Pythius Absinthe Trombetta

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by Libri

Pythius Absinthe Trombetta was born on August 17th, 2013. He was born to Padme Ganesa and Venom Trombetta. He was an accident pregnancy when Venom went out of Anathema to take a trip to Freetown in early June 2013. He is born in Freetown and sometime after his birth his mother decides to exact her revenge not only on her sister Aeron Ganesa but also her mate, and father to her son, Venom Trombetta. Pythius is adopted into the Ganesa family and is named a prince alongside his thought to be full brother, Viper Arsenic Trombetta. He has a slew of adopted siblings and is thought to be a product of the unification between the first official polygamous relationship within Anathema that consisted of Panda Behr, Venom Trombetta, Charm Sawtooth, and Aeron Ganesa.

He is treated much like his brother throughout his life, both because he is often mistaken for Viper and also because he was named as a young prince in his younger days. Like his brother, he too was kidnapped and raised in Salsola as Lillith Trombetta's children until they reached about 6 months of age, where they were found outside of Salsola by their father, Venom Trombetta. They were returned to Anathema, and were surprised to see that their mother had been usurped from her position as Angela, by their brother and her son, Kentaro Lykoi. Viper and Pythius were distraught by this and immediately started to form a coup inside of Anathema to rid Kentaro from the throne. Their plans were thwomped by their mother Panda Behr, when she supplied a weak poison to coup member, Catrin Ganesa and Kentaro recovered from the poison and Kohaku Amarok rats the coup out to Kentaro. They are then confronted, battled, and then exiled from Anathema. Pythius develops a fear of eagles because of this battle and almost is blinded by Fenrir Lupercus's golden eagle.

Pythius, Viper, Lucias Sunders & Sixx seek refuge in Salsola after their big battle and pledge loyalty by receiving the Cotona ritual by Lillith 's hand. A few weeks after they receive the Hand of Eris, and a few weeks after Viper's first litter is born and then presumed dead, Pythius is asked by Viper to pack their things and leave Salsola in the dead of night. They easily left Lucias in Salsola, where they knew that she would be safe, and that she would be pure until they returned for her...

Pythius Currently lives in a small clan outside of Nova Scotia called Mortimer, which is located in Toronto, Canada. He serves under his brother and Overlord, Viper Trombetta, as a High Lord that specializes in combat strategies & lead adviser. When outside of Mortimer, he will sometimes go by the name "Bricriu Daichi". In February 2016, Esmeralda Acidic bore him three beautiful daughters that he treasures.







  • Date of Birth: 17 Aug 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Toronto, Canada; Mortimer Castle
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Mortimer
  • Rank: High Lord
    • Co-Rank: —
  • Pronunciation:
    • 'PIE-THE-US'
    • 'Trom-beta'
  • Nickname: 'Bribri, Pi'
  • Epithet: 'gentleman, vampire, stockholm syndrome, twincest'
  • Etymology:
    • "Python/Snake" - Latin
    • "Trumpeter" - Italian

Over Dosage

  • Over Dosage is a Pecherion and Gypsy Vanner cross
  • He's large and has very little social skills.
  • Knows how to ride and pull carts.



  • Pythius is open to Mortimer/Canada area threads in Canon LASKY. Want to have a thread with him outside of Nova Scotia?
  • Pythius has been feeling jealous of his brother for everything he has, while Pythius has nothing. Anyone want to try to talk to him about it? (LASKY Only).

Mortimer members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seen in his room or wandering about the castle.
  • Seen observing everything going on within Mortimer.

Outfit Assumptions:

  • Seen wearing his usual Mortimer outfit with cape when outside the castle.
  • Sometimes seen without the cape on when in his room or inside the castle.




  • Species: : Pythius is a straight mixture of wolf and coyote heritage. He is very lithe and angular like a coyote, while his pelt, and size suggest that he is a mix, specifically a wolf.
  • Fur: Pythius has a rather shaggy form compared to his sleek brother, and this fur makes him look slightly bigger than he actually is. It is soft to the touch and grows out in the winter months.
    • Optime Hair: Pythius' hair is more kept than his brother's. It's shoulder length, and brushed evenly with bangs that hang slightly in his eyes and then longer side-bangs.
  • Facial Features: Nothing too special about his facial features. Typical look from his coyote side.
  • Build and Size: Although he has much of the same build as his brother, he is a bit shorter than Viper, though his fur makes him bigger than he really is.
  • Humanization: High. Especially since founding Mortimer with his brother, Pythius has been keeping himself well kept and wears clothing more suited for his new high standing as well as leaning towards a similar style as his brother.
    • Clothing: Pythius has a few different outfits, most of them keeping in the upper class style. His main outfit is a black tunic with white undershirt and black pants. He wears a red and maroon cape with this outfit most of the time, but is know to take it off when he's relaxing. He also owns a small purple tunic with a fur cape as well as a green smock, made for him by Lillith
    • Accessories: Pythius has a number of different accessories, though he only tends to wear a few at a time with or without certain outfits. He always wears a silver snake pentacle charm held on a brown leather string along his neck. He owns two rings that he received from Axelle . He owns a red ring that he wears now that he is part of Mortimer. He also owns two bat back vertebrae(+skull) bracelets that are worn on both wrists when he chooses to wear them.


