Isaac Coblentz (pNPC)

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Quick Information

  • Has been a member of Casa di Cavalieri since before 2013
  • Isaac is a well-known and trusted member of the pack
  • He is the local butcher, and works out of a shop in the Town Square
  • Has mentored a few of Casa's youths
  • Rank: First Officer
    • Co-Ranks: Cook, Carpenter (Logging)
  • Skills: Butchery (Master), Axe fighting (Master), Logging (Journeyman), Sailing (Apprentice)
  • Interests: Joking, carpentry, protecting the weak
  • Combat: Teacher -- axe fighting


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Isaac Coblentz

by Nat

Isaac Coblentz is a First Officer of Casa di Cavalieri, where he works as the pack's butcher. He had a brother, Jonas Coblentz, but lost him during the meteor disaster [1].






  • Date of Birth: 7 October 2011
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Casa di Cavalieri
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri (Pre-2013)
  • Rank: First Officer
    • Co-Rank: Cook, Carpenter (Logging)
  • cNPC:
    • None
  • yNPC:
    • None



  • None at the moment, sorry!

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1.  Personality

  • Laid-back: Isaac doesn't really see the point in being stressed out over things, and, so, he takes a rather casual approach to life. He seems lazy at worst, and is patient and collected at best, never really letting anything ruffle his feathers. He's good at calming down tense situations (except when he was arguing with his brother, of course).
  • Joker: Isaac often lightens the mood with humor -- though usually said humor is morbid, such as pretending to accidentally chop off his finger while cutting meat. He also uses self-depreciating humor when flirting, such as pointing out that it'd probably be creepy to date the guy who chops up dead bodies for a living.
  • Righteous: He never fails to protect the weak -- and those who pick on those lesser than them are the only people who really get under his skin. He takes all forms of bullying personally, and has a sore spot with species-ists from others looking down on his dog heritage.
  • Instigator: Isaac is the cool uncle to the pups of Casa, encouraging them to cause trouble for the more serious members, as well as helping them get away with things they should not be doing.

1.1  Skills

  • Butchery: Isaac is knowledgeable about the best way to carve a carcass, making sure that every sliver of meat on the animal is used and ready for cooking, if others choose to cook. In addition to butchering meat, he knows the best way to store it and prevent spoilage. Parts of this can be carried over to other sorts of food as well.
  • Logging: Though this is a more minor skill, Isaac knows enough to cut down trees and arrange them for some semblance of shelter, however, he can't really be expected to do more than build a frame for something, having not learned the finer points of woodworking yet.
  • Axe Wielding: First off, Isaac very much knows how to throw one of his butcher knives in a tough spot. He is also good at wielding axes in battle for optimal damage. He says he doesn't want to ever use an axe to fell another wolf -- but he does keep a spare one sharp that he never uses for trees...
  • Sailing: After a couple dozen trips on the Avalon, Isaac has learned the basics of sailing the large ship and enjoys being part of the crew when needed.

2.  Appearance

Isaac is slightly more dog than wolf, and this carries over into his stocky build. His wolf blood comes through in some qualities of his face and in the pure strength he is able to wield. He is of average height, but with a heavily muscled upper body, very well-defined in the arms and chest especially. His fur is smoother than the average wolf.

2.1  Coloration

His blue heeler heritage is very clear in his coat. He has a base Squirrel (#93897E) coat, more solid and slightly lighter on his underside but "ticked" as per the normal blue heeler on his upper side. The ticking, as well as a patch on his head from his ears to his eyes, are Mine Shaft (#2D2D2D). His legs, chest muscles, cheeks, and "bib" are Copper (#A87234), as well as his brow dots and his shock of hair in Optime. He has a Pearl Bush (#E8E0D9) patch on his muzzle, and Mondo (#4F3C31) eyes.

2.2  Forms


Stocky and short-legged but strong.


Absolutely packed with muscle, fur grows more coarse.


Average height, with well-defined upper body. Hair is just an unstyled shock between his ears.

2.3  Other


  • Scars
    • Claw marks across left pectoral.


  • Bloodstained butcher's apron when working.
  • Likes comfy soft warm scarves, but pretends to wear them ironically.

3.  History

Born and raised in Tosawi. After traveling to Nova Scotia with his brother, the pair joined Casa di Cavalieri, drawn in by their strong moral compass.

3.1  Threads

  1. One, two, three, FLOOR! (25 June 2013)
    Many members of Casa play rough!
  2. Give Me The Beat Boys (14 July 2013)
    Casa throws a Clam Bake.
  3. And I Hope That You Remember Me (06 September 2014)
    Isaac gets patched up in the Medico office by Morty and Veri after receiving a minor wound from Julien while sparring.
  4. Singing Tree (29 June 2015)
    Isaac helps Guinevere Callow-Knight test out a sword she found.
  5. Call it improvising... (29 October 2015)
    Isaac trains with Tristan Callow-Knight.
  6. Raise a glass (Early November 2015)
    Luca Knight is promoted to Lune of the pack, and Isaac attends the celebration.
  7. North Meets South (09 November 2015)
    Munroe Knight and Tristan Callow-Knight play a trick on Isaac.
  8. Teach Your Children Well (02 January 2016)
    The pack's youth are given mentors and Isaac attends the ceremony.
  9. Spare me your pitied looks and feelings of doubt (21 January 2016)
    Isaac and Jonas Coblentz save Teagan Stryder from an attacking loner.
  10. If This Should End In Fire... (1 April 2016)
    The pack gathers after the first wave of destruction in the aftermath of the falling star.
  11. And if the night is burning (1 April 2016)
    Isaac helps Sole, Alistair Callow-Knight, and others salvage important items after the initial tsunami wave.
  12. Then We Should All Burn Together (1 April 2016)
    As everyone regroups to leave the destroyed fort, a final wave hits, and Isaac loses his brother, Jonas Coblentz, in the night.
  13. Song of Time (28 May 2017)
    Isaac and Morty help Shtiya set up Asuilaak's surprise party.