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  • Species: Hybrid (Wolf, Dog)
  • Family Origin: Southern Quebec
  • Surname: Japanese, "Thread/string"
  • Archetype (Group): Luperci, Criminals, Loyalists, Power Hungry
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Fighters, Greedy, Intellects, Merchants, Thieves
  • Icon: Blue Lotus (Information)

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  1.   1.  Introduction
  2.   2.  Main Branch
  3.   3.  Side Branch
  4.   4.  Defining Features
    1.   4.1  Eyes
    2.   4.2  Size and Build
    3.   4.3  Fur
  5.   5.  History
  6.   6.  Family Culture
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1.  Introduction

A family split many generations back, the Itō blood line once split into predominantly two branches. This rift between individuals resulted in Itō's going by two adaptations of the same name; those born into the secondary branch using the romanized version of their name, Itou, to define themselves from the main branch that went by Itō. For those originating within the Itou branch, their main home base is Kaiho Suiiki?, however this changed in 2013 when the main branch, lead by Ren and aided by Aphrodite, upon the bidding of Itō Shigeaki, launched an attack and laid claim to the area as a trading outpost.

Holding power and prestige within Yoshimo, Japan, the main family is thriving and dispersed within their supposed home soil. Claiming Yoshimo in part as their own, they function in a manner similar to the Yakuza and are heavily influenced by the culture, consisting primarily of dog dominant hybrids. For some time now, Itō's have been systematically killing off members of the Itou branch, due to bad blood and a long standing fued, to which the cause and meaning behind has long since been warped and the truth forgotten. The violence is now simply deemed as a cleansing of their blood line, to remove those who time should of forgotten; however, due to the rift they are less adept at tracking down the branch family, delaying them greatly.

PLEASE NOTE: As things currently stand IC'ly, the Itou name carriers have been killed off or are actively being targetted, with only a scarce few exceptions - thus those of the Itou lineage are no longer passing the name down.

2.  Main Branch

First Generation

  • Funabashi Mai x Itō Kazuki
    • Itō Haruko
    • Itō Kunimatsu
  • Morinaga Sumiko x Itō Yoshiyuki
    • Itō Marise
    • Itō Nao
    • Itō Namika
  • Itō Tsuneyo x Nakahara Yodo
    • Itō Kokushi

Second Generation

  • Tsushima Shika x Itō Kunimatsu
    • Itō Shoko
    • Itō Mokuami
  • Fuse Haruhiro x Itō Marise
    • Itō Ryosei
    • Itō Roka
    • Itō Goro
    • Itō Nobuhito
  • Kawayama Meiko x Itō Marise
    • Itō Shigeaki

Third Generation

  • Itō Shoko x Saito Shoken
    • Itō Junji
  • Itō Roka x Ono Tasuku
    • Itō Yoshinori
  • Itō Roka x Imoo Tetsuzan
    • Itō Ieyoshi
    • Itō Denbe
    • Itō Ichibei
  • Niijima Arata x Itō Shigeaki
    • Itō Eiji
    • Itō Yaichiro
  • Niijima Arata x Itō Shigeaki
    • Itō Sozui
    • Itō Kenzan
    • Itō Seinosuke

3.  Side Branch

First Generation

  • Junko x Itou Kyo
    • Itou Isamu
    • Itou Hana
    • Itou Mizuki
    • Itou Shou
  • Mika Hayes x Itou Kyo

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

4.  Defining Features

Please keep in mind that the information is not strict - Variations outside of this are both welcome and expected from mixing bloodlines.

4.1  Eyes

The vast majoirty of Itō's possess blue eyes. Central heterochromia eyes are common, usually featuring blue with green or silver; other variaties of heterochromia may occur, although this would be the result of outside blood. Similarly, Non-blue eyes are the result of external family blood lines and are linked to individual characters, not the family as a whole.


4.2  Size and Build

  • Info.

