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  • Species: Wolf Hybrid
  • Family Origin: Newfoundland, Canada
  • Surname: Italian, "of Death"
  • Archetype (Group): Multi-lingual, Sign-Language, Wealth, Islanders, Talented, Intelligent
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Wealthy Merchants, Craftsmen, Travelers, Gatherers, Slaves
  • Icon: Treasure Skull (Information)
by Despi


The del Morte line has been around for generations long before the recent generations. The family has been split into two sides, the luperci and the non-luperci. Although beginning as a complete non-luperci bloodline, the virus spread to one side, and stayed strong. The other side, choosing to live their natural lives, have remained pure to their ancient bloodline. Because of this, the two sides of the family have worked out a system so that the two sides may live in peace with one another. The non-luperci members are in charge of gathering the raw materials that the luperci members then use to create items to be traded away for their profit. Profits are shared among the whole family. Non-luperci also aid in the care of livestock as well as herding them when it comes their time to leave.

Though the sides of the family remain separate from each other, what doesn't is their defining features. Known for their earthen pelt colors, this family also ha various shades of gray and reddish colors seen more prominently from generation to generation. The earthen colors continue with the eyes of this family, but members that have golden eyes are held in very high regard. This rarity is revered by other family members as those who are worthy of great things, but this rarity also makes them bigger targets for the enemies this family might have. Wolven to the core, this family makes their presence known and seeks the progression of their ever expanding family.

In terms of the present world, in Nova Scotia and Beyond the del Morte family is one of many powerful and wealthy trading families situated in Newfoundland. Intelligent and cooperative with both sides of the family, they have a wide variety of items that are used to make profit. Their presence has been well established in Portland, be it through the family's business or slavehood. Since integrating to the packs of Nova Scotia, the non-luperci side of the branch has been soiled by the virus, and it remains away from their ancient home.


PLEASE NOTE: Names that have 'del Morte' after them but are not bolded are not true members of the del Morte bloodline. These are members that have chosen to take the name, usually through mateship.

- Characters who are of del Morte lineage but DO NOT have the del Morte surname, are able to OOC request (via Salena) to change their surname to del Morte, or to have puppies who are given the surname del Morte.

Non-Luperci Branch

- Through siblings Silas and Liam, the luperci virus has been introduced to the non-luperci branch of the family. Though this is the case, it only extends to them and those sired by them in Nova Scotia and beyond. Any remaining blood of this branch is strictly non-luperci.

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

  • Renfrew del Morte x Veronica Ashling
    • Wolfram del Morte
    • Maddox del Morte
    • Felina del Morte

Bold indicates Revlis bloodline carrier.
Strikethrough indicates deceased or stillborn character.
Italics indicates adopted or abnormal character.
Small text indicates additional notes.
  • Wolfram del Morte x Tori del Morte
  • Wolfram del Morte x Tori del Morte
  • Anin Rune x Felina del Morte
    • Basha del Morte
    • Poppy del Morte
    • Ebony Rune

Luperci Branch

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

  • Eliot Kane x Delfina del Morte
    • Renzo del Morte
    • Jacinta del Morte

Bold indicates Revlis bloodline carrier.
Strikethrough indicates deceased or stillborn character.
Italics indicates adopted or abnormal character.
Small text indicates additional notes.
  • Renzo del Morte x Carna Abena
    • Xylia del Morte
    • Helios del Morte
  • Renzo del Morte x Penelope del Morte
    • Edward del Morte
  • Edward del Morte x Rowan du Lierre
  • Edward del Morte x Liliana Valente
    • Matias Valente
    • Tiago Valente
  • Edward del Morte x Mirabelle
    • Clementine

'Souls History

Early History

Born along the shores of Newfoundland, the del Mortes began their system and put it to use as a port trading family. They became wildly successful along the ports of Newfoundland and eventually spread out to other areas around the world, most notably in Freetown (now Portland).

Other world territories are open to having interactions with the del Morte family. Let Salena know if you wish to have notable interactions.

