Alessan Stormbringer]])

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Hwin is a workhorse originally from Cercatori d'Arte. She belonged to Skoll Haskel for several years before changing hands.



NPC Info

  • Date of Birth: September 2003
  • Gender: Mare
  • Species: Grade Horse


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1.  Appearance

  • Size: 16hh tall, medium-large
  • Features: Some Arabian features. Broad forehead, level croup, carries tail high.
  • Coloration:
    • Hwin is bay -- brown with dark points.
    • Her mane is black.
    • She has a narrow white blaze.
    • She has three white leg markings. Hind legs have white stockings that cover black points. Front left leg has shorter black sock; front right only has the black point.
  • Gear: Plain saddle with hackamore.

2.  Personality

Hwin is shy and demure around most Luperci, though not timid. She is patient -- to the point of stubbornness, especially if she thinks a command will put her in danger. Time and motherhood has mellowed her out, and most of her stubborn antics are games. She is rather maternal and will fuss over Luperci she's bonded with as much as her foal.

2.1  Skills & Abilities

  • Hwin is trained for riding and is rather forgiving with inexperienced riders -- though her focus suffers. She responds well to firm orders, though those have their limits.
  • She was also trained for pulling in Cercatori d'Arte and is eager to do this type of work.
  • Hwin has very high levels of endurance and so does not tire easily.

2.2  Likes & Dislikes

  • She loves Luperci voices and is content to just be talked to. A gentle voice helps her nerves and prevents spooking.
  • She enjoys pulling work and can be overeager.
  • She knows when she is being pushed too far/given an order that will endanger her health, and she hates it.

3.  History

  • Hwin's past is largely unknown.
  • She was a communal horse in Cercatori d'Arte, named Brownhorse.
  • After Skoll visited the pack during its open borders, Cercatori d'Arte gifted the horse to the young wolfdog. Skoll named her Hwin after a character in a book. Hwin and Skoll bonded; he largely learned to ride with her.
  • Hwin was impregnated by Belmonte D'Amore's ill-tempered stallion, Chamerion. She gave birth to Bree in May 2014.
  • Shiloh Dawnbringer began to utilize Hwin as a mount with Skoll's blessing, starting in late 2016.
  • Following Shiloh's death, and due to a long period of neglect, Hwin fell into a depression. Skoll realized that he didn't have the time to care for a horse; while he loved the animal, he rarely rode her and left most of her care to Alder and other grooms. He made the difficult decision to give Hwin away -- and offered her to Alessan Stormbringer, who needed a plow horse.
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