Coloration and Palette

  • Fur:
    • Primary Jacko Bean.
    • Harvest Gold undersides.
  • Markings:
    • His sides, neck, tail, under his arms, and under his legs are lined with Rope.
    • His face, top of his muzzle, and bottom half of his ears are colored Kilamanjaro.
    • Part of his shoulders and back are Zorba like his optime hair.
  • Eyes: Saddle Brown, Indian Tan, and Selective Yellow
  • Optime Hair: Zorba
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black
Selective Yellow (#f3b100)
Harvest Gold (#E3BE75)
Rope (#95541b)
Saddle Brown (#562E00)
Indian Tan (#531f01)
Jacko Bean (#221103)
Kilamanjaro (#0f0701)
Zorba (#999593)



110 lbs (49.8 kg)36 in (91 cm)
Pythius' lupus form look much the same as his brother's though he looks thinner than Viper does. His fur helps to hide this, but there is a slight difference in the appearance.


220 lbs lbs (100 kg)45 in (114.3 cm)
His fur becomes thicker and makes him look much bigger than he really is. He gains more muscle, but still not as much as his brother. The fur around his neck hangs down more to show a bit of his hair, but not too much.


245 lbs (111.13 kg)7ft 5in (90 in) (228.6 cm)
Tall and lean, Pythius is slightly smaller than his giant of a brother, as was his true mother was compared to her sister. His has large coyote-like ears, a slightly longer than normal tail (as per most Trombetta's).


  • Piercings: —
  • Tattoos: —
  • Scars:
    • Branded with the alchemic sign for 'Iron' in his inner thigh
    • Forked tongue
    • He has a scar over both of his eyes to mark him as a Trombetta male.
    • Scar on his right hand marks him as a member of Anathema, X'ed out when he was exiled from Anathema.
    • Salsola mark on the middle of his back.


  • Gentleman-Bloodbank
    • Gentleman - He generally is a lot more personable and friendly compared to his brother, but sometimes more of a liar. He is not easily figured out, and highly manipulative because of this fact, but he still will be a gentleman about manipulating you. his true intentions are never really clear, and he covers this well by being generally friendly to those who he does not know.
    • Bloodbank - Since sometimes his brother cannot find a blood supply, he will let Viper feed off of him. Mostly from his wrists, to avoid infection. He has a tendency to try and make Viper feed off of only him, as to spare others' lives, since he is sympathetic to other normal luperci.
  • "Weaker Twin"
    • Pythius is naturally weaker both in the mind and physically than his brother, Viper. Since he was younger he was always treated as the runt (and was a runt) and this had been forced onto his personality as well. He doesn't particularly like to fight, but has been forced into it by his mother, brother, and father.This lack of interest in physical things has made him become slightly smarter than others, and extremely manipulative, and easily able to pick up on other's intentions . Since he is the 'weaker' one he does use his 'innocence' as a tool to get others to trust him.
    • Pythius is labelled as Dangerous because of not only his growing skill in throwing knives but also because of his deranged upbringing that has confusing morals, and while he might be friendlier than Viper, he is also dangerous in his own ways. He is a backstabber, in the worse sense and he has little sympathy for those who fall under his 'spell'.
  • Actor- Copy Cat
    • Pythius is extremely good at acting as if he is innocent, or that he is the victim when really he is the predator. He also is good at acting like those who are around him, which also will develop into him becoming very good at throwing his voice, and mimicking others' voices.
    • Sometimes, if one is not certain of Viper's diverse appearance from him, he will act exactly like Viper. He thinks that it's humorous to do these things, and he thinks that he is teaching them lessons when he is busy pulling their strings.
  • Hollow
    • Sometimes it seems as if Pythius is not really 'there' and he has no feelings. his feelings are very real but he is passive-aggressive because of the constant influence of his brother and how he should act vs. the way he feels or wants to act. Sometimes he daydreams about being dominant and harming Viper the way that Viper does to him, but in all reality, he would never do anything to harm Viper.


