Kira Raine


  • long term plots open for discussions, specific things spoken of check first please! Unless its just a minor thing.

Casa Di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • That they will often see Kira either in the Medico rooms helping Morty or out in the gardens at his little 'patch'.
  • That Kira keeps some dried plants or herbs with him should he come across anyone that may need such things. [other members may also assume this]

Kira Raine




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Date of Birth

19 October 2010






Canis lupus




Pack Casa di Cavalieri
Current Rank First Officer


Winter / November 2013 - Kira came to Souls' as a loner in hopes of a better life and opportunity to join a pack. And despite it's recent history, Kira has recently been accepted into the ranks of Casa di Cavalieri as a Prova and making attempts to be accepted by those who have allowed him access to their home.


Generally a good natured wolf, Kira is one of those who would quite willingly do all he must for those around him to either gain their approval or trust in him. Although he will often make attempts in which to amuse others to ease any tension in certain circumstances, this particular canine does know when such a thing is not needed and will become surprisingly serious in such situations.

He is also surprisingly loyal to those around him and will most likely do pretty much anything for them should there be a need for it.


  • Grey / White {almost silvery} pelt, though leaning more towards grey overall with white underbelly. This varies on the season, during the warmer months the grey fur may become lighter to compensate for the heat while during the colder months it becomes slightly darker.
  • All paws are coal black right up to the wrist / ankle and appear just like socks, though only within Optime form do his paws become somewhat larger compared to his other two forms.
  • Kira's eyes are a surprisingly bright shade of emerald green and are surprisingly expressive upon occasion, this is often a good way of determining his currant mood.




  • Parents: N/A
  • Siblings: N/A

Being the only surviving pup out of his litter and losing all form of contact with his birth parents, as far as Kira is concerned he has no 'true' family to speak of. Only those within Casa does he consider to be such a thing.

- Though neither are related through blood or any other means, the difference in both size and coloration easily evident even to those who only meet this pair on one occasion. Despite this, a bond has been quick to form between these two despite the short time they have known each other that would rival an actual family bond.

- Kira was this man's mentor and had helped teach him in not only whatever knowledge Remus was willing to absorb where it came to herbs and plants but in all worldly matters as well.

- Kira was surprised to receive another mentee so soon after Remus; but he will teach the young Attaya boy all that he knows.


  • Mate:

Abigail Sadira; - This Courtier lady Kira met during an interpack ball hosted by and within Cour des Miracles lands, though they were merely acquaintances who also proved to be valued assets when each became aware of the other's affinity for herb-lore feelings for each other over time have seemingly developed into something more.

Although due to their current situations of residing in neighbouring and allied packs therefore - for now - unable to enter into an official mate ship in Kira's mind there could be no one else for him.

Minor Relationships



  • Packs:
  • Species: :
  • Non-Luperci: Despite knowing that there are some added advantages for Luperci, Kira is accepting of those who either choose not to or are unable to shift.
  • Gender: Will treat either gender equally, though will behave accordingly depending upon the situation.
  • Sexuality: No bias towards sexuality, if others are happy within whatever type of relationship they have - who is he to judge? Or to say that such a thing is wrong?
  • Age: Although having little interaction between himself and a large varied group of wolves until after coming to Souls', Kira may be a little awkward for a time around wolves of varied ages. Though older wolves he may tend to treat with a certain amount of respect, younger wolves and pups he would probably relax and be something more playful around.


Predominately Heterosexual: Though he is accepting of any form of relationship others may have, for Kira at least despite his shyness and any awkwardness he may display around others Kira is more of a ladies man and naturally has more interest in those of the opposite sex.


  • Medicine: [Master] Thanks to his time spent within the company of Casa's resident medic Morty, Kira has acquired some knowledge of the art of medicine and healing in general. Though not an expert by any means he has enough knowledge to offer enough help to those who may need it - be it something to ease any pain or illness or even stitching up an injury.

Thanks to his improved knowledge of herb lore and the uses of many plants and herbs available it has in turn improved his ability to treat illness or injuries that he encounters.

  • Herbalist: [Master] This is an added advantage of the time spent with Morty and something in which Kira excels at a little more, naturally there are still some things that Kira has yet to learn more of. But he is for now at least capable of concocting combinations of things to ease discomfort or result in other effects.

During his time within Casa di Cavalieri Kira's knowledge has improved dramatically and is more than capable of whipping up anything from a simple cold medication to anything more serious along with a variety of drinkable concoctions. Though he is not opposed to ever learning of any new plants that come his way.



  • Offering: Medical herbs / knowledge. Dried Herbs / plants with various uses. [Realistically will be the more 'common' plants that are around Nova Scotia.
  • Accepting: Not currently actively seeking anything specific, whatever you may wish to offer - unless i mention anything in advance or it's put here!