Jonas Coblentz (pNPC)

Jonas Coblentz

by Nat


None -- pNPC of CdC


Date of Birth

7 October 2011

Date of Death

1 April 2016





75% Dog (mainly Blue Heeler)
25% Great Plains Wolf




Pack Casa di Cavalieri
Rank Familigia Seconda
Co-Rank Fuoco

Jonas Coblentz was a baker in Casa di Cavalieri and brother to Isaac Coblentz. He lost his life during the meteor disaster [1].

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1.  Personality

  • Gruff: Jonas is a rather grumpy fellow, the foil to his jokester brother. He is a no-nonsense sort of guy who seems to hate "fun" things, often snapping at those (like Isaac) who are grown-up but acting like pups. He's less mean to actual pups, but just a scowl tends to scare those off.
  • Worrier: Part of the reason behind his grumpiness is his deep-rooted pessimism. Jonas is constantly concerned that something is going to go wrong, and he covers this up with yelling at anyone goofing off. He likes to be prepared for disaster, and that often means that everyone should do their jobs and stop acting like everything's peachy.
  • Righteous: Jonas believes himself to be just as noble as his brother -- but rather than act violently to protect the weak, Jonas tries to understand the motivations of the bullies and doesn't judge as quickly as Isaac. When fighting, despite his blunt weaponry and cold facade, he also tries to do so honorably -- perhaps beating the crap out of an opponent, but not kicking someone when they're down or taking cheap shots (even if sand thrown in the eyes might be preferable to a club to the head).

1.1  Skills

  • Baking: Jonas is a baker by trade, able to create hearty breads packed with nuts and other nutrients as supplements to the staple meat. He also experiments with "sweeter" treats such as cakes, but usually has to be bugged to do this.
  • Pottery: No one has really seen Jonas actively participate in this skill, but sometimes one can smell traces of clay on his fur, and might guess that his second "oven" is actually a kiln. If asked about this, Jonas defends himself nastily and slams the door on the questioner -- but a canine he's sweet on might have a lovely home-made little vase for flowers.
  • Club-Wielding: Jonas is good at bashing people with clubs, but he's also quite good at finding impromptu weapons for himself -- such as the leg of a chair, or a blackened and heavy piece of bread!

2.  Appearance

Jonas is slightly more dog than wolf, but compared to his brother, he has slightly more wolf features -- such as his muzzle. He is shorter than his sibling, on the smaller end of a wolf's height, and is even more stocky. His upper body is not as well-defined, but he's instead strong overall. His fur is smoother than the average wolf's.

2.1  Coloration

His blue heeler heritage is very clear in his coat, though his colors are more muted. He has a base Sandstone coat. His belly lightens to Soft Amber; this color is also present on his muzzle and a stripe most of the way up his face. He has Mine Shaft patches on his head (and left side of face), spots on his back, and dorsal half of tail. His leg stockings, chest muscles, brow dots, and "bib" are Whiskey. He has wolfish Chenin eyes.

2.2  Forms




Short and stocky.

Muscular, coarse-furred, and very wolfish.

Short and stocky, with well-balanced muscle tone. Hair is unstyled, no more than a fluff between his ears.

2.3  Other


  • Scars
    • None!


  • None!

3.  History

Born and raised in Tosawi.

3.1  Threads

  1. Put You Flat in the Dirt, Boy (25 February 2013)
    Jonas helps Wayne McCoy learn to fight with a club.
  2. One, two, three, FLOOR! (25 June 2013)
    Many members of Casa play rough!
  3. Give Me The Beat Boys (14 July 2013)
    Casa throws a Clam Bake.
  4. Forging Ahead (8 December 2013)
    Jonas is grumpy at his brother Isaac Coblentz and Ryuu Kitsuki for making noise and a mess.
  5. Raise a glass (Early November 2015)
    Luca Knight is promoted to Lune of the pack, and Jonas attends the celebration.
  6. Even unable, I'll still try (11 December 2015)
    Jonas makes a brief appearance and directs Teagan Stryder to Sylvie Agn├Ęs.
  7. Teach Your Children Well (02 January 2016)
    The pack's youth are given mentors and Jonas attends the ceremony.
  8. Spare me your pitied looks and feelings of doubt (21 January 2016)
    Jonas and Isaac Coblentz save Teagan Stryder from an attacking loner.
  9. If This Should End In Fire... (1 April 2016)
    The pack gathers after the first wave of destruction in the aftermath of the falling star.
  10. We Make a Living On Their Lives (1 April 2016)
    Jonas helps Lune, Luca Knight, and others save the remaining livestock after the initial tsunami wave.
  11. Then We Should All Burn Together (1 April 2016)
    As everyone regroups to leave the destroyed fort, a final wave hits, and Jonas is lost in the night.