Young pup Silas del Morte is born to the non-luperci parents, Wolfram and Tori del Morte. Excited and always looking to explore, he would often wander outside of the family's boundaries, knowing full well it was safe as long as he was nearby. At 3 months old, he was captured by hunters of Rabenuhr and brought to be made a slave. Resistant to the bone, he was defiant no matter what punishment was dealt to him, including the loss of his speech. In order to finally break him, Rabenuhr's master, Kruger Blackwood, learned about the birth of his brother, Liam del Morte. Hatching a plan, Liam and his parents were forced into faking their happiness without their first son in order to show Silas they had moved on without him. Silas returned to Rabenuhr, and has been obedient even since. Their parents were promptly murdered after their show and Liam was left to die. He survived, determined to find his brother.

Due to Rabenuhr's system, slaves that show lots of promise from non-lupercis are forced to experience the luperci virus, one way or another. Because of this, the first luperci are being introduced to the non-luperci side of the del Morte family. Liam too had been introduced to the virus due to the attack Rabenuhr had done on his home when he was still young. The virus had now soiled the proud non-luperci branch of the del Morte family. Though many are unaware of Silas' introduction to the virus, the rest of their ancient branch has no interest of taking to the virus, leaving them somewhat outcast from their own family. Liam is considered a small exception as he didn't have much of a choice in the eyes of his family as is welcomed by those on the luperci branch of their family.

Meanwhile, merchant Edward del Morte came across a woman after nearly getting trampled by a boar that he had been chasing. What followed was offering her some company and a meal, even though she had been the one to cause him trouble in the first place. The two grew close with one another, with one thing leading to another. When it was discovered that Edward would be a father, he jumped ship, returning home to return to his life as a simple merchant. He escaped the life of fatherhood, and what would follow was a couple more trends like this one on behalf of Edward with other fine young women, spreading the del Morte name outside their family base in Newfoundland.

The del Mortes continue on with their everyday lives, ever growing their family and their practices.

Recent History

Seeking new bargains and trade deals, Kruger leaves with his servant Silas to Nova Soctia. They come across all manner of people, but seems to make prospects towards extending his services to the kingdom of Salsola, not completely aware that they have changed their stance on how slaves will now operate within their own kingdom. He strikes up some opportunity with the kingdom's Quartermaster, Helena Troy Lykoi. While at camp, the pair was caught unaware by some mysterious attackers, unaware that Helena had sent them to kill Kruger. They had accomplished this mission, but she turned on them when Silas all but wiped them out, finishing the group to make it seem she had arrived, just too late to change anything. With his dying breath, Silas was handed over to Helena and the kingdom of Salsola to serve the rest of his days. Before leaving, he was allowed to bury his deceased master, and promised he would be able to come back here to visit it. He was gifted to the kingdom and served as a Mendicant before becoming an Indentured Servant.

During his time as a servant, Silas met with the Julia, a dog woman that took an interest in him. The two found common ground with one another, and against his better judgement, Silas mated with her against the rules of the crown. Her pregnancy was kept secret, as were their children when they were born. When Calla Valentine, the woman Julia had been "serving" on her own, found out about the children, she chased after the new mother. She fled to Silas, begging him to hid the children. One was able to be slipped away before Julia was caught, her two children stolen from her. Seeking protection from the Salsolan crown, Silas hid their child's scent, bringing her to the Boss, and claiming he had found it abandoned, and was given to Julia to be nursed. Twila would grow up in the prosperity that Salsola had to offer and with any luck, this secret would never be brought to light.

Liam del Morte traveled from Portland to Nova Scotia in October 2021 for trading opportunities, having come with a couple family members and a guard as an escort. Mid-journey, he encountered Kule Pana. After a period of overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers, Kule and Liam became mated. As they traveled Nova Scotia (and Liam's family had left him behind to return to Portland), Kule and Liam met young Concepta Driscoll. She was a pup in an unfamiliar territory, unlikely to survive the impending winter. Kule and Liam decided to take her to the nearest pack, New Caledonia. The two mates settled there as disaster struck and there was A Tear in the Tapestry. During the attack, Kule and Liam were married. Kule took on the del Morte family name as a result. Liam had sharpened his skills in New Caledonia as well, having become a horse-mounted combatant, so he decided to defend his pack in the war. During the final battle, he fatefully encountered Silas del Morte on the battlefield. Salsola had come to New Caledonia's rescue in their most dire hour and Silas had arrived with the rest of the Salsolan combatants in an extra twist of fortune. Now reunited, the brothers have a chance to connect.

