Enya Pyralis

Enya Pyralis is a current member of Anathema. She was adopted by Charm Sawtooth and Aeron Ganesa after losing her birth parents in a fire.

Enya Pyralis

by Despi



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Date of Birth

25 Mar 2013




Birth place




40% Canis latrans (Coyote)
40% Canis rufus (Red Wolf)
20% Canis lupus (Wolf)


40% Northeastern Coyote
40% Red Wolf
20% Great Plains Wolf




Mate Characters
Pack Anathema
Rank Befana


Mates Characters
Pyralis (Mar 2013)

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1.  Appearance

Even as a pup, it is obvious that Enya will grow to become a thin and graceful creature with long limbs and gentle curves. Her frame is in general scrawny, with apparent but well defined muscles and more leg than body which make her more of a runner than a hand-to-hand fighter.

Inherited from her coyote heritage, Enya has got a thin and elegant snout with strong jaws and healthy sharp teeth that might look specially big and dangerous in contrast with the size of her mouth. Her face is angular and feminine, framed by a pair of slightly overgrown ears that add a lot of emotion to her expressions.

Enya’s pelt is quite extravagant with a combination of golden, orange, red and black that resembles the fire burning over a bed of coal. (Color description will be added soon) Her fur is rather short and silky, growing longer and in a feathery fashion along her neck and her tail, giving the illusion of her body being longer and swifter while moving.

1.1  Forms




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1.2  Other


  • Piercings: None, but maybe someday soon.
  • Tattoos: One -- a skull covering the big chest scar.
  • Scars:
    • Chest, huge patch of burned hair, punishment for treason against old alpha.
    • Location, description, how it was obtained.
    • Location, description, how it was obtained.


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2.  Personality

While still being young, Enya’s personality hasn’t yet been defined and is prone to change under the influence of her future experiences and menthors. Thought, after the traumatic events in her life, she is already meant to slowly develop a severe case of Schizophrenia and has earned a few other characteristics that make her different from other pups.

She has got an affinity for fire and a strange belief of fire being her protector and guardian. She might not attempt to touch or grab fire as she is intelligent enough to know it would harm her, but as she learns to control it she will develop the bad habit of setting things on fire purposefully to feel safe and content.

Regardless of gender, species or age, Enya dislikes any white wolf and feels uncomfortable around those with a really pale pelt. As she grows up she will start believing that the color of the pelt is a resemblance of the soul which means that white wolves are soulless and aren't to be trusted.

Lastly, the fiery female has got a strange wariness for water and rain. She will drink and bath herself, but once it starts raining or if a river blocks her way, she will rather wait or find a way to keep herself dry unless it is an urgent situation that forces her to get wet. She will cross shallow water but definitively dislikes swimming and will avoid doing so at all costs. She might be forced to do so from time to time, but she will never swim for enjoyment.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

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3.2  Family

3.3  Minor Relations

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3.4  Former Relations

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3.5  Residence

On the far northwest side of Thackary village lies an old villa on an acre of land, featuring its namesake, a large willow tree out front. Over the years the tree has sustained heavy damage from several storms resulting in many branches having fallen off, and what once was a garden under and around the tree was left a complete disaster. Much of the villa has taken damage from the weather as well, but still holds together.

The manor itself is shaped loosely like a horseshoe with many rooms, allowing for Anathemans to stay as guests or to live permanently, as the Ganesa family does. The building is mainly brick and mortar which is showing its age, repairs have been minimal. The one thing that has been completed is the front porch, large French doors with stained glass windows overlooking the yard. The interior of the building is weathered and seen little repairs.

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3.7  Abilities


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4.  History

Enya’s mother was a slave, sold out to the leader of a corrupted clan in an attempt to impress him with her exotic pelt and buy peace. The fate of those who delivered her is unknown, but the white Alpha, Volpar was very pleased with his new acquisition. Aura was the female’s name, her pelt was a mixture of golden, white and orange, making her look like the incarnation of the sun goddess Volpar’s clan worshipped and adored in their own mad way. Unwillingly, the sun pelted female became the Alpha’s breeding slave, also becoming Pyralis clan new spiritual icon. She endured a year full of abuse from the white King and sick adoration from the religious crazy members of the pack.

It wasn’t long before Aura started to seek relief in one of the low-ranked males of the pack. Cursed by the prejudice of the clan against his dark coat Coal, the black male was to remain as an omega for the rest of his life in Pyralis. Maybe it was because the pain he endured, so similar to that of the holy female which made them fall in love with each other and become secret lovers.

Their secret relation continued undiscovered for a while, the Pyralis slave continued her life as the breeding toy of the Alpha while she continued to mate with the black male at the same time. She soon became pregnant, something the clan celebrated while the unfortunate lovers sank in their own misery at the possibility of the pups not being Volpar’s children. Perhaps they were stressing over nothing, but the possibility made staying in the pack fairly too dangerous to take any chances. The pair escaped the day the pups were born, Aura having a litter of three in solitude before running away with the newborn and her dark-coated lover.

Weeks passed and the pups grew strong enough to keep moving. Enya, that had been the first to be born and the only from her brothers that inherited her mother’s exotic coat thought, with the mixed genes from her mother and father, the golden-sun-looking pelt of her mother became the live representation of fire in the young pup’s coat.

Aura hurried her small family to move again but sadly, luck avoided them even when freedom was so close. Volpar that after several weeks of search still kept looking for his runaway slave still refused to accept defeat had continued the search for his slave alone. He was closer than thought, and before the family could know it, he had set the woods on fire, trapping them on his reach. Enya and her brother hid while their parents confronted the merciless King which rage fell upon them without hold back. Watching how her parents were brutally beaten, Enya couldn’t stand it anymore and ran into the fire in a frantic search for protection.

Her body was small and agile, sorting out the burning plants with ease. Volpar, that had ran after the small pup with a sick determination, wasn’t so lucky when his skin touched the burning flames. The fire stick to his body like snakes, burning through his flesh and bones until leaving nothing left. This was the last thing Enya saw while running away from him, her unfortunate family and the hell that her youth home had become. She ran until the air was clear and the scent of smoke had faded enough to be safe, that was when she fainted, phisically and emotionally exhausted.

She woke up, only to find herself alone and in need of food and protection. She worked her way to Nova Scotia hanging barely over starvation, living out of leftovers and carcasses while looking for a new beginning.

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