4.3  Fur

  • Grey tones are most common, typically displaying more doggish or unsual markings, although more traditional wolf markings can and do occur from time to time.
  • Facial Markings.

Examples coming soon.

5.  History

Sometimes the greatest hatred is caused by the silliest and most irrational sparks – such was the case with this now divided family. Whilst many a member of this family goes by Japanese names and for many of them, it is also their home and native tongue; these timber wolves never actually originated from Japan. Rather, they are descendants from once captive wolves whom were kept alongside a group of Tsushima Leopard Cats. From these cats was born the confusion of their heritage – over multiple generations and vast years (including the near-extinction of humans and global trade and distribution among zoos) these wolves have forgotten their original heritage, mixing with dogs, travelling and many now truly believe themselves to be of pure Japanese descent.

Split into two main groups, each taking on a slight variation of their name: Itō' and Itou. Of these two, the Itō'’s found themselves situated in Japan and established themselves there, with the second group settling in Quebec. As time passed the two groups grew apart and the truth of their origins began to grow blurred and questioned by the later generations. Disturbed by the possibility of not being the pure-blooded Japanese canines they believed themselves to be, a small group of Itō's headed down to Quebec and tracked down their Itou brethren – believing their honour and the lives they had created threatened by this very distant threat. From this confrontation ignited, with each half of the families’ record of events contradicting and the two families entered a feud over the truth of their origins.

Inevitably, disgusted by the Itō branch, the Quebec based canines were cast out of the Itō family and deemed dead to them; although they still maintained an eye on the other branch of their ancestry. This remained the case until a young, ambitious Aphrodite sought out her Itō lineage, using underhanded means to gain both position and power within the main branch. Re-telling the events of how she came to be born and using every advantage she could, she was adopted into the Itō family and Aphrodite was later sent to Alaki (the last living Itou known of at the time) to spy, under the guise of the families designated trader, using Alaki's lack of knowledge of his heritage against him.

Unknowing the game that he was playing, the Itō’s quickly managed to situate themselves into Alaki’s life and eventually launched a large cull, drastically cutting down the remaining members of the rotten branch.

Influence and Influences


  • Collins: Alaki and Alexander Collins are mated and have sired a multi-father litter together.
  • Huxley: Alaki & Wander Huxley produced 3 children; two took the Itou name (Ren itou & Tsubasa Itou), only one of Itou blood carries the name 'Huxley'; Peregrine Huxley
  • Hayes: Resulting from Kyo Itou's affair, the Hayes are descendants of the Itou blood line; although both families are predominantly unaware of this or cares little about this fact.


  • Anathema: For some years, Alaki lead Anathema alongside Naniko D'Angelo, with his children and close relatives residing with him. This changed when he grew bored of the idle lifestyle and moved out to help further establish Kaiho Suiiki?. Due to general dislike of Alaki, many view Anathema as distasteful and believe those who seek to reside there do so in bad taste, given the insane nature of Alaki.
  • Salsola: Wander was once a slave within Salsola, impregnated by Alaki who at the time lead Anathema, he managed to arrange with leadership to IC'ly trade for two of his pups: Ren and Tsubasa, leaving behind Peregrine Huxley and his childrens mother to the life of slavery. As such, for the enslavement of their blood Itō's are none to fond of the thorn kingdom, going as far as to attempt to infiltrate it and extract revenge back in 2013, which resulted in the death of Rin.

6.  Family Culture


While distributed all across Japan, as well as other parts of the world, the greatest concentration of Itō’s can be found in the small town of Yoshimo.

Yoshimo is a strictly structured society, with emphasis on loyalty and distrustful of outsiders. Home to several families, the Itō’s are one of the leading groups within the area, giving them both influence and wealth there.


  • Common trade place and skills from Yoshimo include:
Fishing, swordsmanship, animal breeding and care, blacksmithing.
  • Prominent companion animals include:
Horses, crows, tanuki, cats.

Family Crest

6.1  Blue Lotus Icon

  • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or similar.

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