In late June 2022, Sphinx del Morte is born to mates Kule and Liam within New Caledonia.

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Influence and Influences



  • du Lierre via Rowan du Lierre
    • Rowan meet with merchant Edward del Morte after nearly being trampled by the boar she had been chasing. He provides her with company and meals, but jumps ship when she gets pregnant.
  • Wolfe-Denahlii via Nayavota Denahlii
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  • Rabenuhr
    • Silas was brought to Rabenuhr as a pup. He had served as a presence in Rabenuhr until Kruger's trip to Nova Scotia where he was handed over to the kingdom of Salsola.
  • Freetown & Portland
    • The del Morte family has had a long standing connection with many of the traders in Freetown as well as Portland after the falling star. Known for their wide variety of trades and intelligent deals.
  • Salsola
    • When Kruger perished from an unexpected attack, Silas was gifted to Salsola's Quartermaster, Helena. His servitude in Salsola began.
    • Twila and her siblings were born in Salsola. The sole survivor of her siblings, she was framed as a orphaned pup her father found to get safety from the Salsolan crown. She lives in Salsola unaware of her past.
  • New Caledonia
    • Liam joined New Caledonia after traveling to Nova Scotia from Portland due to his mate, Kule, and a youth they had found, Concepta, requiring the shelter of a pack over the winter.
    • Sphinx del Morte was later born to Liam and Kule in New Caledonia under Liam's watchful eyes.
  • Mistfell Vale
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  • Casa di Cavalieri
    • Insert recent information here.

Defining Features

Please keep in mind that the information regarding physical attributes for del Morte-blooded individuals is not strict - Variations beyond the below-mentioned similarities are common and welcome.

Size and Build



  • Members of both sides of the family usually show tall and muscled forms, typical to their wolf heritage. Though this is the dominant feature, there are those that are still shorter than average.
  • Most are average in build with some leaning more towards the lean side and others towards the muscular. Many of the leaner builds are stemmed from those living in Rabenuhr.
  • Wolf features are present in every aspect, though which wolf species varies between each del Morte.
    • With the introduction of new families in Nova Scotia, various species of dog and coyote have been mixed into the bloodline, but usually remain strong to their wolf appearances. It is currently rare that this not the case.
  • Much more rounded features, lacking the angles of other species.

Brown fur is common. Most coats are lighter with some darker shades -- coats tend toward natural earthy colors.

#422917 #573922 #6E401E

#6F4726 #694C2D #785A3C #835A34

#82674A #9C7543

Grayish browns are a common inherited color, though not as much as the natural earthen colors.

#433930 #5F5548 #7B6D5E #A29387 #CAC7C4

Browns and darker colored eyes are common within the del Morte family. In uncommon to rare cases are there actually colored eyes, most of these being natural colors like blues and greens. Any other colors are considered rare.

Golden eyes are considered extremely rare, as it is a very recessive gene. Those that have golden eyes are revered by the rest of the family.

#6D5139  to #37291C

#77DD77  to #4F9D5D  / #75AAE6  to #48599D

#FED700 #FEC700

Family Culture

Golden Eyes

  • The trait of having golden eyes in extremely rare in the del Morte family, whether a child's parents have them or not. It can seem like it is done at random. Because of this, members born with golden eyes are held in a very high regard, believed that they are capable of great things when they reach their adult life. These ones tend to be the most intelligent, crafty, and strong-willed of those in the del Morte family.
    • This trait is meant to remain extremely rare. If you wish to have a del Morte pup or other family member with golden eyes, please contact Salena before doing so.

Treasure Skull Icon

  • The Treasure Skull icon can be obtained as a custom icon by any character of del Morte blood who has taken the surname del Morte, regardless of their connection to the family, pack, etc.
The icon is not available to characters who do not not fit the stated criteria.
  • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or similar.
  • The icon must not be altered from its original state. Changing the colors, shape, etc. of the icon is forbidden.
  • You may choose to have any hover-text you wish, though please refrain from rude or offensive language as this reflects back on the del Morte information.