The Berlin family is pretty spread out and most of its members don't sport the 'Berlin' surname. But never the less in Cesarski it remains one of the most important families around. In 'Souls, their ties are strongest to AniWaya and Inferni.

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  1.   1.  Defining Features
  2.   2.  Physical
  3.   3.  Mental
  4.   4.  First Generation
  5.   5.  Second Generation
  6.   6.  Third Generation
    1.   6.1  Hanger-ons

1.  Defining Features

2.  Physical

  • Due to Io's Silver Chalice eyes, most of her offspring have inherited a certain metallic quality along with their eye colour.
  • The coat colour black is often seen, present in Io's father and her son Dymtr Tormenta.
  • Green eyes are also common, seen again in Io's father and her son Dymtr.
  • Collie features are also very common due to the slight amount of domestic blood in the family. Despite being slight the chances of collie features occurring are large. Io herself is very doggish, as is her son Sarajevo Berlin. Jandro Tormenta also inherited faint collie markings and doggish ears.
  • Coyote features are quite common too. Io's blood was made up mostly of coyote and the elegance of the breed was passed down to some of her children.

3.  Mental

  • Although not that common, in some cases various mental issues occur. Dymtr suffers from berserker like fits of aggression.

4.  First Generation

  • Rosa Berlin x Paolo Berlin (1)
  • Rosa Berlin x Paolo Berlin (2)
    • Ladislaw Berlin
    • Dobromir Berlin
    • Miroslaw Berlin
  • Rosa Berlin x Lorenz Glow

5.  Second Generation

6.  Third Generation

6.1  Hanger-ons

Rosa is a whore and hand kids with other people, namely;

Xyza Glow & Zeka Glow

Io sort of adopted these guys;

Pride Tormenta (Daughter of her ex mate)
Analise Austral (Daughter of Leon)
Aslan Kurtis? Adopted~

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