  • Speech: Italian accented, sometimes gutteral.
  • Scent: Smells of Mortimer, Viper, blood, and dragon's blood incense.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He adverts his gaze when he is talking to Viper, but has a confident stance towards others when not in the presence of Viper, as well as a confident voice. He doesn't stick his tongue out like his brother, and normally has a speech impediment.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Dominant or submissive depending on who he is in the presence of. He is submissive with his brother, but dominant with just about everyone else.



Cool-headed, Controlling, Un-trusting

  • Outlook: Pessimistic, a little optimistic.
  • Sociability: Extroverted and submissive, though sometimes dominant.
  • Expression: Aggressive and dominant - Miwa sees herself as a queen.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
    • "Lawful evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents methodical, intentional, and frequently successful evil."
    • "Once given, they break their word only if they can find a way to do it legally, within the laws of the society."
    • "A lawful evil character will define his terms and live by them, whether anyone else likes it or not."


  • Although Pythius loves his brother, he has a great fear of Viper and what he can do to Pythius. Viper has harmed him in the past, and even though they made pacts together, he still fears that his brother might harm him again if he steps out of line.


  • Pythius' key motivation comes from his family. He and his brother are the ones running Mortimer, and it is their line that will continue it. Although his is jealous of his brother's family, he protects and values them, having more motivation to do better.
  • Since seeing his brother's family, he has a motivation to start a family of his own, one that can rule along with Viper's line in Mortimer for years to come.


  • Pythius follows the religion of Mortimer, which revolves around some practices of Wicca, Satanism, and Voodoo, but without adopting any of the religions as their own.


  • Packs
    • Views other packs as inferior, though this does not apply to those that work to aid Mortimer.
  • Non-Luperci
    • Actively dislikes and treats with disdain; conforming to Salsola broader views of non-luperci.
  • Gender
    • Can be overly protective of women and children
  • Age
    • Elders are considered to hold a larger quantity of knowledge, thus giving them cause to be given a little extra respect.


Pythius is bisexual, but leans mostly on the side of homosexual since most of his sexual interactions are with his brother and family slave. He does not mind women though and would like to continue his own bloodline at one point, so he will sleep with them, but prefers men.

  • Dominant/Submissive: It really depends on the situation. When it comes to being with his brother, he tends to be on the submissive side, as he always is with Viper. When he is with anyone else, he tends to act as the dominant member of the relationship, just as Viper would.


  • Likes: Viper, Family, Power, Manipulation
  • Dislikes: Low stature, Disrespect


Although Pythius does not actively partake in any kinds of drugs, especially mind altering ones, he will still partake in them if he is forced to do so.


Family: Trombetta, Behr, & Ganesa

Family Relations

  • Aeron Ganesa: His mother, or at least the only mother that he knew to be his "true" mother. He had a stressful relationship with her when he saw her, but in the end he ended up hating her because of her betrayal.
  • Panda Behr: The only mother he loved and misses dearly aside from his blood sister, Lillith.
  • Venom Trombetta: His father. Highly respects him and misses him dearly.
  • Viper Arsenic Trombetta: His love, his brother, his everything. He would give anything for Viper, and serves as his right hand man. While he can become restless with Viper at times, Pythius never truly questions Viper's intent and will always support his brother's decisions. Recently, he has grown jealous and a little bitter about everything that his brother has, while he has nothing; though, he hides this, fearing his brother will harm him.
  • Isolde Sawtooth: His big sister, and someone he didnt know well because of her distance from him, and her attraction to Viper.
  • Lillith Trombetta-Behr: His older sister that had kidnapped him and his brother when they were young. She took them to Salsola to raise them as her own sons. He has developed stockholm syndrome from his time with Lillith, making him fiercely loyal to her. He both loves and fears her.

