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Lyric Harper is the serious-minded daughter of Posey Prior and Harriett Harper. She was a member of Mistfell Vale, where she acted as her elderly mother's caretaker up until Posey's death and the pack's disbandment.





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  • Date of Birth: 12 April 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Loner
  • Previous Packs: Show
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Mistfell Vale members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations (e.g., greetings, chats about interests) -- Lyric is curt but not unfriendly.
  • Lyric frequently patrols the borders and will accompany your character on hunts or bring food to those who need it.

1.  Appearance

A large wolf with a light grey-brown coat, and distinct "tear" streaks beneath her brown eyes. She stands at about 36 inches (91 cm) at the shoulder in her Lupus form, which she greatly prefers over her other forms. She generally carries herself with "neutral" posture, a little tense, but neither dominant nor submissive. She smells of earth, rain, forest, prey blood, and her mother.

1.1  Gallery

Credit: Kati H. of Dawnthieves

2.  Personality

  • Stable, practical, down-to-earth
  • Reliable and patient, loyal and hard-working
  • Humble and sometimes shy, dislikes being in the spotlight
  • Often puts others' needs above her own
  • Values security, tradition, and peaceful living
  • Sometimes reluctant to change
  • Highly observant and aware of people's feelings and reactions
  • Extremely protective of her loved ones, especially Posey
  • Tendency to be judgmental and petty if she feels a loved one has been "wronged"
  • In-tune with surroundings, good observational skills
  • Learns best with hands-on teaching

3.  Skills

Hunting (Feral) (Master)
Lyric is adept at hunting in her Lupus form, taking advantage of her endurance and power. She has carried the burden of hunting solo to provide for herself and her mother for a few years.

  • Best in a "team" of hunters; she does well taking down large prey like deer and elk.
  • Great at catching medium-small prey, like raccoons or woodchucks.
  • Sometimes given trouble catching "nimble" and fast prey, as Lyric has only average agility.

Scouting (Journeyman)
Since joining the Vale, Lyric became a dedicated scout, patrolling the borders on a regular basis to keep an eye out for undesirables.

  • Now very familiar with the Vale's territory, she can quickly notice something amiss.
  • Schedules her patrols -- to a fault. Might need to be told to change them up.
  • Very by-the-book and unlikely to tolerate bribes; will tattle on a packmate if needed.

Caretaking (Journeyman)
Lyric has taken care of her elderly mother for as long as she can remember. She has no specialized skills, but she can keep others fed and comfortable to the best of her ability.

  • Attentive of others needs, often noticing something's bothering them before they do.
  • Deeply caring personality, but not a great bedside manner with strangers.
  • Good with "schedules" and reminding others to eat, walk around, etc.

Combat (Feral) (Apprentice)
Following some incidents in the pack, Lyric decided that it would be prudent to learn to fight. She has good instinct and can hold her own for a short time, but she's seeking training.

  • Her size and strength are her greatest assets; she hits like a truck.
  • Good mindset for a combatant: brave, protective, not easily flustered, very "business."
  • Tendency to overthink moves, which makes her slow on the draw.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

  • Half-Siblings: Asphodel Prior, Rosebay Prior, Harebell Prior
  • Extended: Some nieces, nephews, and cousins among the Priors thanks to her mother. Her biological father was part of the feral Moineau family.

5.  Threads

  1. Wings of what wind the lichen bore (Dec 2017)
    Lyric keeps an eye on her mother as Posey explores the mountains.
  2. No thirst disturbs a stone's bed (Dec 2017)
    Lyric hunts a snowshoe hare for Posey. She is suspicious of Talon Takekuro.
  3. By thirty hills I hurry down, or slip between the ridges (Jan 2018)
    Lyric attacks Vinny Blackrust when he tries to steal from Posey.
  4. ripply, crystalline, open, beyond the floes (Jan 2018)
    When Posey brings in Sineria, Lyric is unimpressed and judgmental, but agrees to teach him to hunt anyway.
  5. Hurts me when I breathe in (Jan 2018)
    Lyric helps her mother find shelter from a snowstorm. They meet Ragna Eklund.
  6. yeah, i always find something wrong (Jan 2018)
    Lyric tries to convince her mother to rest. They stumble across Saga D'Angelo.
  7. Sineria the Struggling Hunter (Jan 2018)
    Lyric attempts to teach Sineria how to hunt rabbits.
  8. she makes the sound the sea makes (Feb 2018)
    Many gather around Felix Nightlark to form Mistfell Vale.
  9. stand in the rain, stand strong (Feb 2018)
    When Lyric goes on patrol, Posey suggests she make friends.
  10. far over the misty mountain cold (Feb 2018)
    Lyric attends the founding celebration, getting food for herself and Posey.
  11. how the fish outbuilt her shell (Mar 2018)
    Lyric soundly lectures Sineria when he panics about a recent ghost sighting.
  12. unmade mud cloaked by sour sky (Apr 2018)
    With Brom's help, Lyric patches up the ceiling of her and Posey's den.
  13. found what i've been looking for (Apr 2018)
    Lyric sternly greets Tristan Stormbringer at the borders.
  14. try me on and i will tell you where you ought to be (Jun 2018)
    Lyric attends a sorting ceremony.
  1. i've been hearing symphonies (Jan 2019)
    Following strange sightings in the Vale, Lyric tries to dissuade Posey from exploring. When she spots a strange figure in the forest, she charges it, but it disappears.
  2. [M] hunger-strung, hard to slake (Jan 2019)
    Lyric is horrified when Posey is possessed.
  3. I hear teardrops on the pavement (Jan 2019)
    Lyric keeps an eye on Posey following the incident, and comforts her when she gets upset discussing it with Zuri Acidic-Trombetta.
  4. Long Time No See (Feb 2019)
    Losing patience with his outbursts and ignorance, Lyric lectures Sineria again. She implies coldly that Sineria only takes advantage of Posey and doesn't actually care about her as a friend.
  5. like fire, like air (Feb 2019)
    Mistfell Vale witnesses the ghost that's been haunting their territory.
  6. cast an anchor in the sand (May 2019)
    Lyric attends a meeting about the collapsed bridge.
  7. a mirror gives the moon back to the moon (Sep 2019)
    Lyric goes on a night patrol.