Light Hushhowl

Light Hushhowl was born of Laddious Hushland and Dane Nighthowl in Russia, with Darkness as his only surviving brother. On their way to Nova Scotia, Dane became ill and died in the ship. The small family was burdened with loss and the brothers began fighting every chance they got.Their father, lashed out and struck the brothers. Light, on his cheek, and Darkness, on his forehead. A stranger came between the brothers and their father and gave them a chance to run. The boys were split up, but Light was the more advanced of the two, taking advantage of his predicament, he began to travel and search for his brother.

Searching for his brother, Light came to Nova Scotia, adapting to the lands culture, eventually making his way to join Sapient when it became apparent that he would not find Darkness. He was briefly stationed at Sapient's University before leaving and falling off the grid, again.

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