General Relations

  • Acquaintances: —

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

  • Esmeralda Acidic: Pythius first met Esmeralda when on a business trip outside Mortimer. He took a liking to her and the two of them have had many dealings together. One night, the two of them had a fling, producing three beautiful daughters, all of which Pythius cared deeply about. The two still conduct business together and grants Esmeralda passing into Mortimer to see their children. While he doesn't admit it openly, he holds some care for her and is grateful to her for giving him beautiful heirs.
  • Lucias Sunders: His brother's breeding bitch. He has a love hate relationship with her. He loves when she is included in his and Viper's sexcapades, but hates that she is able to be the mother of his brother's children, and he cannot. Mostly jealous of her, but he still is able to hide it under a thick mask of kindness.
  • None to note

Minor Relations

Combat Log

  • Win:
  • Draw:
  • Loss:

Skills and Inventory



General Skills

  • Reading/Writing (Journeyman): These were some of the first things that Lillith had taught to the young princes upon their arrival in Salsola, as well as what they were taught when they were still in Anathema. Since they were able to shift, they had picked up writing as well.
  • Horse Back Riding (Journeyman): Since he has been back in Anathema, he and Viper have taken to hanging out with the horses.


  • Stealth (Journeyman): When he needs to stop making noise, he's sure to stop making noise. He and his brother are often sneaking around and spent much of their childhood learning how to muffle the sounds of their steps, and as he grows older he will continue to trend softly on the ground he walks upon.
  • Throwing knives (Master): he used this skill to take down his Rast tributes, and he often relies on his good eye and steady arm to take things down. He continued to learn and main this as his weapon choice and has become exceptional at it. He is very dangerous indeed.


  • Mimicry (Journeyman): He models himself after his brother mostly, and can be found mimicking him.
  • Linguist (Journeyman): Knows how to read, write and speak Italian and English. Aspires to learn more languages, and is currently learning German via Panda .
  • Manipulation/Lying (Journeyman): They have been told a onslaught of lies since they were young, and they also had practiced with Lillith many times to perfect their lies and acting skills.



Although Pythius would prefer that others do the trading, he is open to doing it himself.

  • Offering: ???
  • Accepting: Anything that might benefit Mortimer.


Personal Items

  • Three rings, two received as gifts while the last was one he obtained on his own.
  • Two bat back vertebrae(+skull) bracelets.
  • A snake pentacle necklace on a brown leather string.
  • He owns a green smock that he doesn't often wear.
  • He owns a purple tunic with a fur cape.
  • He owns a black tunic and black pants outfit that he wears with a cape.

Trade Items

  • ???
  • ???


Pythius was born to Padme Ganesa and Venom Trombetta on August 17th, 2013. His birth was a mistake pregnancy when Venom (his father) cheated on his mates and mated with one of his mate's sisters. Pythius' mother knew that Venom had relations with Aeron, and purposefully slept with him because of this fact. Padme bore the cursed youth after two long months, and he was born alongside two stillborn females. Pythius was not named right away. Padme did not grow attached to the youth, but she took care of it and proceeded to travel along Venom's faded trail towards Anathema. In Early September, Pythius and his mother arrive at Anathema's borders [1] and his mother fights some Anathemans, resulting in her death. Panda Behr then takes him to the Angela[2], Aeron Ganesa and he is proclaimed kin to Viper Arsenic Trombetta. He is introduced to the pack[3] sometime later as brother to the young serpent boy.

In early November on an outing [4] with his family, he, his brother, and his guardian are attacked by a loner, and passing by happened to be the twins' half sister, Lillith Alexandria Trombetta who slays the loner and abducts Pythius and Viper. They at bathed and taken to Salsola where they are taught that Lillith is their mother and that they are to serve Salsola, for they were both property of Salsola now. They live with Lillith, and adjust to the lifestyle rather forcefully [5] because of their stripped princely titles for titles of a Tradesman's children instead. Pythius is particularly babied by Lillith and becomes the favored and more behaved child while his rebellious brother, and because of this Viper ends up getting more and more aggressive with him and making Pythius submit to him.

On one particular day, Viper and Pythius meet one of the Family members and because of Viper's loud mouth towards him, the family member ends up hurting both Pythius and Viper[6]. The encounter turns viper into a low grade Vampire, which Viper and Pythius fully believe in, and from then on Viper has had an insatiable taste for luperci blood. This was when Pythius started to entertain the idea of being a blood bank for his brother, but it still is many months before he is able to actually offer himself to his brother.

Three long months pass in Salsola and right before the boy's turn 7 months, they end up being found outside of Salsola by their father Venom Trombetta, and two other Anathemans(Vepar Creo and Beorc DCLXVI) [7] and they are taken back to Anathema. They are welcomed by the news of their mother, and former Angela, Aeron Ganesa having been usurped by their older and distinctly more coyote half-brother, Kentaro Lykoi. While this is of little inconvenience to Pythius, the younger of the serpent twins did notice that Viper grows quite angry at his incompetence. This causes Viper to become more aggressive, as well as hunger more. Still, the boy watches his brother suffer.

While in Anathema, the boys go through a Rast ceremony[8], which is a ceremony that promotes them into their first working tier in the pack. They become full members and receive not only their scars on their hands, but also the Trombetta clan eye scars, which mark them as males in the Trombetta family.

After the Rast ceremony Pythius is approached by Viper and in a rather violent exchange of tooth and claw (along with the destroying of Pythius' bat wings that was part of his tribute) Viper again forces his dominance on Pythius (and jealousy of his brother's skill) and Pythius easily submits but offers to be Viper's personal bloodbank as long as Viper would lay off and not harm him. Viper considers the deal, and they make a pact. Viper starts to become nicer to Pythius, but still will often put Pythius 'in his place' when Pythius speaks out of turn towards Viper.

It doesn't take Viper and Pythius any more than another month to start becoming bored in the pack, and while they constantly trained with their mother and brother, and some of the other pack members, they find themselves in a situation where he does not favor his brother's rise to power. In the beginning of April 2014, Viper meets with his aunt Catrin Ganesa and discusses with her the rise and fall of his mother, and why Kentaro's rise to the leadership position is wrong. He convinces her that they are to silently murder Kentaro Lykoi by way of poison and Catrin offers to be the one who gives him the poison. Viper then gets Pythius , and his mother's servant, Sixx to back him up. A week later his brother Viper gathers a group of Anathemans to also help in overthrowing Kentaro[9] with much of them turning away from helping them. In Late April, Viper and Pythius receive news of Catrin's failure in getting a potent poison and killing Kentaro silently, but is later approached by their mother, Panda [10] in regards to the meeting of the coup and the attempted assassination of Angelo Kentaro[11]. It is the Beginning of May where Viper and his posse are confronted with a very pissed Angelo, and brother, Kentaro Lykoi [12].



  • April: Pythius and Viper stage a coup against their half brother, Kentaro , where they fail. They are exiled from Anathema.
  • ???: Pythius and his brother make their way to Toronto, Canada. The two of them, along with some other members, form their kingdom of Mortimer. Pythius is made the first and only High Lord, the second to his brother who takes the rank of Overlord.


  • December: Lucias gives birth to Viper's four children. Pythius is happy for his brother, but begins to grow jealousy for his brother and his new family.


  • February: Esmeralda Acidic gives birth to her's and Pythius' three daughter. He happily takes them back to Mortimer, but allows her passage to see them as well.
  • April: The meteor crashed, though doesn't seem to cause much distress to Mortimer. Esmeralda seeks shelter in Mortimer after the inn in burnt down. Pythius allows her to stay in his room at their castle.

Post Log



  1. [M] Pillow talk (Sept 1)
    Pythius is brought to Anathema by his birth mother, who is met by Panda , Venom , Kentaro , and Gideon.
  2. To trust every lie of a serpent's tongue, (Sept 1)
    Panda and Venom talk about Pythius and his heritage with Venom.
  3. We need to unite (Oct 16)
    Pythius is present with his family at a mandatory Anathema meeting.
  4. [M] When you die, the only kingdom you'll see (Nov 5)
    While on a family outing, Pythius and Viper are hidden away from a loner attack. They are "rescued" by their older sister, Lillith , where she claims them as her own pups. They are taken back with her to Salsola.
  5. [M] All we need is faith (Dec 10)
    After killing a lamb, Pythius and Viper are punished by Lillith by having their tongues split like a snake's.
  1. The serpents are singing (???)
    Pythius and Viper come across Bastion , who attacks the two pups.
  2. You exist only because I allow it (Feb 12)
    Pythius and Viper are found by Venom , Beorc , and Vepar . They are then brought back to Anathema.
  3. Dawn of the Snake (Mar 12)
    Pythius and Viper's coming of age ceremony.
  4. The invisible wall (Apr 25)
    Thread with Panda .
  5. [M] I don't remember hearing cheak mate (Apr 25)
    Pythius and Viper launch their coup against Kentaro . They both fail and are exiled from Anathema.


  1. Don't say I'm only the martyr (???)
    Testing thread with Viper Arsenic Trombetta. (Done by previous player).
  2. [M] Welcome All to Curtain Call (Jan 17)
    Pythius spends the day with his brother, Viper Arsenic Trombetta, and Viper's new children.
  3. Your time will come, if you wait for it (May 07)
    Pythius spends the day with Esmeralda Acidic and makes her his queen.
  4. That day is not today (Jun 25)
    After getting in an argument with her uncle, Zuri Acidic-Trombetta and her father have a little talk and bonding time.



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